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Stress Narrative Poems

These Stress Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Stress. These are the best examples of Narrative Stress poems written by international poets.

What happens in the past, stays in the mind
What happens in the past, stays in the mind. 

Sitting on the floor,  pen in hand, a wealth of books surround me, comfortable in my...

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Categories: abortion, abuse, anger, dark,

The Kave-in Part 1
Sitting watching the world, weary, contemplating life cold and dreary, 
Upon a rock within a mountain which I'd often tread upon before,
As I wallowed, spirit...

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Categories: angst, depression, emotions, father

Who's By My Side
I'm left alone
Left alone like an abandoned chick
Whose mother flew away
I'm like a hopeless wanderer
Like a blind lost in the mist
I'm deep in pain's gist

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Categories: heartbreak, hurt, stress,

Don't Get the Bottle - Get the Bible
Whenever you feel you're going through
God is always there for you
Yo problems cause yo mind to thinking
You find you're more at ease when drinking
Falling all...

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Categories: addiction, change, depression, god,

Premium Member I Would Like To Call His Mother
Let me tell you something you can’t tell anybody, not the principal, not my teacher, not nobody.
I stopped the ten-year-old midstream.  If you tell...

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Categories: anxiety,

S – T – I – L – L
Stop, Think, Imagine, Listen, Learn
Stop to position yourself not to move - Be Still
Think of the thoughts...

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Categories: bible, blessing, dream, god,

A Good Father, Part II
...Harper said,”I’d no choice, I had to be,
to save Ted from staring down a bad path.
We see what happens to men who won’t work,
rarely do...

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Categories: growth, motivation, parents, prayer,

Southern Summers I Recall
Deep down in America's southern land when I was a little lad,             ...

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Categories: america, boy, childhood,

Pill predicament
Now I officially know what it feels like for a drug addict to be scrambling on the floor trying to gather the drugs they dropped....

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Categories: anxiety, crazy, depression, drug,

Dr office waiting room incident
Halfway through my doctors appointment I notice my shirt is on inside-out. I discretely try to make my way to the bathroom without being noticed...

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Categories: anxiety, crazy, giggle, humor,

The Critter Cascade
I was walking down a Vermont road
to stretch my legs and blow off stress,
stone walls flanked the hard, brown dirt,
half-obscured by dead leaves and grass.


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Categories: animal, fun, humorous, light,

Premium Member Bizarre Facts

Banging your head against the wall burns 150 calories an hour
However, there are some definite side effects
Remembering to put on you jockeys or your bra...

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Categories: stress,

Premium Member Yvonne's Swan Song
Yvonne was very, very, very happy.
She loved her mother.
She loved her brother Phillip.
And she loved swans.
Oh, did she ever love swans!

She loved the way they...

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Categories: anti bullying, bullying, children,

The Taking of a Hero's Wife, Part II
The things they screamed at poor Laura
enraged Owen, and made his blood boil,
to harass a widow who’d lost everything…
Was there nothing left they would not...

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Categories: bereavement, courage, loss, love,

The industrial hull of the SUV 
Sways with the slightest wind taps 
And pothole shoves. Popeye’s signs, 
Golden shell displays, the lingering smell 
Of Premium-grade...

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Categories: night,

No Sleep
Hectic thoughts
the mind is like a mall
up and down are ideas
busy shopping
although no money 
but tears are packed in the wallet
no payment
no sleep.

Drencho POET Loads

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Categories: stress,

I'm in Prison
I'm In Prison 

Who can help ?
I am in prison
I am arrested, 
I am driven by my emotions
Abused by my feelings
So sad
I cannot find peace...

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Categories: sin,

The Strongest Woman, Part II
...She said,”I need to talk about something,
that for a long while has bothered me.
For the first time in all of my life,
I do not know...

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Categories: angst, children, life, strength,

The Strongest Woman, Part I
The strongest woman that I ever saw
was born thirty-four years ago,
to loving parents who doted on her,
told he of the great places she’d go.

She was...

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Categories: angst, children, life, strength,

People Think I'm Insane When I'm in Pain
People Think I'm Insane
When I'm in Pain 

Can I tell you a long story 
or you will say "no, sorry"
at times I think of suicide

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Categories: pain,