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Limerick Music Poems

These Limerick Music poems are examples of Music poems about Limerick. These are the best examples of Music Limerick poems written by international poets.

Premium Member AI
I am the new robot,
do you want to guess what.
I will change your life,
better take it in strife.
Now I can't be caught....

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Categories: music, creation, fear, giggle, hello,

Premium Member My Peep Izzi's Band
'Mom, dad', I’m going out to the bar 
Where my 'peep Izzi', rocks her guitar
Her 'gig' will top rock charts
Though it’s not for 'pop' tarts

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Categories: fun, music,

Premium Member For this Strumpet, No Trumpet - Open Poetry 9 Contest
     Donald ate beans to full capacitance
     Added pitted prunes for extravagance

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Categories: humorous, music, romance, sound,

Premium Member The Tea and The Bee Limerick Set
How about some delicious tea
I want it with crackers and brie
Honey is very sweet
Better than sweaty feet
I got bit by a yellow bee

That bee just...

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Categories: music, drink, food, friend, giggle,

Premium Member Dogs Picture Prompt
Come on guys I really need to go.
My inside are about to blow,
This line is way too long,
No time to sing a song.
I am filled...

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Categories: music, giggle, song, time, uplifting,

Premium Member Piano-No-No
In theory I thought you would like to know
That I didn’t practice the piano
I’m a noted rebel
Who is now in treble
For showing my staff to...

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Categories: fun, music,

Premium Member Dine and Dash
Dine and dash we are on the go
look at all the food below
warm soup is for me
with crackers and brie
are we eating real fast or...

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Categories: music, animal, food, friend, giggle,

Premium Member Cagey Canary Cat Caught
You love to chase the old cow,
and make the kitten go meow,
I have put you in your place,
now no one left to chase.
I got you~let...

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Categories: music, bird, cat, giggle, home,

Premium Member When I Make It Big
I will play my music for people I like
On a stool in front of a stand up mike
No jumping jack run
Across stage in fun
Just songs...

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Categories: guitar, life, music,

Premium Member her other love is kelce
Taylor and Travis ain't hidin'
She's voiced her first choice is Biden
Though Joe looks ancient
Fans know he's patient
Yet swiftly his odds to win widen...

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Categories: music, boyfriend, humor, love, men,

Premium Member A Valentine’s Limerick
Valentine’s Day I do love you
a day of red~pink but not blue
you are like candy~sweet
much better than red meat
God sent me to you~who knew...

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Categories: music, blue, love, red, sweet,

Premium Member That's What Elvis Said

You could knock him down, step on his face,
and besmirch him all over the place;
but his shoes—the blue suede—
which were faves, custom-made,
never step on, thus...

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Categories: music,

Premium Member Stirring My Tea
Stirring my hot or cold tea, 
with fresh honey from a bee. 
I must not get stung, 
or this sweet drink will hurt my tongue....

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Categories: music, drink, fun, happy, sweet,

Premium Member Funny New Years Resolutions For 24
Quote By Poet "The pen is the tongue for many writers."

Welcome to the new twenty-four,
I am laughing on the floor.
Pen you need to change,
tongue you...

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Categories: music, fun, humor, new year,

Premium Member Volunteered
the director had said, “our needs are dire”
my wife volunteered us both for the choir
always something going wrong
with my voice I won’t last long 

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Categories: music, confusion, fire, humor, husband,

Book: Shattered Sighs