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)zymandias Poems | Examples of Ozymandias

Ozymandias is a term that is related to two famous ironic poems by Percy Bysshe Shelley. Many poets now reference this term in their sonnets and other poems.
A sonate of lust
I would dance on your tongue for 3 days in a row. until you were completely wet. pray for submission, pray for love, a love that burns, in the body, in the soul and between...Read More
Categories: ozymandias, romance,
Form: Free verse

A 55 gallon barrel Full of pulverized Oyster shells Mixed with wood ash And sawdust And porklard 55 gallons of Pulverized oyster Shells.mixed With basalt. Alkalinity Alkalinity Mind the Bushels bouiz Mind the Bushels!...Read More
Categories: environment, future, ozymandias,
Form: Ballade
Intuition 111
111 known to represent intuition Trusting yourself fully is the mission Have you ever felt something about someone everyone else was blinded by the gaslight but some time passed and turns out - YOU WERE RIGHT How many times...Read More
Categories: ozymandias, 12th grade, allusion, introspection,
Form: Lyric
Freedom startles me Since fear is encircled behind your beds of lies Acclaimed messiah plays a game with you Compelling you to be the pawn in your competition Every drop of his utterances counts As my blood bubbles...Read More
Categories: ozymandias, 12th grade, anger, loneliness,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Swimming Against the Current
[Note: You will see in the work below connections to other poems I have posted here. Those poems are tangents to this poem that more completely tell the tale of rise, pride, hubris, fall,...Read More
Categories: ozymandias, pride, sin,
Form: Free verse

the day of recogning
The day of reckoning A bird with an enormous wingspan darkened the sky it was a night of horror in the Middle East. A new country born in sin and filched land arose blood ran in ancient, narrow...Read More
Categories: conflict, corruption, ozymandias,
Form: Sonnet
the song contest
The song contests I came across an apple tree it looked like a child’s idea of this type of tree, big red apples and a blue sky; when I realized I do not like big red apples...Read More
Categories: april, arabic, beach, ozymandias,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Slipback
You must see Slipback, the popular new app! It's a primary clock of tick-tock; brief time-travel is what you can make. Anything can necessarily be changed in and for just a few seconds. Certainly, lives may unravel, living life as a...Read More
Categories: culture, fantasy, ozymandias, science
Form: Free verse
Talking to a Skull
There I was, stranded in a hull Talking to a skull While trapped in the Maw of the deep Cold Water at my knees I started to plea, "Why Sell my Soul to the Deep?" While dead men say nothing Cold Water...Read More
Categories: death, ocean, ozymandias, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Sigh Someone say Something Sate my starving Synaptic surges That slowly but Hopefully won't Succumb to so Stated selfless Self-proclaimed Salesmen and Women Selling Subjective Sylabbic Alphabet And omega Steamed Stodgy Soup That I seemingly Stir slightly Swirling With a Spoon While Staring Some Where Where Babel has Fallen into Babble but Silas sings Off these Shackles So sing I while Silent Stupid Sheeple Graze on This...Read More
Categories: ozymandias, christian, faith, inspirational, light,
Form: Fibonacci
Premium Member What Calls The Heart
In life, What calls the heart becomes the legacy We leave behind And those endowed will assure that its destiny Will be manifest in kind. Builders of Tombs and monuments, attempts at perpetuity By those whose vainglories feared only mortality, (Since...Read More
Categories: ozymandias,
Form: Iambic Pentameter
It's blisteringly dry. Martian, winedark, overweight - No lawns on this mesa of millet-baked pie, To make this crater straight. No spades here, no scraping rake. Just sharp sticks, blood-bricked mortar. Berbers camp here for old time's sake, But can't stay; as...Read More
Categories: ozymandias, beauty, environment, extended metaphor,
Form: Rhyme
old as a tv program
Old as in a TV program I watched a TV program set in an older people home there was a murder with a pillow done by a nurse who stole valuable items from the week and feeble...Read More
Categories: ozymandias, absence, africa, anger, anti
Form: Blank verse
I HEARD THEY THOUGHT THEMSELVES CIVILIZED Each grain of gorged sand civilized people — themselves owned; owned land. meanwhile the steeple looked down at the band of loquacious stock. each thought themselves well in front of the rock. Ozymandias’ plaque — bleak headstone of hell! Cain’s...Read More
Categories: christian, ozymandias,
Form: Rhyme
love and hate
Sometimes we grow short The perfect height for special missions Ideal for infiltration behind enemy lines Or licking pussycat shaped lollies midget style We will strike at will And achieve our aims War mission or five-aside buddy We live on mars...Read More
Categories: fun, ozymandias, silly,
Form: Blank verse

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