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On Pins And Needles Poems

On Pins And Needles Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of on pins and needles poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for on pins and needles.

New Poems


I accidentally let one loose
did you see that thing vamoose?
It gave me the slip, did you see?
Now that thing is awfully free.

I walk on pins and needles, friend.
Trying to find, I twist and bend.
You ask why I...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, humor,
Form: Rhyme

A Needle in the Carpet
*spot poetry: Written in 15 minutes or less about any random subject.

Beneath the tweed
lay the nasty pin
It pierced my toe without a need
My foot had lost again

Of all the places I should step
I landed on this pain
"Walkin' on pins and...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, funny, humorous, pain,
Form: I do not know?
Your Purpose
We're all searching for a purpose
That makes this all seem worth it
A life that is fulfilling 
Pray that God is willing

Spending time high and low
Taking life to and fro
On pins and needles in our mending
Hoping to sew a happy ending

Some...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, inspirational, life,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member On Pins And Needles

From childhood memory I've held one fear,
needle phobia, a plight, I hold dear.
Just a simple task held by others,
In greatest torment, fear, my heart smothers.

Required vaccinations and childhood shots,
left painful memories and small round dots.
Dentists will think they are clever...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, introspection, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Looking Forward to Tomorrow
Looking Forward to Tomorrow 

Verse 1: I had searched around for the love of mine for an awful long time 
My heart is on fire with gracious desire
Don't drag me down with your lack of confidence and your attitude, as...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, day, deep, depression, desire, friend, hope, love,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member Who is Your Neighbor
My neighbor is an older man so ghastly and thin
with his creepy demeanor and a toothless grin

On pins and needles to the mail box I run
looking side to side uneasy and high strung

With a slap of his screen door on...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, confusion, fear, scary,
Form: Couplet
Today I paid the bills and the piper
Now I find my treasure and a friend
I know that the future will be brighter
Today I paid the bills and the piper
I'm on pins and needles I'm so hyper
I feel as though my...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, hope,
Form: Triolet
Empty Is Where The Heart Is
Empty heart
Wheres the love?
Empty soul
Could hear a pin drop
Empty life
Filled with lies
Empty hope
Was it ever there?
Empty happiness
Full of fears
Empty home
To busy walking around on pins and needles
The only thing that ever seems to be full is your glass of shame
...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, sorrow,
Form: Prose Poetry

Fickle so fickle this life is at times,
You can't press fast forward nor rewind,
There are so many things to entertain the mind,
You seldom have time to relax or unwind,
Before the ticking clock sounds its chimes,
Fickle just fickle so fickle I...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, conflict, life, time, truth,
Form: Free verse
A Night on the Town with Heather
Young lady, I see you have been sampling the family recipe again…I refuse to take you out in public until you are completely:

Oh, is that so?...Very good, then I regret to tell you that our date is therefore:

Okay, okay, calm...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, funny,
Form: Footle
Lost Souls
Lost souls deepen black holes…
Broken cries…muted forever lies back and forth on ya mind…
Tears of peroxide burns your polluted dilated eyes…
True hermit of life…no one by ya side…your alone and ya mind is gone…
Only thing you can think of is...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, people, song-urban,
Form: Lyric
Under the Knife
In surgery, it’s anesthesia
That provides the buffer.
The patient is oblivious
And doesn’t have to suffer.

The family, on the other hand,
Must sit around and wait
On pins and needles, wondering
About their loved one’s fate.

It’s easier to be the one
Who’s underneath the knife.
Awareness is...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, health,
Form: Rhyme
Pins and Needles
Another song written in middle school - edited of course. ;)
[Verse 1]
I'm trapped within these walls
Never to leave at all
I am the prisoner inside my own home
My spirit is broken
I do not believe
I'm locked in this chamber which I cannot...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, adventure, allegory, angst, art, childhood, confusion, death,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member I wonder if I will ever be well
The more I try to keep in the more I feel cold
Let me open up and let the story be told
My childhood was really rough
I cannot believe I made it through all of this stuff
I felt like I was trapped...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, depressionlife,
Form: Rhyme
Pool Of Darkness April 18 2010
Jumbled thoughts fill my head,
none of it makes any sense.
Walking around on pins and needles,
my life is so intense.

Relaxed I could never be,
I worry all the time.
A racing mind, I can't make it stop,
craziness, a single word used to define.

The...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, depressionme,
Form: Rhyme
making It great in 2008 (part 4): in the Lord's Supper partake
in order to make the 2008 great, just receive the Lord Jesus Christ
and then everything will simply come to an accord in your life
as most of our worries and anxieties occur because we have not learn to trust
to trust in...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, faith, hope, inspirational, life, god, god, jesus,
Form: Carpe Diem
Artie the Ant Meets Freddy the Fly
Lil' ol' Artie the Ant,
Mosin' down the ant trail,
With his three pairs of shoes,
Happened upon Freddy,
That wasn't good news...
See ants gotta' follow a specific trail,
They can't branch off on their own,
And Freddy was blocking the way,
And Artie hadn't an Ant...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, adventure, allegory, history, music, parody,
Form: Burlesque
On Pins and Needles
Grimacing with eyes closed
And staggering to stand
On cranky legs and feet
With numb prickings shooting
Like a thousand points of light...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, childhood, funny, health, introspection, life, people,
Form: Free verse
Night terror
Walking in the trees one day
I watched the weather change
A figure approached
White as a ghost, with a hand behind his back
Walking at angles odd to me
And humming a tune of sorrow
Trekking to a meadow of gloom
And daring me to follow

Looking...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, sad, me, me,
Form: Narrative
Your Soul
(Oh how I) love your soul
It's see through
How you rip me to shreds
And put me back together again
On pins and needles
You get me started all over
All over you
You caught me
I was wrapped in your lust
You breathe air of fire
I am...Read More
Categories: on pins and needles, love, passion, visionary, me, me,
Form: Free verse