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Miracle Poems

Miracle Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about miracles. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for miracle.

New Poems

Premium Member Wormwood

There is a place, 
in the middle of nowhere... now. (hushed whisper) 
It is hot and cooking,
and yet...things are green. 
Nature has taken back, 
what man destroyed. 
Maybe not the way it should be, 
but maybe it does not matter,...Read More
Categories: miracle, allah, conflict, earth, gothic, heaven, nature, obituary,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Water
Look out upon the lake
   What do you see
Do you envision a channel
   Where fish roam free

Consider the mighty ocean
   What do you ponder
Do you conjure up a cavern
   Where giant whales...Read More
Categories: drink, miracle, ocean, power, water, wine,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member My Six Steps
My Six Steps
Written: by Miracle man

Believing is always step one to my becoming
Step two is having faith in it forthcoming 

 Step three is the character I demonstrate in coping
and is directly linked to actions, not idly hoping

Step four I...Read More
Categories: miracle, how i feel,
Form: Couplet
This Is Uganda
This is Uganda
My motherland
My home that I love so much
Boom, boom, boom,boom
Another prominent leader has been shot dead
Who is it?
Abiriga, the yellow man
Panic here, panic there
Some arrests here and there
And that’s it
He is gone
And the killers too are nowhere to...Read More
Categories: miracle, environment,
Form: I do not know?
Having Touched You
Having Touched You
by Michael R. Burch

What I have lost
is not less
than what I have gained.

And for each moment passed
like the sun to the west,
another remained,

suspended in memory
like a flower in crystal
so that eternity

is but an hour, and fall
is no longer...Read More
Categories: miracle, care, death, first love, freedom, health, heart,
Form: Verse

Premium Member At Eighty-One I Smile

At Eighty-One I Smile
Written: by Miracle Man

The thing I’ve most liked about being retired,
no longer in debilitating stress am I mired.

Obsolete is the day planner and schedules to keep,
Though retiring at 56 some considered a leap.

There were several offers made...Read More
Categories: miracle, dedication, dream, passion, retirement, stress, success, work,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The Contest
The Contest

I would like to enter, 
and sometimes I do. 
Occasionally I even win, 
to my surprise. 
How cool!

The true rule, 
to every fool,
or pirate on a mission;
is write,
and write,
and write. 
Do something, 
say something in words, 
that will ripple...Read More
Categories: miracle, america, friendship, hero, homework, military, seasons, simile,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Vote The Bible
Vote The Bible
Written: by Miracle Man

Today, too many people,
proudly wear the christian label.
While living off the crumbs,
that fall from God’s table.

During this election year,
Lets lay party/person aside.
Voting the bible,
and from HIS word don’t hide.*

Using God’s word,
to fit our lifestyle is...Read More
Categories: miracle, abortion, bible, god,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Being Dauntless
Being Dauntless
Written: by Miracle man

When younger I was dauntless,
and in thought yet remain.
But due to time passing,
things aren’t quite the same.

The times are long past,
when I would cede to no man.
If doting on intimidation,
one needed another game plan.

There have often...Read More
Categories: miracle, fear,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Tree Top Dancers
Tree Top Dancers
and Circus Clowns

The neighbors moved away. 
They said nothing to anyone, 
they just left. 
New people took the home. 
There was a big truck. 
It was full of boxes, 
and a TV. 

It was jam-packed with animals...
and cages...Read More
Categories: miracle, death of a friend, mystery, nostalgia, perspective,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Crazy
Mental Health
aka Crazy

The very topic is inclusive of the word, 
that haunts our every step from birth;
until our last breath. 

Fear has no power except that which we give it. 
Knowing that we are all passing away, 
every day of...Read More
Categories: miracle, child abuse, death, discrimination, grandchild, heaven, loneliness,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member To the Last Breath
Protecting; To the Last Breath
(a dark moment)

My dear friend told me I was a good mom today. 
I went into the bathroom and tears sprang to my eyes. 
I had no way to express my sadness. 

He has bad shoes....Read More
Categories: miracle, abuse, child abuse, childhood, endurance, forgiveness, heartbreak,
Form: Narrative
Horn Church Haiku on Sunday
Sunday Horn Haiku
Written on morning
of January 19, 2020
at St. James Episcopal
Church, Shallotte, NC

With God and His hand
We began to understand
Why minds will expand

We remember monk 
Who always would have much spunk
Slept in bottom bunk

God miracle made
His hand on us He...Read More
Categories: miracle, allegory, analogy,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Fear of Acceptance
Fear of Acceptance

The queen called her jester, 
and requested a joke! 
He had nothing to say, 
He just sat there, 
as he had already choked. 

Nonsense was delivered, 
to the king of the land…
to the shock and surprise 
of every...Read More
Categories: miracle, america, evil, fantasy, house, irony, religion, valentines
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Insufficient Funds
Insufficient Funds
Written: by Miracle Man

I’ve watched years mount with each clock’s chime,
While traversing daily looking back in time.
A time when love, was as a glowing ember,
But were things then, as I now remember?

Today, finds time busy closing my account,
facing obstacles,...Read More
Categories: miracle, god, time,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Buds Forever
Buds Forever

Shorty was a little dog, 
Curly was too. 
They played every day, 
until there was nothing else to do. 

Rolling on the grass, 
digging up the garden, 
chasing butterflies
and frogs near the pond. 

The days are full, 
of everything...Read More
Categories: miracle, childhood, faith, happiness, music, nice, spiritual, surreal,
Form: Ballad
In My Feelings Once Again
Author Dana Redricks
January 18, 2020

In my feelings once again
Feeling like an outcast
Lost in emotional chaotic past
Lord deliver me from this
lonely Past I travel
Money's tight and things  just 
ain't going right
Deliver me will you set me free
from whatever hinders me
Heal...Read More
Categories: miracle, christian, deep, depression, how i feel, jesus,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Charity
Written: by Miracle Man

I’m but God’s steward, what I have I don’t own, 
*so if a man asks for bread, do I give him a stone?
I try to bless others as God has truly blessed me,
praying that in so doing...Read More
Categories: miracle, blessing, god, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Incarcerated Thoughts
Incarcerated Thoughts
Written: by Miracle Man

Thoughts wear my brand while Incarcerated, 
until spoken by tongue or printed in ink.
While I may think they’re five star rated,
others have the option of thinking they stink.

Many times, thoughts seem to come with ease,
others arrive...Read More
Categories: miracle, how i feel, image,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Weather
Written: by Miracle Man

The past two days have been a fizzle,
The temp lies two degrees shy of freezing.
All day long I’ve seen winters drizzle,
that it isn’t sleet is somewhat pleasing.

Ice storms wreck havoc when they occur,
line poles and trees lie...Read More
Categories: miracle, weather,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member A Lemon Yellow Hat
A Lemon Yellow Hat

The morning light of a new day, 
cascades through the bedroom window. 
I am alone. 
Your pillow is soft, and close by, 
it still smells of you...
I can close my eyes, 
and pray to see your...Read More
Categories: miracle, appreciation, christian, dance, hero, inspirational, jesus, marriage,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Life is Seasonal
Life is Seasonal
Written: by Miracle Man

Happy times are so long past we scarcely remember,
but an old photo album reminds us they did exist.
Now time has moved from March to deep December,
and today we’ve nothing in common so we coexist.

...Read More
Categories: miracle, how i feel, life,
Form: Lyric
Where Were You Today Lord
Just Wonderin’

Where are you today Lord?
There are so many children cryin’…
So many mothers tears fallin’
So many babies dyin’

Is today a  heavenly Holiday?
Do Gods need a rest?
Why not just make a miracle
Put suffering to the test?

Why let suffer all the...Read More
Categories: miracle, confusion, heaven, religious,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
The Coming Newborn
No worries my love, she will soon be here.
She will gaze upon your eyes, your angelic voice she will hear.
She will feel your hand, gently touch her cheek.
She will smile at you and her mother, as you both begin to...Read More
Categories: miracle, baby,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Trying Moments

Trying Moments
Written: by Miracle Man

Within each day exists time that is bland,
but I deal with these moments and move ahead.
Realizing that my time rests in God’s hand,
and that my life hangs by an unseen thread.

It’s what I do daily for...Read More
Categories: miracle, god, life, time,
Form: Lyric