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Dream Pastoral Poems

These Dream Pastoral poems are examples of Pastoral poems about Dream. These are the best examples of Pastoral Dream poems written by international poets.

So Far Away From Day
The symphony has started
and the darkness does descend
the world succumbs to quietude
the day has reached its end

The nighttime woods are glittering
and offer up a show

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Categories: beautiful, happy, nature, night,

The Night's Response
Oh, how I love the way the cold light flows
from above on a downward stroke 
painting the sky in hues of fire and rain.
The ephemeral...

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Categories: allusion, dark, stars,

ancient honey hunter
Golden annihilation of a lion's 
    spring cover.
Endless tusk of an elephant's
    mind water.
Innard heaping stewards

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Categories: animal, butterfly, history, humanity,

The White Rose
The shepherd stood on the field, frail,
He knew not what to do when and why,
As the wrathful sun did steep down,
The confused chap followed his...

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Categories: beautiful, beauty,

Afloat I am, 
The blind horizon spreads to no end.
O river of rivers, 
The queen river,
Flow as you wish, 
Gather silt forever
That on your shores...

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Categories: allegory, beauty, fishing, mythology,

Darkness forsakes beings liberty. 
Pain that carry misery. 
Gate of colony power breath of that locked system.
Sea of dead chained. 
Faded face of a ginger...

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Categories: addiction, adventure, dedication, desire,

The Orphan
Abundances is not a promise to everyone,
Live with joy today and love someone. 
Do you know the places we shall go?
When we are not sure...

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Categories: allegory, bereavement, destiny, emotions,

Thank you Lord
Thank you, dear God, for this good life,
for the most amazing day, guide our hearts, minds and souls, 
for the leaping greenly spirits of trees...

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Categories: bible, blessing, care, caregiving,

Time To Crow
Your voice laps like falling stream,
Coming across howling space.
Your face beams a summer dream,
Sets my pulse off for a race. 
My eyes wink like morning...

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Categories: spiritual,

What Life Means To Me
Win the Lotto
and they take a photo

Buy a home
so I don't have to roam

Have a hot meal
and not have to steal

Get rid of my clothes

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Categories: change, desire, dream, happiness,

Midnight Garden
The garden, it is fast asleep,
Or so it would appear--
I wonder what the roses dream,
Of dewdrops cool, and clear?

So peacefully they are folded
For their midnight...

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Categories: nature,

Beyond The Deep

In beyond the deep
Where sleep must slumber
We give praises' to the Lord
Let no man put us asunder
We weep and...

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Categories: beautiful, bible, career, christian,

Pre down borealis that had flashed through
the dark blue night sky had disappeared . 

A light at the ridge a few stray sunrays...

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Categories: dream, freedom,

Crown Of Joy
Rescued by the Lord
From the power of the grave,
I wear the robe of victory,
And a crown of joy. 

The Lord showed His power
Over the prowlers...

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Categories: spiritual

It touched me soft 
As a brush strokes 
The hairs of my head
Soothed, then smoothed
To a straightened end

A gentle, tranquil sensation
I'd never...

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Categories: allegory, christian, god, heaven,

Key Hold
In this intimate moment
                 Of Prayer
As in just to...

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Categories: forgiveness, hope

I dreamed a dream
I dreamed a dream what my desperate heart needs. A healthy mind, body and spirit 
to function has a fully human being. A desperate heart...

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Categories: philosophyheart, dream, dream, heart,

Out Of The Middle
When thou came for me
Out of the middle if a dream
Your countenance was'
Much more that I could phantom
Much more than I can take'
Much more than...

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Categories: inspirational

A  bleeding heart sent me to bed
Tormented hot, by a lover's deception;
And in the folds of my blanket, cold as wet,
I sighed into sleep...

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Categories: lovewords, heart, heart, me,


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