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Long Preston Poems

Long Preston Poems. Below are the most popular long Preston by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Preston poems by poem length and keyword.

The Spirits Of Culloden
The Spirits of Culloden. 
This is like a pilgrimage, a try tae come every year,
Gather at the cairn, meet old friends, wipe away a tear.
Standin on that moor, that once with blood was sodden,
Paying respects...

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Categories: preston, anniversary, death, dedication, memorial day, memory,
Form: Rhyme


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Categories: preston, anti bullying, boxing day , celebration, creation, fun,
Form: Cowboy Poetry
What's in a Name

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Categories: preston, allegory, introspection, life, sun,
Form: Free verse
Each Man Follows His Own Trail
“Each man follows his own trail, but he rides it all alone,”
Was what Free Will always said when he turned his horse toward home.
But none of us knew it then, just how true those words...

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Categories: preston, cowboy-western, death, life, philosophy, words, day, green,
Form: Cowboy Poetry
Premium Member My Cloud by Preston
My cloud is a drifty sort of cloud. 
A kicked back, go-where-the-wind-blows, kind of cloud.
It’s an easy-going, shoes-off, feet-on-the-table, kind of a place. 
If there were a door, it would be a revolving door.
First, because...

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Categories: preston, angst, silver, sky, perspective, integrity,
Form: Free verse

Letter to Braxton and Preston Allen
Dear Sons, 
Listen. Your mother and I love you. I helped plant you both through seeds of love. Your mother carried you, nurtured you inside of her body. But, You were made in His image....

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Categories: preston, bereavement, black african american, boy, child, christian,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The New Hire
In the economy of social grace
I was losing in the great rat-race.
No wealth could I accumulate
I’d scarcely get a second date.
My Wall Street stock was always down
mere junk bonds of no great renown.
I was not...

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Categories: preston, girlfriend, humor, love, money, pride, romance, vanity,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member That Other City
A poem about two cities, 12000 miles apart,
but when it comes to politics, the same!
Bradford in England, Manukau in New Zealand.


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Categories: preston, angst,
Form: Free verse
Not then as mingling personage,
and its resort,
nor as linguistic parsonage
in moments scored!

So also referenced structuring
the church in ford,
oft marks the course in buffering
a message heard!

The sight of Christ, so ruffling
with wonders chord,
all else is stemmed...

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Categories: preston, farewell, future, jesus, leaving, miracle, moving on,
Form: Monorhyme
i awake to the sound of my broken heartbeat

the feeling of a struggling survivor tring to maintain

my grip on reality is slowly easing up

times are getting harder to cope with the fact that you are...

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Categories: preston, friendshipme, me,
Form: I do not know?
My brother,
Preston Jacob Simon.
The one who played catch with me in the past,
The guy who throws the ball extremely fast.
My brother,
The guy who graduated in 2006,
Guess what college he goes ahead and picks.
My brother,
UNLV is...

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Categories: preston, brother, family, happiness, me,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Running Bare
Towards the edge, of the pool
I, was running bare.
Not very brave.
There already, in the pool,
swam the others, as nature made.
All my skin, was a showing,
such a scary, sight to see.
But the others, kept on cheering,

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Categories: preston, funny
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Bigfoot and I
Today I wandered through a grove.
An ancient and dilapidated place,
decaying as groves are wont.
A wind-snapped branch here,
a worm-eaten stump there.
Until the whispering wind
softly muttered in my ear,
“This is not your first time here.”
But all is...

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Categories: preston, adventure, animal, dream, green, nature, tree,
Form: Free verse
Our Hearts Will Forever Be Connected
Some people dream that they are married to the most loving,caring,honorable person in the world,
I am fortunate that mine has come true,
You are my dream come true!!!
You are my life line!!!
You are embedded deep within...

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Categories: preston, anniversary,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Preston Graham - Bio
I was born in the dusk of March.
There was a blizzard, I’m told.
But I don’t remember it that way.
So much for “out like a lamb,”
and at an ounce over ten pounds,
my mother likely shares the...

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Categories: preston,
Form: Free verse
In the city of Libra
There goes an unfair leader
Forcing them to take sense-remover shoots 
The people taking them everyday continuously 
Anything that brings feelings must be destroyed
The law of the country, the unwill of the...

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Categories: preston, fantasylife, people, life, love, people,
Form: Free verse
Isaac Towers
“Cerebral Palsy affects all my limbs -
particularly in my lower limbs, [my legs] 
and slightly in my upper arms, [hymns] 
…it limits [how far] you can walk, [pegs].

But I’ve been [doing] sport [since a toddler].

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Categories: preston, body, endurance, health, race, sports, strength, success,
Form: Quatrain
Here I am, alone again
Darkness and silence, my only friends.
Indecision and confusion, yea they’re here too. 
With great advice on what to do.
Pain is present, and accounted for.
Along with misery. Who could want more?
I have...

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Categories: preston, sad,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Trial of a Pendle Witch
(York Assizes, 20th August 1612)
Judge Sir James Altham, Speyks,

Tha wi power t’ eeal
wi power t’ cumfort
logic an’ knowledge
ney i’ t’ nivver t’ be,
nobbut God grants ‘is 
holy wesdom t’ select few.
T’ thee wi nooa gumption

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Categories: preston, education, power,
Form: Narrative
in the city that never sleeps you walked from day to night
from hustling on the corner to running business state to state
some call you a looser others say your bad news
but to me your a...

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Categories: preston, deathmemory, city, memory,
Form: I do not know?
Stephanie Slater
A Games Maker at London’s Paralympics 2012, 
Stephanie used to be a competitor able-bodied, 
In the Great Britain team, mind on the Olympics, 
Even tho’ since 11 her eyes were bad, crummier.

One day when she...

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Categories: preston, sports, strength, water,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Puttin' On The Ritz
A four piece string ensemble competes
with fluted crystal glasses harmonizing
to the tinkling of fine silverware
underpinned by the purring whispers 
of well-to-do's and their hobnobbery.

Buttery lobster and rib-eyed supper in
opulent gravies and exotic spices;
cornucopia fruits on...

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Categories: preston, beauty, celebrity, class, clothes, corruption, crazy, money,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Fields of Life
Mine was a world without flowers
where nature had nothing to give.
Bleakly, a path stretched before me.
That life I was fearful to live.

In the desolate dust long I wandered
‘til oasis I found in your love.
A mercy...

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Categories: preston, faith, family, father, flower, love, mother, mothers
Form: Quatrain
My Husband Preston,my Valentine
My Valentine Preston,
The moment I met you,
I knew that there was something about you,
Something special about you,
I knew I could never live without you,

It's been soooo many years together,
But still,still everytime I look at you...

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Categories: preston, appreciation, celebration,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member Political Aims
Around the world the bombs are flying.
Political aims. Political lying.
Treaties are friendships, or so they’re implying;
As long as all parties are meekly complying.

Self-interested means, are always belying
The truth of the war; the truth underlying.
And we’ll...

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Categories: preston, conflict, hope, military, patriotic, peace, political, war,
Form: Monorhyme