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Long Rhyme royal Poems

Long Rhyme royal Poems. Below are the most popular long Rhyme royal by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Rhyme royal poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Immortal Poetry
I was told not to write or think as a mortal and so I listened,
I became just that
to feel it, the immortal feeling running through your veins before I grabbed a pen like it was...

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Categories: creation,
Form: Rhyme Royal

I call for the unification of all tribes under the stars,
North, East, South, West to merge for one cause,
a universal cause
it's the inevitable, etched in universal laws
We have long been expecting us,
for we are the...

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Categories: inspirational, motivation, moving on,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Story Of My Mom From Pictures
Telling tales or stories is a favourable pasttime;
But using pictures to tell stories of past and present,
Yours remind me of days back in time,
Would not be all very  recent,
Last ones of grateful recline
To golden...

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Categories: blessing, children, emotions, forgiveness, grandmother,
Form: Rhyme royal
A Letter to all Women from all Men
Letter to all Woman from all Men

Now this is very tricky and difficult because I'm also going
to speak for those males that don't know nor will they 
ever know that they also represent men as...

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© W... Truth  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beautiful, christian, men, women,
Form: Rhyme royal
Jesus Christ A Perfect Sacrifice
Jesus is the word of God, through him all things are made
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, 
And the Word was God
The Word became flesh and dwelt among us

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Categories: baptism, bible, blessing, christian, dedication, devotion,
Form: Rhyme royal

Power Of Love
I never taught true love really existed,
until the first day l set my eyes on you.
My heart stopped beating for a moment,
my attention suddenly turned towards your direction;
though l didn't speak to you but knew...

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Categories: first love, love,
Form: Rhyme royal
The queen is alive but the king is dead
At the time I thought I was in love 
At the time I thought there was no one who could come above 
What we had all those days we spent 
All those days when I...

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Categories: betrayal,
Form: Rhyme royal
You're My Edelweiss
I gotta let sorrow roll down my weary shoulders
Breaking down a billion boulders, revealing life’s folders
I hear the wolves howl at the after-midnight moon
I can hear them now – the predators scowl so soon

I’m walking...

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Categories: confidence, deep, desire, devotion, encouraging, faith, hope,
Form: Rhyme royal
It was a bright sunny day, though mixed with scattered sprinkles of snow, 
The Lord had a special soul yet to be given a name this November morning and so…………..
Looking down upon his mother earth,

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Categories: father daughter, drug,
Form: Rhyme royal
My tree
The most human of things, that was once said to me, sat in the garden, under the tree, licking my ice cream, feeling the grass, wanting to grow up, wanting to ask, wanting to drive,...

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Categories: adventure, age, anger, child, child abuse, depression,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Once upon a time in the Magikal' Forest of Ode’
 Buried deep in the mystikal forests of greene’
 Many majikal creatures are seen
 Glittering flashes that glow in firelite
 Of dancing faeries and elves in...

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Categories: adventure, childhood, fantasy, growing up, happiness, night,
Form: Rhyme royal
Burns night - My Toast to the Lassies
Well, it’s thanks to my friend, Neillie, that I'm standing here today;
He captured me down at his shop as I reached out to pay.
He said, “I have a job for you, and you've twelve weeks...

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Categories: funny, tribute, women,
Form: Rhyme royal
Ears, appendages I fear
Ears, two appendages I fear, 
pressure applied against the one who steers.
Pain distracts all sight, 
light drives agony into effect.
Tears fall as visions fade, Strength summoned deep within, 
pain ascends.
Blinded beneath tragic grief. 
Heart cold,...

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Categories: bible, blessing, christian, confidence, courage, dad, dedication,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Who Do You Say I Am
Who Do You Say I Am?

Who do you say I am, and who am I to you?
Is the resurrection so very important to you?
Am I such a genius in my deeds, so futuristic, 
That you...

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Categories: appreciation, bible, blessing, christian, death, faith, freedom,
Form: Rhyme royal
 And once again the days of ancients have arrived
 for the eye of the beholders, let there souls be glorified,
 ancient warriors, ancients prophets, ancient seers
 courageous and fearless,
 there is a way that...

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Categories: truth,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Spindles and Seas
Spindle spindle
spin for me
bring yesterday back
and my love from the sea

Stars shining, stars bright
bring me back her lovely sight
dried from seafoam, alive and well
bring her back from her watery hell

O' winds, howling winds!
Spare me my...

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© John Allen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, lost love, visionary, me, heaven, heaven,
Form: Rhyme royal
Judgementally Wrong
Since your sending bad vibes Recently, I want to know when did you your opinion think it Weaken.Me, I'm not a victim of Indecency, You can't make me feel less of a man and nobodys...

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Categories: best friend, conflict, confusion, girl, word play,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Sisters Passing
Life has curves
in the roads that are paved
bruised and battered memories 
some we have forgotten some we have saved.
All my life I looked into the heavens
for all of the answers
Now I'm seeking for God 

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Categories: inspirationalgod, sister, me, voice, god, life, me,
Form: Rhyme royal
Premium Member Christ Warriors
 Through his blood we are saved,
 so shall we dream, think, and act great, not?

 For where are the righteous
 the chosen eclectic Warriors of Christ,
 the few who stand with the test of...

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Categories: destiny, faith,
Form: Rhyme Royal

To hell with these monotonies,
no strings attached I fly.
Live normally with anomalies,
myself, my sole ally.
Disguise realised through shrouded lies,
I wore to please beliefs.
And wore a crease which won't suffice,
to lead a life so...

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© Adarsh Raj  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angst, fantasy, hope, journey, world,
Form: Rhyme royal
Smiling Faces

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Categories: allegory, anti bullying, beauty, betrayal, bullying, change,
Form: Rhyme royal
Drink More Tea - part 2
It’s okay to be nervous
But there’s no need to fight
When colors flow inside of shapes 
You have taken flight
Directions will be pointed 
But you’re flying much too high
Caterpillars may inhale smoke
But eat plants to Butterfly...

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Categories: addiction, analogy, drug,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Crime and punishment
Not a day passes by, not 
thinking about you, 
believing in my love, which I 
know is true.
Waiting for you, to come back, 
with a lot of hopes, but no 
regrets, which I lack.
I sit...

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Categories: depression
Form: Rhyme royal
A kneeling Man
I feel that I am gone
I feel around the sun
I feel God has no plan
I feel the stars shall fall

I feel I'll break away
I feel I'll touch the earth
I feel I'll rip my shirt
I feel...

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© Athi Godlo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, cry, dance, dark, dedication, deep, dream,
Form: Rhyme royal
January 8, 2011

Of true evil, I’d had barely a peek
But this day would be an education
A full immersion in the fetid reek
The foul depths of his soul’s violation.
Indescribable draining sensation,
It leveled its shoulder, knocked out my...

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Categories: courage, evil, history, recovery from, violence,
Form: Rhyme royal