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You're My Edelweiss
I gotta let sorrow roll down my weary shoulders Breaking down a billion boulders, revealing life’s folders I hear the wolves howl at the after-midnight moon I can hear them now – the predators scowl so soon I’m walking on thin ice… My mind is a cage, Filled with crazy mice, But, now I’m on another page I don’t feel that inner rage It never hurts to let out a simple smile… Frowning won’t do you any good You’ve never really lost your fancy style… Though, in the darkness, you’re misunderstood I’m paying hardship’s price Its importance is less than a grain of rice My love for you is priceless like the ocean’s hopeful horizon You’re a vessel of vivacious grace and glory that I look upon Don’t you understand where I stand with raised hands? Don’t you know where your plane of thought lands? I’ve been somewhat busy these days, doing side errands Within seconds, I will ascend like the sunrise and shine like the beach sands Make sure to stand tall in zealous appeal and get on the ball Be nice to yourself and others Keep in mind to confidently stride through hardship’s hall You are like the peacock’s feathers Let me borrow some hope and cheer in mind, hoping none will be left behind Come forth and surprise me with your clever creativity and let it vibrantly unwind You’re the concealed treasure in the cave of I’m-Brave, a truly fantastic find Be my wonderful weather that satisfies my solace bliss if you can be so kind It’s my mission to keep you from all wickedness and harm You’re a flourishing flower in my eyes in this fast-paced life You’re like my blessed blankets that are keeping me warm You’re a precious wilderness, immersed with pure wildlife Don’t be discouraged by dried-up doubts I understand that life is like a million routes Be joyous and let out your victory shouts I’d give you a rose and chocolates instead of raw Brussel sprouts Don’t let the sheer anxiety and stresses of the world’s obstacles Let’s relieve the distress inside and don’t lose hope anymore Let go of all bitter negativity and appreciate optimistic miracles In the long run, believe in me with benevolence to the core I’m extremely sorry for ignoring you so I will numb the pain of your sorrowful rain that drives you inaptly insane I’m ready to pull out the weeds of woe I will replenish you with sunshine and water – all I do for you is not in vain Don’t let fright and fear awake on your childlike, radiant dreams I’m aware of the world and what’s left of it is breaking by the seams Wash away the waves of tumult and what not, for you are my devotion Hold on to me in a heartening manner and overlook nostalgic notion Seek counsel, be rid of vice, Be willing to change And take only good advice… Don’t talk so strange It never hurts to start all over on a clean slate Harboring hate won’t gain us love forevermore You’re a beacon of blessings in a happy state Stay the way you are for life… don’t invite iniquity and corrupted company anymore I’m striving to be a better person and I expect that from you too I’m willing to be a companion by your side when you are blue I desperately want you to shine anew and focus on being patiently wise Naturally, you have served as a tenderhearted, elegant Edelweiss
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