Indonesian Poems and Poetry from Indonesia

Indonesian poems and poetry from Indonesia. Read examples of Indonesian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

The Real Picture IndonesianIndonesiaEM, RHOMA03/09/2017
Triad In 7 Beats IndonesianIndonesiaMarty, Lyva02/21/2017
Words Before I Die IndonesianIndonesiaTalentia Saphira, Tasya02/21/2017
nightingale IndonesianIndonesiaMarty, Lyva02/15/2017
A Person Behind the Speech IndonesianIndonesiaWidjanarko, Yanny02/11/2017
The Poets Pluck William Shakespear IndonesianIndonesiaWidjanarko, Yanny02/10/2017
The Poets Pluck William Shakespeare IndonesianIndonesiaWidjanarko, Yanny02/10/2017
Killing Tune IndonesianIndonesiaWidjanarko, Yanny02/09/2017
We Could Never See Again IndonesianIndonesiaTalentia Saphira, Tasya01/30/2017
Seven For Chaos And Order-- Climate IndonesianIndonesiaMarty, Lyva01/30/2017
Seven For Chaos And Disorder-- Penance IndonesianIndonesiaEM, RHOMA01/29/2017
Seven For Chaos And Order--Home IndonesianIndonesiaOnat, Noel01/28/2017
Fisherman IndonesianIndonesiaOnat, Noel01/18/2017
Doublr-Face IndonesianIndonesiadesha, zelene01/12/2017
Daddy's little words IndonesianIndonesiaTalentia Saphira, Tasya01/09/2017
New Year's Resolution IndonesianIndonesiaOnat, Noel01/04/2017
Rooting For 8 To 5 IndonesianIndonesiaEM, RHOMA01/04/2017
Ashes and Diamonds: Translation IndonesianIndonesiaJohnston, Chris01/04/2017
Rooting for 8 To Five IndonesianIndonesiamara, amelie01/03/2017
Peace Of Day IndonesianIndonesiaEM, RHOMA12/21/2016
Babbling Farm IndonesianIndonesiamara, amelie12/14/2016
Toxic IndonesianIndonesiaMarty, Lyva12/12/2016
Frenzy Mode IndonesianIndonesiaOnat, Noel11/29/2016
His 27th of December IndonesianIndonesiaTalentia Saphira, Tasya11/24/2016
She Needs Her IndonesianIndonesiaTalentia Saphira, Tasya11/23/2016
Circle of Life IndonesianIndonesiaTalentia Saphira, Tasya11/20/2016
You and I IndonesianIndonesiaJohnston, Chris11/16/2016
A little confession to Papa IndonesianIndonesiaTalentia Saphira, Tasya11/08/2016
This One For Natan IndonesianIndonesiaTalentia Saphira, Tasya11/01/2016
First IndonesianIndonesiaTalentia Saphira, Tasya10/31/2016
Pain IndonesianIndonesiaBasar, Diba10/25/2016
Snap Of Moments IndonesianIndonesiaEM, RHOMA10/10/2016
On Love IndonesianIndonesiaMarty, Lyva10/08/2016
Glory and the Lamb IndonesianIndonesiaJephcott, Heather09/30/2016
sing to me IndonesianIndonesiaMarty, Lyva09/25/2016
I Don't Remember IndonesianIndonesiaholis, nur09/22/2016
gentle the air's hush IndonesianIndonesiaEM, RHOMA09/19/2016
A Piece of Peace IndonesianIndonesiaholis, nur09/13/2016
Stay IndonesianIndonesiaOnat, Noel08/27/2016
Fleeting Rain IndonesianIndonesiaMarty, Lyva08/13/2016
Fine IndonesianIndonesiaAfina Rafika, Hadiyani08/06/2016
Heavenly Eyes IndonesianIndonesiaEM, RHOMA08/04/2016
To my friends IndonesianIndonesiaKomala, Sukmawati07/30/2016
On deep looking into a value IndonesianIndonesiaKomala, Sukmawati07/30/2016
Bloming In The Chill IndonesianIndonesiaMarty, Lyva07/26/2016
I stood at the end of the age IndonesianIndonesiaaliefya, syantrie07/23/2016
A Little Dream IndonesianIndonesiaholis, nur07/14/2016
Answering Your Query IndonesianIndonesiaMarty, Lyva07/06/2016
Trembling In The Rain IndonesianIndonesiaOnat, Noel07/04/2016
The Lonely IndonesianIndonesiadesha, zelene06/28/2016