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Snow Pastoral Poems

These Snow Pastoral poems are examples of Pastoral poems about Snow. These are the best examples of Pastoral Snow poems written by international poets.

Search for the Hidden Spark
The old man stood;elbows resting on the old stone wall
Wistfully he gazed over the snow laden field,
Watching the sheep nibble on bales of hay,
He thought...

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Categories: pastoral, age, allegory, imagery, loss,

Spring has my Love
Seven long weeks of winter with her snow not refraining,
But oh, approaching is a season who shall give my joy endless reining.

And when the dark...

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Categories: appreciation, art, beautiful, earth,

Sincere Math for Sincere Repentance
There's an old saying that goes like this...

Birds of a feather flock together.

But I tell you this...

If you want to succeed in anything in life...

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Categories: bible, blessing, confidence, hope,

Austria, you refresh my spirit like dew refreshes the earth
The flowers of the field are glorified in your country.
Your snow falls so silently as God...

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Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, blessing,

The Grateful Reprobate
The wooden cross was stained crimson red
As the Man of Sorrows screeched and bled,
The offender’s heart leaped with joy to know
That scarlet sin had turned...

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Categories: religion,

One Autumn Night
The distant horizon now in passionate embrace of the sky
There are the stars, dewy wet; benignly conspiring to woo the pasture
Trodden for eternity by poets...

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Categories: autumn, beauty, romantic,

Moonlight on the Countryside
From deep beyond the canyon rim,
Appearing at first night;
The moon appears upon a whim
And relays its borrowed light.

Then rising there above the knoll,
Through wisps of...

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Categories: beauty, moon, nature, night,

domestic animals
 Domestic Animals 
  Cows in the barn was glad to see me at six in the morning
  They mooed and...

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Categories: animal, love,

Stretching Out
Take my hand, Lord I'm reaching,
 My arm extended
 Barely able to touch you. I stand on
 The edge of the far side of this...

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Categories: faith,

The First Snow
I cross a river of sticks-
frozen, the fallen brothers
of the War of the Seasons.
Snotty dew grasps at siena tips
in a crack between the planks of...

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Categories: nature,

Blending Colors
Blending Colors

Dripping rain of jeweled light
dreaming of rainbow flowers
scattered sparkle day and night
throughout colored autumn hours

Behold the sun’s brilliant rays
large sky painting on display
moonlights romantic...

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Categories: nature, autumn,

The love of God
who can know
only those that have been
made whiter than snow

The Lord Jesus Christ who did
come down to earth
so that sinful men
could experience...

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Categories: faith, religion,

Season's Change
The winter’s storm left the trees in broken pieces
The season’s change stole the summer species.
The frigid air freezes my lungs as I breathe in,
A harsh...

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Categories: introspection, seasons, change, me,



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Categories: devotiongod, me, prayer, god,

Thou Winter Abode
Thou winter abode, my house amidst the snow,
I relish thy company with the many spruces and pines,
Simply beautiful and divine to see,
Miles and miles of...

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Categories: faithhouse, winter, house, winter,

morning after
I woke up to frost covered trees
looking frozen stiff, cold
standing there with no leaves
standing tall and bold
silence and solitude
wind in my face
sets the mood
The open...

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Categories: nature

I walk through a golden meadow.
The coarse green grass brushes softly against my legs.
My hands finger the flowers now in bloom.
Pink, red, yellow, white and...

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Categories: love

Harvest Time
What a beautiful sight, the snow settling on the ground, 
All are so different, not one alike can be found. 
Winter has come, and the...

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Categories: faithbeautiful, winter, prayer, snow,

What a beautiful sight, the snow settling on the ground, 
All are so different, not one alike can be found. 
Winter has come, and the...

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Categories: beautiful, winter, prayer, snow,

Summer Breeze
Looking at how the leaves are changing colors
Green, orange, brown, and red,
Getting ready for the fall
I'm watching as they start to shed.

Daydreaming about how beautiful...

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Categories: naturesummer, summer,