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Kids Nature Poems

These Kids Nature poems are examples of Nature poems about Kids. These are the best examples of Nature Kids poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The Poem Hunter
He visits your home on a cold, rainy day
To tickle your thoughts in a most pleasing way
The stories he tells are the bookmarks of time...

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Categories: beauty, nature, poetry,

Up In The Tower
I was twenty when I was hired by the state
to watch out for fires that could devastate,
since the cost of flights was becoming too great,

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Categories: nature, appreciation, fire, imagery, jobs,

Billy and the kids

       Climbing sheer rock face,
   The sure footed mountain goats, 

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Categories: animal, character, mountains, nature,

A Crack in the sky
Sounding hard;

Allowing drops of rain
After it's manifestation afar;

Have you reached the solemn pain
That instills in one's eardrums;

Getting saved from this cruelty

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Categories: nature, anger, appreciation, god, inspirational,

Premium Member If Clouds Were Ships
If clouds were ships
then children would fly,
ever higher and higher,
way up in the sky.

There’s cirrus and stratus,
cumulus too, sailing on seas
of periwinkle blue,
their sails wide-billowed...

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Categories: nature, poems, poetry, sky,

Premium Member Wormwood

There is a place, 
in the middle of nowhere... now. (hushed whisper) 
It is hot and cooking,
and yet...things are green. 
Nature has taken back, 

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nature, allah, conflict, earth, gothic,

Illusion of reality
I smile watching scintillating fiery,
A fury of stars and galaxies.
Fire is not sparking.
Echelon of smoke not covered skies.
Sand is not irritating my eyes.
Kids are not...

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Categories: nature, allusion, fantasy, first love,

Premium Member Autumn Has Come - The Ricks 32 Style

~ Autumn  Has  Come ~ 
( Rick's  32  ) 


Autumn's come
 Weather is cool
 Trees change hues
 Gold, browns, copper, greens,...

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Categories: beautiful, color, love, nature,

Inspiration from a Dam on a River
Inspiration from a Dam on a River

West of the dam is the serene lake
East of the dam is the roaring fall
White and green jades clash...

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member Garden Angel
Garden Angel

My friend lives in a high rise, 
somewhere the other side of Manhattan. 
What does that even look like? 
She pays more money than...

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nature, america, corruption, health, heart,

Premium Member LUDix-Rym
Spring starts the year with soft flowers
Sometimes brought with gentle showers
Air fragrant with scents that devours
Hues so bright and bold that glowers
Green grass which also...

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Categories: autumn, creation, inspiration, nature,

When a child sees a dolphin…something happens in their brain….
in their heart and in their soul…something you can’t explain… 

When a child sees a dolphin…sees...

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© Jim Yerman  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: childhood, children, nature,

Premium Member Fireflies in Mason Jars
As a child, we ran and caught fireflies in Mason jars
They lit up the twilight with their ignited bottoms
The joy of catching these bugs I’ve...

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Categories: nature, childhood, insect, inspiration, miracle,

Ripe as Rain
POEM "RIPE AS RAIN" by martin gedge

Late September, windy day
the sky fluorescent red
the autumn leaves move through the breeze
and hover round my head
like butterflies that...

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Categories: nature, august, autumn, beautiful, heart,

Premium Member A Farewell to Summer
You greeted us three months ago;
the summer sunshine was your smile.
Your breezes spread the jasmine’s scent,
and warmed the day for kids to play;
then heated hopes...

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Categories: change, farewell, nature, romance,

Premium Member The Sneaky Thunderstorm
The approaching rainstorm,
Rolls across darkened skies;
Tries to hide in the clouds;
It will not have success.
It happens too often;
Everyone knows its goal.

It shakes the Earth and...

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Categories: nature, poems, poetry, rain,

Restore Life 1
Why do you stand to stare, old man,
Over these fields of grass,
It must be a terrible boring time,
There's nothing here to see.

No, nothing now, but...

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Categories: nature,

Nature's Secrets
Materials are arranged into an element table
As complete, clear, reasonable as possible
All they have been  most ideal
So,  heat balances and explosions stop off


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Categories: creation, mystery, nature, science,

Don’t tell me the stars
stopped to dream.
Don’t tell me the birds don’t fly.
Don’t tell me the kids
stopped crying.
Don’t tell me the lovers are lost.
Observes occur...

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Categories: nature, freedom, growth, happiness, love,

Premium Member Rugged Crosses
For me,
but not for my kids,
it was The Old Rugged Cross
teaching my ego/eco-logic crossed
to believe adults could deprive their Earthly minds
of sacred co-passionate investment
and yet...

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Categories: nature, christian, culture, health, integrity,