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Good Men Poems

These Good Men poems are examples of Men poems about Good. These are the best examples of Men Good poems written by international poets.

All The Hearts of Good Men
all the hearts of good men
bend their swords towards
the arc of peace
forever and ever 

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Categories: men, image, imagery, imagination,

Tree People
Cursing like a sailors
Telling lies
And more lives
And more lies
Until the lies run out,
The drinks run dry
And when the drinks run dry
The people dwindle away
The tree...

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Categories: men, people, tree,

If men ruled the world
If men ruled the world,
There would be room in the garage for the car,
There would be less pollution,
As everyone would take first available car park,...

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Categories: men, analogy, baptism, books, celebration,

Premium Member Troubled Times
"MY Lord, I have bad news for you," he said,
He was covered with dust from head to toe,
"I fear Sir John Howard, brave knight, lies...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, england, fate, men,

Pipe Dreams
…incongruous car




shiny-red, carwash-clean


not the usual

sharp edges


not stolen, like glances

not abandoned, like puppies

not torched, like memories

not peeling, like marriage

not rusting, like opportunity


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© Dave Lewis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, men, poetry, sad,

Premium Member Shot in his behind
Wendell, just getting off work,
going to a favorite place to chill.
Heading home by way of
Pharaoh’s bar & grill.
With the hope of winning,
his retirement one day.

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Categories: men, confidence, destiny, fantasy, imagination,

Premium Member You've Come A Long Way, Baby
Women's Liberation has been long overdue,
Its history is shameful,
Women treated as painted dolls,
Pretty playthings
With neither brain nor will,
Marriage and child-bearing their lot.

They did, however, have...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: men, art, baby, child, discrimination,

Premium Member O
Here you go 
My lovely child 
So eager and wild 
Ready to see the world 
And all the ugliness it has to offer?
I have a...

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© Eric Nolan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: computer, internet, lust, men,

Premium Member AND SO IT BEGAN Series 2 episode 1
AND SO IT BEGAN  (Series 2 episode 1)

The bad boys were defeated on 
Planet Earth,
Their New Year held no mirth,
All they could think was...

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Categories: men, stars,

Dear men
A letter to all men that never showed up... like a leaf enveloped within itself so was I... looking on every corner about me wondering...

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Categories: men, feelings,

Some Men, Why Some Women
How did this come about, we are birthed by women, cherish by most women, a love you could never replace is your mother's, quick to...

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Categories: men, black love, hip hop,


I turned,
towards my friend, who always was complaining
about the injustices and hardships of life and in a
calm voice I asked him:
" Tell me, was...

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Categories: happiness, life, men,

Premium Member Real Men
Real Men

Bigger than life, 
the man I married, 
is/was everything and more, 
I thought before, 
I said I do. 

He took care of his family,...

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: men, christian, heaven, hero, husband,

The Ultimate Goal of Life MEN- Moksha Enlightenment Nirvana
What is the Ultimate Goal of Life?
Why this misery, why this strife?
We want happiness, but don't achieve our Goal
Because we don't realize we are the...

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Categories: men, poetry, spiritual,

Refugee From Debauchery
There was man named Garrison,
and he lived the good life,
flush with that big trust-fund money,
he hungered for the night,
for booze and bodies tight,
the finest clubs...

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Categories: men, age, anxiety, celebration, change,

A powerful man
Inspired by my beloved uncle Elliot Lubisi

Powerful is a man who respects his role of being a provider, a protector and a peacemaker in the...

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Categories: dedication, love, meaningful, men,

Premium Member ABC-ALL BLIND MEN C
Another ordinary placement of discord
Basically blemished and ignored
Come together humanity let's us turn around be heard

All the resistances and the restrains
Better believe in the good...

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Categories: men, analogy, deep, encouraging, inspirational,


All who knew him insisted 
He was a great guy
Caring and kind
Thinking only of his fellow Man
Ready to sacrifice himself 
For the common good...

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Categories: character, christmas, humorous, men,

Premium Member Cowboy Girls And Their Twirls
It is time for the game 
With the team the world knows the name 
This year New York State was invited to the feast
When the...

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Categories: appreciation, fun, giggle, judgement,

Love found me
I was so walled in for as long as my daughter has been alive.  I did not allow myself to give my heart to...

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Categories: men, best friend, miss you,