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Funny Moon Poems

These Funny Moon poems are examples of Moon poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Moon Funny poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Titanic
What is the noise I hear,  
could it be a loud cheer?  
Oh no my dear,  
we must leave and go the...

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Categories: love, moon, music, sea,

Full Moon
Tonight's a full moon
And I'll stop and I'll swoon
When I see that big ball of white
'Cuz it's that time once again
To come out of my...

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Categories: moon, animal, funny, humor, humorous,

Premium Member In the Wind
(Terza Rima Sonnet)

Elated illusions laugh at my reason
Creations of my mind erase dark shadows
I care I search for the joy in each season

Beauties this awesome...

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Categories: moon, autumn, god, inspiration, joy,

Premium Member The Night Sky Comes Alive
The black velvet sky,  
with diamond dancing stars.  
The full moon,  
shining brightly.  
Morning awaits,   
sun bursting into color....

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Categories: color, dance, moon, morning,

Meet Me On the Moon
Now for some good news,
that we might have missed.
It ain't no riot or pandemic,
so maybe didn't make your list.

For the first time in history,
a commercial...

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Categories: moon, poetry,

Premium Member The Naked Moon - Dont Look
When left alone at night
I look for the pinpoint lights
of the stars that there are,
when clouds there aren’t.

There’s a waning gibbous moon
shyly peaking from the...

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Categories: humor, moon, stars,

Premium Member Red Moon Rising
Our sky is filled with beauty,                                       ...

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Categories: moon, dance, night, red, sky,

Premium Member As the Misty Moon Rides High
The day is coming to a close,                  ...

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Categories: color, day, moon, night,

Premium Member Shooting Birds At the Moon
Was I maudlin over our breakup? For a minute.

If I think of you now, it’s like a slideshow of unflattering images.

At the time, my breakup...

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Categories: moon, absence, break up, humor,

Premium Member Does Mother Moon Sleep
Last night I fell into a deep sleep,
my cat precious slept with me.
I could swear that old Mother Moon,
slept with us, I swear, it’s true.


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Categories: children, dream, fantasy, moon,

Premium Member The Sky
The bright sun 
hot for me 
burned my skin 

The moon night 
full is best 
sky lights up 

Stars that shine 
one~two more 
make a...

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Categories: fun, moon, sky, star,

Vacuum the Moon
Somebody ought to go vacuum the moon
All the space dust is starting to show
Somebody ought to take care of it soon
For the wolves are all...

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Categories: animal, funny, moon, space,

Premium Member As I Dream
As I sink deep into my mattress and pillow,                ...

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Categories: beauty, bird, light, moon,

Premium Member Tonight
Tonight we sit under the full moonlight,                           what a beautiful sight.     ...

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Categories: kiss, love, moon, sky,

Premium Member For Many a Moon
When the sun's out, it's sunny
  When my nose runs, it's runny
So, why is having fun not always so funny?

I'd pondered this question for...

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Categories: moon, fun, funny, silly, word