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God Narrative Poems

These God Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about God. These are the best examples of Narrative God poems written by international poets.

Contrasting Exits
In 2018 there were four who exited life's door never to return. There was an additional one whom I feared might also depart, but he...

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Categories: celebration, christian, faith, farewell,

Premium Member GOD Absolutely Loves Color

Have you ever really contemplated the varieties
of colors in flowers, fish, birds, animals even
the beautiful sunsets in the heaven at times?
Then why...

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Categories: appreciation, celebration, christian,

Premium Member We Were Not To Travel This Earth Without HIM
We Were Not Meant To Travel This Earth Without Him

When God created Adam and then Eve, they had a marvelous fellowship and a closeness with...

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Categories: bible, christian, trust,

Unicorns and Amazons
chasing in a derby race;
what a noble thing for us to see!

Saint Peter tapping-out the rhythm
whilst old Gabriel leads a tune,
and Saint Francis...

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Categories: faith, family, god, inspirational,

Skin Tag fiasco
So I found a small skin tag on my inner thigh a few weeks ago and me being the YouTube king ‘Do it yourself-er’ started...

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Categories: crazy, funny, giggle, hilarious,

Premium Member God's Tiniest Missionaries, Andy the Man of God
     And, as I began to play the tune, the power of the words from my song, “There is Healing in...

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Categories: christian, health,

The New Puritans, Part II
...It was only two days later
when the local catholic high school
was told their team name, the ‘Crusaders,’
was insensitive and uncool.
Protestors showed up to bellow slurs,

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Categories: culture, how i feel,

The New Puritans, Part I
I was playing near a college town,
people pay money to hear my jokes,
when back-clad fools charged upon stage,
at first I thought it was a hoax.

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Categories: culture, how i feel,

Premium Member At the Base Of All Eternity
At the Base of All Eternity.

At the base of all eternity 
Is the Love of God
All his grace so given.

His son given the world
To cleans...

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Categories: appreciation, christian, faith, international,

Premium Member Keyhole
"Environmental suits all checked and rechecked.  The chamber is sealed."


"We're losing barometric pressure!"


          "Energy output...

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Categories: anxiety, environment, fear, fire,

A void in my Reflection
A Void in my Reflection. When i look at myself i see a Woman i cant except. My skin is like melted milk chocolate poured...

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Categories: abuse, anxiety, depression, freedom,

Premium Member Just A Note Of Encouragement
I hope you remember who you are. Sometimes when time goes by, we forget and I want to encourage you to remember what God called...

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Categories: adventure, america, angel, appreciation,

I Await For The Judging
I Await for the Judging 

I await for the judging 
I await for the many test that God 
sends to me leaving me standing still...

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Categories: bible, dream, eulogy, faith,

Other People's Freedom, Part I
Autumn though of herself as a kind soul,
and she took great pride in her compassion,
she believed things could be made perfect,
and her voting reflected this...

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Categories: betrayal, dark, evil, freedom,

The Girl with Eyes as Black as Crows
On that night the moon seemed hidden from her starry brothers
The kind of night not suited for the fighters nor the lovers
I ventured out only...

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Categories: dark, death, fantasy, murder,


You fascinate me in your loving care, 
you always had showed my the way 
when my heart is truly broken-
leaving me battered with my...

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Categories: betrayal, dark, dream, emotions,

Premium Member The Formula To Create Life
If you know of a formula to create life without God, tell me.
The truth is, there is no formula without God.
Even if you think you...

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Categories: angel, appreciation, bible, birth,

What Love Doesn't Know
Love doesn’t know limits
Love doesn’t understand history 
Nor cares.

Love doesn’t understand structure
Or patterns.
Love doesn’t comprehend fire
Or how the brighter it burns
The faster it fades.

Love doesn’t...

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Categories: desire, heartbroken, i love

The Diva
We have an image of God, being the perfect fatherly creator who sits on 
 a golden throne and smiles benignly. I know, its just...

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Categories: spiritual,

Premium Member Reclamation of Number 21
Fiction by Charles
Just prior to the end of the civil war, there were nearly 6000 men who were not accounted for but assumed to be...

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Categories: inspirational,