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Numbness Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of numbness poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for numbness.

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I'm suffering from depression
I'm really feeling down
I'm suffering from depression
I need to write this down

They say that I should see a doc 
To tell me that I'm ill
They say that I should see a doc
And get from him a pill

But...Read More
Categories: numbness, anxiety, depression, suicide,
Form: Verse

Death Comes To The Love
scattered the atom of heart,

O' rose, you've come
with a cup of hemlock,
I'm on the world dock,

numbness syrup
devours me slowly 

- Sunday, July 28, 2019 Chattogram...Read More
Categories: numbness, death, feelings,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member PolyPaths Toward WarmFelt Metaphor
A childhood memory warmly reminds

A game of Where's the Thimble,
hidden by a gang of siblings,
or just one strategic sister,
left for me to rightly find
as I wander through our living room,
following bilateral fractal cues,

You're cold,
freezing really.
Now you're getting warmer.
No, not that...Read More
Categories: numbness, community, earth, health, integrity, love, passion, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member as autumn fades

"Ave Maria" playing
in the background
distant chatter fading
my emotions asunder
like the dandelion
in autumn's air
soft wishes
blown about

i always curse
this time of year
it's the crossroad
of life and death
where everything beautiful
rises to glory
in its splendor 
dancing gleefully
before becoming grounded
lost in the echo of wind's...Read More
Categories: numbness, autumn, death,
Form: Free verse
The Rusting Rain Refrain
Auburn swirls of wind-laden leaves 
coast to the cleat-torn orifices
of soggy, mud-clung grass.
That massed flapping pile time capsule
of summer sunsets is crushed with entering steps
like the rusting rain refrain.

A shorn sheep freezes from dusk until dawn,
following a downward descending path,
tattered...Read More
Categories: numbness, autumn, grief, loss, rain, september, sorrow, weather,
Form: Free verse

An Archangel Visit
Enervated, body aching;
five sleepless nights,
a caregiver’s winter;
too lethargic to leave the chair.
Bed was a million miles away;
rest even farther from my weary constitution.

While my patient slept
I pondered what might occur next;
Alzheimer’s is so unpredictable.
As the numbness sets in
hope metamorphosed into...Read More
Categories: numbness, angel, poems, poetry, spiritual, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
We move unobstructed through a frozen desert—
desolation which welcomes, indiscriminately, fools like us
with open arms, roaring heat and blinding light.
Unfounded confidence and a thirst for what comes next drives our feet forward
and our heads up.
Ice and snow crunch beneath our...Read More
Categories: numbness, adventure, allusion, beauty, how i feel, imagery,
Form: Free verse
On the Death of My Sister
The early morning phone call.
Then the vague sifting through emotions. 
Numbness deepens - like the coastal shelf - and soon enough, there'll be grief, regrets...
Platitudes. You're in the other room, the better place.
But, in truth,
you've made the inevitable crossing we...Read More
Categories: numbness, art, death,
Form: Ballad
A Misguided Heart
Numbness washes over me
Then is gone
Pain returns and threatens to crush me
Then anger
Objects fly through the air
Was it my hand that threw them
And then this incredible emptiness
Will I survive
I would rather feel agony
The blood dripping through my fingers
My hand holding...Read More
Categories: numbness, anger, betrayal, break up, emotions, heartbroken,
Form: Free verse
Summer Vacation
The urge to travel
rises when least expected,
without reason or warning.

Unsettled, is how I describe
my feelings as it develops,
like an autumn storm beginning with clouds.

The day arrives
and I leave the homestead,
disrupting my structured life.

Normal routines give way
to silence and simplicity in...Read More
Categories: numbness, nature, vacation,
Form: Free verse
Beyond the mourning of bereavement
(dashed off upon learning untimely demise 
regarding prosperous family, whose small 
plane crashed. about half dozen years ago, 
they lived ~ three doors down from us.) 

No words can assuage the deep sorrow,
this once upon a time neighbor
(I lived at...Read More
Categories: numbness, 11th grade, 12th grade, death, fate, loss,
Form: Ode
Self Pity
This hall was once filled with light 
Beauty found in every corner and in the spaces in between 
My footsteps echo in the empty darkness
Beauty has turned to ruins
Scorch marks scar the walls
Dead flowers lay scattered among broken pottery 
Painful...Read More
Categories: numbness, age, allusion, loneliness, lost, perspective, poems,
Form: Free verse
Aloof brother concedes duty evaded
Aloof brother concedes duty evaded...

Foremost gratitude heavenly indebted,
jumbling kindling, linkedin mourning
numbness overlaid, pervaded, quashed,
routed thoroughly undermined vibrant
warbling, when xing yesterday's youth

zigzagging, accompanying blitzkrieg
cleaving deafeningly exploding,
formative grim homelife, indelibly
jabbing kid, (little me) nonstop,
overwhelming progeny, quintessentially

robbing, stunting, tormenting
unrelentingly vitality wrenching,
why xyst, zapping...Read More
Categories: numbness, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 1st
Form: Bio
Premium Member Intransigence
A lightning-fast swing, 
a blinding slap 
and a few seconds later – a dull thunder of the leaving thunderstorm.
A numbness of words;
a dumbness of feelings;
a cold wind from the river; 
a sad and grievous moan of the coal barges, huddling...Read More
Categories: numbness, farewell,
Form: Free verse
Hope for the End
It had been routine, this punishment
     Perhaps I made eye contact
          Maybe I had fallen asleep
           ...Read More
Categories: numbness, abuse, betrayal, depression, growing up, pain,
Form: Free verse

Her stare is a scent tied to memory.
Hanging long as a searchlight out to sea.
Here where Times only purpose
Is to punish in fluid translation,
mocking with it's lap of tongue across the beach.
She breathes in Her re-treasured re-collections -She fills Herself...Read More
Categories: numbness, angel, birth, happy, poems, prayer, rain,
Form: Rhyme
Rage! Rage! This angst, oozing from yawning deep, 
Render to numbness, silent cornered weep, 
Iniquitous decrees, when lulled to sleep, 
Seduced by dybbuks, only vice to reap, 
At impasse is reason in chaotic sneap, 
Battle! Battle! Wrought courage to muster,...Read More
Categories: numbness, allegory,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Love of Earth History
Love of history
commences a health and pathology journey
toward totalitarian terror
and unitarian awareness,
fragmented numbness of prey
and integral consciousness
of co-empathically benign predators
casing out

Framing one Earth-rhetorical spiraling event
within which herstory
of commodified
and domesticating victims
remains too unlargely untold
to optimize healthy climate trends.

Each spatially boundaried community,

and...Read More
Categories: numbness, health, history, humanity, passion, peace, perspective, philosophy,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Revelations
A numbness the dull orange of safety cones toddles through him, twists 
the upright screw shrink-wrap tight, and clamps him to the tabled edge
upon the realization his 
       newest mistake came,
   ...Read More
Categories: numbness, earth, god, war,
Form: Free verse
Words they can never be unspoken
Your words find their target and seek the destruction of all you profess to love. 
Protection and numbness can be my only defense.
For I have young eyes watching my every emotion, seeking comfort and reassurance from my presence.
So I build...Read More
Categories: numbness, allusion, anger, betrayal, conflict, confusion,
Form: Narrative
Mercy Unveiled
Freeze away the fire 
Between me and you
Take out evil desire
From my heart so true

My heart is torn apart somehow 
What's happening now? What now?
Your touch and sarcastic humor is hollow from the start
Don't swallow me whole with your shallow...Read More
Categories: numbness, emotions, hope,
Form: Rhyme
I died once
I Died Once 

At this very occasion I witnessed my spirit decent from my flesh hurried to meet darkness as I lost breath 

At that very moment a combination of numbness, sorrow and grief couldn’t be articulated from the strength...Read More
Categories: numbness, 12th grade, death, emotions, grief,
Form: ABC
A Word
A word was spinning around in my head,
Cancer was what the doctor had said.
Numbness, foggy, what shall I do, how can I fight this for my family too.
My first thought, but soon that passed.
Acceptance, non resistance, then it can't last.
Trust...Read More
Categories: numbness, cancer,
Form: ABC
As the loneliness took over
The memories became sweeter
As the numbness of the heart became unbearable
The love that was given unconditionally grew
Who would have known

Time healed the wounds
But the pain is unforgettable
The sequence of events occurred
But the honour that was given...Read More
Categories: numbness, absence, appreciation, how i feel, july, sister,
Form: Free verse
Chronicles of a ghetto
Cascades of child like laughter roll of the scarlet paved street of a Harlem like neighbourhood
Infused with the liquid brown scent of human an assault on the senses

Ringing of bells announcing the day of worship
The streets littered with the frail...Read More
Categories: numbness, africa, analogy,
Form: Free verse