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Long Tamarisk Poems

Long Tamarisk Poems. Below are the most popular long Tamarisk by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Tamarisk poems by poem length and keyword.

volga 4 - 5
Volga – 4

to the homoeopathy phial
standing on the traffic-island 
why it appears 
within her womb
the number of germinated nights
stolen without a kiss
is too little

is then it true 
if all the chanting of Harinam
can’t be withdrawn...

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Categories: tamarisk, fantasy
Form: Prose Poetry

some fallen-leaves regarding longevity 1 - 3
observing the ardent eagerness of the wind 
it is clearly understood 
that nascent pollens are overflowing 
the niche of her heart  

in response to the signals of the river 
she keeps on ringing...

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Categories: tamarisk, fantasy
Form: Prose Poetry
Multi Titles
Michael Lee Johnson				                	
PO Box 486, Itasca, IL 60143
Ph/Fax (630) 467-1332/30

(If you see any typo’s please let...

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Categories: tamarisk, nature, god, garden, god,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member FLIGHTS OF FANCY PHRASIS part 2 recited
Lady’s mantle with butcher’s broom
dwarf cornel cotton grass so thin,
yellow travellers joy,with buttercup
on sunspurged ,petty whin.
Creeping jenny over silverweed
groundsel& cudweed,balm,rockrose 
and agromony with thistle prickly green.
Good King Henry,goose fat red and...

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Categories: tamarisk, fantasy,
Form: Verse
the bier covered with tamarisk plants
before going to bed it is to be checked thoroughly 
if there lays any carbon-paper under the bed-cover 

now-a-days some upstart pelicans become so 
disobedient it can not be assured if they come 
to know...

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Categories: tamarisk, fantasy
Form: Prose Poetry