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Life Nice Poems

These Life Nice poems are examples of Nice poems about Life. These are the best examples of Nice Life poems written by international poets.

Baptise Violence
a negative word
a harming approach
a destructive action
damages assets and life 
abhorred by society
creates fear mongering 
disrupts harmony 
sows seeds of revenge 


it's interesting...

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Categories: love, nice, violence,

Premium Member My Testimony from Joyce-One
There is no secret what God can do
what  he  has done for others he will do for you with arms wide open can...

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Categories: nice, appreciation, bible, care, cheer

Premium Member I thought You Knew
Where is your love is gone, my Dear? Where is your beloved 
My beloved is gone done into his garden to the bed of spices...

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Categories: nice, adventure, art, beauty, fire,

must be nice
must be nice 
re-united are souls separated on Earth,
memories come to life, once again.
Uncles, Aunts, grandpas and grandmas -
a newly formed family, up in heaven.

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Categories: nice, absence, death, dedication, feelings,

It can't always be nice
It can't always be nice 
You once had a dream 
Now I see you struggling at the top 
Yes that very top of your wishes

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Categories: nice, africa, confidence, courage, deep,

Premium Member The Thrilling Beyond
Purple mists
and dawn wake up call,
red rooster.
Keen bluebirds
whistle and call for gold sun-
songs of the thrill days.

Fading dreams
waft in fading mist
so lovely.
Scents adrift
along green sidewalks...

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Categories: nice, beauty, color, day, nature,

Premium Member Red Carpet Treatment
I was a professional landscaper, with passion for nature, and a green thumb,
Like passions of smothering, dreamy nighttime, to which we gladly succumb.

My work took...

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Categories: nice, beauty, dream, fantasy, nature,

How to be Wise and Nice
If we forget noble friends
And stay with no regrets
One day we will lose them
Due to our careless mind

If we shrewdly use time
And distribute it equitably

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Categories: care, nice,

Premium Member World Draped With Colours


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Categories: autumn, nice,

Premium Member Mango Epulaeryu Poem
Epulaeryu Mango Poetry Season

Greetings my dear brothers and sister of God's inspirational grace, and I pray each of you will defeat Covid-19 and its elusive...

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Categories: nice, appreciation, celebration, fruit, joy,

Wise Advice is Always Nice
Never shout, but wait for a moment
Kindly reserve every bad comment

Show not openly your emotion
As it may lead to sad demotion

Check your tongue with caution

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Categories: nice, care, motivation,

Death was a nice idea
Death was A Nice Idea,
So, Chief became “My Dear”:
Suicide for Breathless State
Straight to Satan’s Estate;
There to my case restate
Boss with Heat rewrite fate…

Death was the...

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Categories: nice, anxiety, confusion, death, health,

An angel kiss
A small white feather, dropped from the sky,
Landed above my knee, on my left thigh.
I picked up the feather, with delicate care,
An angels wing, had...

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Categories: nice, beautiful, farewell, i miss

Premium Member Vice Seemed Nice
  Drinking booze
    Chasing skirts
  What's there to lose
    How can it hurt

  Away from home

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Categories: nice, adventure, drink, judgement, lust,

in the northern night
under the nearly frozen palm trees
the furtive cat glimpsed something among the plants
now he's on a silent ambush
ready to feed on its...

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Categories: appreciation, life, nice,