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Horror Personification Poems

These Horror Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Horror. These are the best examples of Personification Horror poems written by international poets.

The Haunting of Hill House
Is a place born bad?
Can evil seep in cement,
fear grow then wilt within vine?

Something with no name
weighs in rooms dark, light finite.
Doors lock. Windows look,...

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Categories: personification, death,

Looking at the mirror 
with good day’s pleasure
I see slothfulness’ glamour 
taunting with delight’s leisure
Yet ready to attack sense of honor
defying time-worth’s treasure
So defiant; not...

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Categories: christian, dedication, faith, god,

Premium Member A Halloween Horror
A creepy-looking lit jack 'o lantern takes perverse pleasure in startling 
Trick-or-treating kids. It waits until they get to the door, then lets out 

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Categories: day, halloween, scary, sound,

Being Followed
Walking down the street one dark night; I passed some road working equipment.  Down the road a bit, I felt I was being followed....

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Categories: fantasy, halloween, horror, imagination,

My Mom is a Wolf
My mom’s a wolf,
So is my brother and my dad,
My sister’s a wolf,
But she’s not that bad.

Mom is a white,
Sister is a gold,
Brother is a...

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Categories: horror, howl,

Black Widow Love

My love is black widow spun
Got a red hourglass abdomen,
and a deadly sac of emotional poison

Don’t let my eight millimeter eyes
zoom it’s spider focus on...

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Categories: dark, horror, psychological, symbolism,

Three and thirty springs
Two and twenty springs
thick boughs and fragile twigs
hued in foilage's deep green
amidst the blossomed serene

pods burst,floated in wind,our seeds
and thousands and more leaves
drunk in life...

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Categories: lost love, nature, sad

Mechanical Pencil
surrounded by ones like me,
I've been with them from creation,
So I guess they are family.

Sometimes we are jostled around, 
our bodies knocking into eachother. 

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Categories: adventure, kids, funny, horror,

Mr Remington goes to therapy- Session One
I’m always loud. I was never really good at whispering 

I have a love/hate relationship with people and animals

I suffer from bulimia and my vomit...

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Categories: death, society, violence,

Eternal life, I know thee
I now see what you are
You've never been a stranger
Or a potion in a jar.

You've been a patient waiter
Ever serving when...

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Categories: encouraging, faith, spiritual,

Premium Member The Elephant
I lie here, naked and exposed, splayed out upon
an open plain, under the hot, African sun, still as stone
slowly decomposing. My life fluids have drained...

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Categories: animal, nature, sad,

Premium Member The Blade of Life
The time of death is now
The blade of life takes it bow
With thee I behead
Blood running red
No one questions why and how

Looking at the guillotine

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Categories: dark, death, evil, horror,

A mystery it holds, 
deep within itself,
where emotions absolve,
and fit illusions to oneself.

an unending mansion,
with no rooms around,
where path never ends,
and silence is the only...

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Categories: absence, heartbreak, horror, loss,

Speaking Of The Devil

So let us not think
About the Devil in
Legion and in passing
           --- Fore ---
He appears'...

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Categories: abuse, anger, bereavement, betrayal,

Tragedies openly stir,
Clouds of horror and deaths beckons,
With dreams transforming into nightmares,
Nightmares flaming out shadows fire,
Shadows fire relentlessly torture,
Oh yes indeed, emotional torture remains a...

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Categories: angst

Anarchy is witnessed, 
Strategy is called for,
Youthfulness is called upon,
Execution is on the roll.

Motivated by materialism,
The conscience is sold out
Indiscipline rules willfully, and
Fear is the...

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Categories: political

The Pride Of The Pen
Inanimate as I am
With my blood I irrigate Leaves
And leave indellible
Traces of time and brains
Under the breath of literary colours

Breathless though I am
To abstracts, I...

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Categories: art, dedication, imaginationme, me,

Your Not Gone,But Soon You Will Be
If Idon't get to say good bye for one and final time,
then know i've alway's loved you more than anyone could.
And though you are ill...

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Categories: daughter, death, family, forgiveness,