Chilean Poems and Poetry from Chile

Chilean poems and poetry from Chile. Read examples of chilean poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

GOTHAM CITY ChileanChileibanez, franco03/01/2014
A PART OF HISTORY ChileanChileibanez, franco03/01/2014
AMNESIA ChileanChileibanez, franco03/01/2014
call me ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth07/09/2011
Butterfly and Alligator ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth11/12/2010
IN YOUR PRESENCE ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/31/2010
the other one (your mistress) ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/24/2010
Citrus game ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/19/2010
Summer ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/19/2010
ONE DAY ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/14/2010
She (a bubble world) ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/13/2010
Incertitude ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/12/2010
STILL ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/12/2010
Faking ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/12/2010
OLD ME ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/06/2010
My passive ugly truth ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/06/2010
Never Forget ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/05/2010
I don't know you yet ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/04/2010
Meany Passion ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/04/2010
the escape ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/03/2010
Incapable twenty four ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/02/2010
The red broken shape (looks like a heart) ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/02/2010
The unpronounceable situation ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/02/2010
an aspirin for my pain ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/02/2010
Verdict: CONDEMNED ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/01/2010
"Give up" has a positive meaning ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/01/2010
Cover me ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/01/2010
insideout feeling ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/01/2010
Valdnyc ChileanChileMiranda, Ruth10/01/2010