Liberian Poems and Poetry from Liberia

Liberian poems and poetry from Liberia. Read examples of liberian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

The Hypocrite LiberianLiberiaYankae, Leroy12/30/2016
Due LiberianLiberiaYankae, Leroy12/30/2016
In the Life LiberianLiberiaYankae, Leroy12/30/2016
The Girl On the Bench LiberianLiberiaYankae, Leroy12/30/2016
Silent Critic Is The Best Critic LiberianLiberiaYankae, Leroy12/29/2016
The Bassa Dish LiberianLiberiaVerdier, Baltimore C.07/19/2016
I Have Seen It All LiberianLiberiaVerdier, Baltimore C.03/06/2016
Love is what it is LiberianLiberiaVerdier, Baltimore C.02/16/2016
Life Is A Sweet Sorrow LiberianLiberiaVerdier, Baltimore C.01/10/2016
Love of A Tender Hand LiberianLiberiaVerdier, Baltimore C.11/15/2015
Greed LiberianLiberiaVerdier, Baltimore C.11/10/2015
Everything happens for the good LiberianLiberiaVerdier, Baltimore C.11/09/2015
A father's apology to a son LiberianLiberiaVerdier, Baltimore C.11/09/2015
Lost LiberianLiberiaSuah, Yei09/27/2013
Poor Man's Tale LiberianLiberiaSuah, Yei08/18/2013
30 YEARS AGO LiberianLiberiaMORRIS JR, JAMES B.08/17/2013
My Orion LiberianLiberiaSuah, Yei08/14/2013
Religion LiberianLiberiaSuah, Yei08/12/2013
Fireflies LiberianLiberiaSuah, Yei07/31/2013
Lasting Memories LiberianLiberiaSuah, Yei07/31/2013
She Cries LiberianLiberiaSuah, Yei07/31/2013
Unknown Art LiberianLiberiaSuah, Yei07/31/2013
Tears LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia07/25/2013
Eagle wing LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia07/25/2013
My freedom LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia07/24/2013
Lily LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia07/24/2013
Success on the Move LiberianLiberiaMORRIS JR, JAMES B.07/22/2013
True Friend LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia07/15/2013
Faith LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia07/05/2013
THE APOCALYPSE- mourning for Egypt LiberianLiberiaMORRIS JR, JAMES B.07/04/2013
The Legend of Soccer LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/28/2013
Leymah Gbowee LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/28/2013
Freetown ball player tuned legend LiberianLiberiaMORRIS JR, JAMES B.06/24/2013
A Butterfly Kiss LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/20/2013
Above the clouds LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/20/2013
If you were LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/17/2013
you are for real LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/12/2013
you make me happy LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/12/2013
my life time partner LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/08/2013
will never let you go LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/08/2013
I can face Tomorrow LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/06/2013
My name is heard LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/06/2013
New life LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/06/2013
Rainbow LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/06/2013
Right stand LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/06/2013
woman LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/06/2013
A Real Mother LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/06/2013
The rod of Moses LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/06/2013
THE SUN LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/06/2013
The top LiberianLiberiaNimley, Olivia06/06/2013