Chinese Poems and Poetry from China (PRC)

Chinese poems and poetry from China (PRC). Read examples of chinese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

The Tomorrow Rain, Its Source is over the Water ChineseChina (PRC)shi, ming11/20/2017
The blue Ears ChineseChina (PRC)Wang, Shmily11/16/2017
Sadness ChineseChina (PRC)lu, stina11/15/2017
Self-dissection ChineseChina (PRC)lu, stina11/15/2017
Go with storm, you are the dust of the earth ChineseChina (PRC)shi, ming11/11/2017
memo in chord, moon in accord ChineseChina (PRC)lauriere, amarantus11/10/2017
The Foreign Bubbles ChineseChina (PRC)lu, stina11/10/2017
Hearts leap over cloud, dropping poetry-rain ChineseChina (PRC)shi, ming11/09/2017
He does not understand ChineseChina (PRC)lu, stina11/09/2017
To Confucius ChineseChina (PRC)lu, stina11/09/2017
Bauhinia along the road ChineseChina (PRC)lu, stina11/09/2017
Day-like nights ChineseChina (PRC)lu, stina11/09/2017
Heart Let All the Simple Complicated ChineseChina (PRC)shi, ming11/08/2017
A Clock That Stops Swinging ChineseChina (PRC)shi, ming11/08/2017
The Heart is Twinkling in the Starry Sky ChineseChina (PRC)shi, ming11/08/2017
When the Heart Facing the Desert ChineseChina (PRC)shi, ming11/08/2017
How to be a better son ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng11/07/2017
To the autumn harvest ChineseChina (PRC)Wang, Hao11/06/2017
Factors to make friends need someone honest heart ChineseChina (PRC)cathy, tang10/28/2017
Leaving for a Distant Place ChineseChina (PRC)Chen, Runping10/25/2017
The Child Who Draws Is the Most Lovable ChineseChina (PRC)Wang, Shmily10/23/2017
Dialogue ChineseChina (PRC)Wang, Shmily10/15/2017
March Says ChineseChina (PRC)Wang, Shmily10/14/2017
The Situation of the Poet ChineseChina (PRC)Wang, Shmily10/14/2017
Poems Alive ChineseChina (PRC)Wang, Shmily10/14/2017
A Way Station ChineseChina (PRC)Chen, Runping09/29/2017
Ten daggers ChineseChina (PRC)Wang, Hao09/26/2017
An invitation from the stars ChineseChina (PRC)Wang, Hao09/20/2017
There's a wasp's home in town ChineseChina (PRC)Wang, Hao09/19/2017
Living ChineseChina (PRC)PF, Thatgirlfrommars09/17/2017
Today Is Mid-Autumn Festival ChineseChina (PRC)Chen, Runping09/12/2017
Poor little mosquitoes ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng09/07/2017
Under the moon ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng09/03/2017
I am no doubt a genius ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng09/02/2017
The Memorial Grave ChineseChina (PRC)Chen, Runping08/26/2017
The Sleepless Voice ChineseChina (PRC)Chen, Runping08/14/2017
Losing His Way ChineseChina (PRC)Chen, Runping08/11/2017
A Gloomy Mood ChineseChina (PRC)Chen, Runping08/08/2017
To Travel with Raindrops ChineseChina (PRC)Chen, Runping08/07/2017
Confession ChineseChina (PRC)Chen, Runping08/07/2017
Never loss ChineseChina (PRC)Pan, Xuefeng06/17/2017
Lonely ChineseChina (PRC)Capua, Mikedaniel06/13/2017
The Time We Talked ChineseChina (PRC)Zeng, Elaine05/22/2017
Fear Poem ChineseChina (PRC)Capua, Mikedaniel05/15/2017
Nowhere ChineseChina (PRC)PF, Thatgirlfrommars04/25/2017
Black Angel ChineseChina (PRC)Shen, Louisa04/11/2017
Hope is Us with Feathers ChineseChina (PRC)Shen, Louisa04/11/2017
Falltime ChineseChina (PRC)Shen, Louisa04/11/2017
Harbor From Sea ChineseChina (PRC)Shen, Louisa04/11/2017
His words ChineseChina (PRC)PF, Thatgirlfrommars04/07/2017