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Natural Disasters Personification Poems

These Natural Disasters Personification poems are examples of poetry about Natural Disasters Personification. These are the best examples of Personification Natural Disasters poems written by international poets.

Hello Hurricane Katrina
Hello Hurricane Katrina. How are you these days?
The last time you visited us we shall never forget
Your generosity, kindness, humility, love, hard work
Which community cannot...

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Categories: natural disasters, satire,

The Power of Nature 2
The splashes of the flowing milk and honey
Are the intricate rhythms of nature
As night falls to usher the break of dawn,
Mr. Kingfisher goes fishing by...

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Categories: animal, appreciation, earth, environment,

Don't Blow Said The Trailblazer
Some people like to live on the edge or hang on a ledge. Not me.
I'm just Daniel, a trailblazer forging ahead, making a pathway for...

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Categories: anger, god, mountains, natural

He forced his way in
Matthew they said his name was
He completely blew a hole in our lives
Obliterating out modest homes
Like a deck of cards
life was...

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Categories: community, death, environment, loss,

The Wind Chimes
I remember a time when I heard wind chime
What a beautiful sound
The trees they danced 
The plants sang 
The animals joined in the beat and...

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Categories: earth, jesus, natural disasters,



Conscious cold clouds sweeping, killing softly the suns bright,
romancing evocatively with the winds, aghast it blows! Blows!
Gray to black are...

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Categories: environment, love, natural disasters,

She was out there
out there in the dark
A brooding monster
deciding where to attack
Her fuel and her ammo:
Waters, warm Gulf waters

She attacked...
Howling, shrieking winds
Thirty feet of...

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Categories: natural disasters, nature,

Who Am I
I am here
I am angry
I am attacking
I want to kill you
shaking the house
uprooting trees
blowing out windows
I am here
I am awesome
I am beautiful

I am gone
I am...

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Categories: natural disasters, nature,

Premium Member Wind Flaunts Fury
day’s light quickly fades
rumbles from mighty jaws near
bitter winds utter their last gasp

my arms are in a flurry
bare branches lash against the farmhouse
struggling to avoid...

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Categories: natural disasters,

Save them
from the innermost of
the mind bewildered
the heart diminished
the voice demure to shout

Make them
with gloomy smile
intentions frail
of body and soul

Set free
a sage
in every word
on any...

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Categories: confusion, death, depression, introspection,

"Sky's eyebrows
white on blue
tears wave to
wash away
pain on cue"

~JSLambert © 2012 Poet TreeZ Publishing...

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Categories: art, faith, happiness, health,

The Storm
The storm rages ferociously
Thunder, is the tiger's roar
We are hostage to the call of the wild
As gusts of wind seize the sky
Lightning tears flesh
With its...

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Categories: fear, natural disasters, nature,

I pray the lord my soul to take
Weak and alone,
As I follow each task.
 Too much time,
Looking through the tears of an hour glass.
 Looking for purpose,
In a world so humble.

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Categories: dedication, forgiveness, inspirational, natural

GOD too is Praying
Theist have HOLY belief
Natural calamity is catastrophic
No saviour can tame Nature’s wrath 

Terrorist have ONLY belief
Bomb blasts are more devastating
No ‘intelligence’ can rein Terror's bloodbath...

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Categories: natural disasters, peace,

broken down
A lifeless body laid face down
on the back alley wet sidewalk.
This time of night no ones around
especially now at three o’clock.
I’m here because my carbroke...

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Categories: natural disasters

The "Weather"
Tornado alley is a place to visit if you must
go there with conscious caution
look out for nails of rust

The alley's fraught with winds that fiercly...

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Categories: life, natural disasters, people,

Premium Member EARTH'S CRY
I'm crying out to you
please hear my plea,
I'm falling apart at the seams
I'm losing control
causing havoc…

I've forgotten
where dry land ends
and where the water 
is suppose...

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Categories: natural disasters, nature

Disaster in the waters.
I look out to the waters,
And this is what I see.
A blanket made of darkness,
Draped across your body.
Death extending its fingers from shore to shore.

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Categories: death, natural disasters, sad,

Premium Member Black Sunday {Personification in Couplet form}
I was as high as the eyes could see
A giant dark cloud of pure misery

I seemed to roll as one with the wind
A giant black...

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Categories: personification, death, family, health, history,

that i might
That I might be a drop of the sweetest rain
To fall upon your face
Trace the lines of your lips
And rest inside your mouth

That I might...

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Categories: adventure, natural disasters, love,