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Winter List Poems

These Winter List poems are examples of List poems about Winter. These are the best examples of List Winter poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Seven Things I Would Save If My House Was On Fire
No body count, no pets to round up,
    so these seven things I would save
from incineration:

The bible for its my daily bread,


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Categories: fire,

Premium Member Seven Things I'd Save Should My House Catch Fire
Assuming my house is soon to be at the mercy of a catastrophic fire, and the Likelihood of salvaging everything is infinitesimal to nil. Given...

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Categories: fire, house, me, perspective,

The Dog
The dog with short black fur
The dog with brown eyes
The dog with a curly black tail
The dog with a pushed-in nose
The dog that runs with...

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Categories: animal, love,

I just don't get it
I walk on blood 
I cry a river,
I always look down 
I shout why?
I Love and hate,
I always feel cold
I'm scared of my fate.

A Burn...

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Categories: blue,

The Cold Comes
The cold comes
   following an endless spring
   that lagged forever into summer
   where it could not keep its hold

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© DM Babbit  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: beauty, change, earth, nature,

Jam roly poly, treacle sponge
And sticky toffee pudding head the top of my list
But apple pie, rhubarb crumble
Or a decent cheesecake are hard to resist


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Categories: food,

I Do Not Know Your Name
I do not know your should I call you?
Though I call you with the name of my will not be aware of it

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Categories: angel, art, baby, beauty,

Premium Member Stan the Snail's To Do List
Written on November 7, 2015 by Gail DeBole
Updated on June 18, 2018 by Gail DeBole

1. Eat some dirt.
2. "Look" for a suitable habitat for winter...

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Categories: animal, humor, humorous, nature,

Premium Member Free Fruits

Green light means go ahead
Make your choice
Here’s a list of the Green light or free, fruits go, go, go and eat them up

Apples, dried: Dried...

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Categories: fruit,

Word Association List- Q and A
              Word Association List – Q & A


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Categories: adventure, beauty, creation, fun,


Gifts are what matter the most.
Where's the talent without its host?
Where's the paper without the pen?
What is repetition without doing again? 
Where's the car without...

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Categories: symbolism,

he's above us all
there if we call
winter summer or fall
he watches over you
know what you do
for sin he'll for give you too
he rules stand

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Categories: abuse, bible,

Premium Member Kick the Can Hard-Bucket List
I’ve kicked the damn bucket

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Categories: list, journey, life, prayer,

My friends
 My friends
Will have ice cream with you in the middle of winter.
Will tell you if you have toilet papper dragging on your shoes
Will tell...

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Categories: friendship,

Summer Picnic:A List Poem
Winter is gone. Warm weather is here, and what better way to enjoy it than with a 

Potato Salad
Checkered Cloth
Wicker Basket
Fried Chicken
Al Fresco
Iced Tea
Paper Plates

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Categories: children

Honey Do List

My wife and her honey do list
It keeps me busy all day
Take the clothes out of the dryer
Fold them up and put them away

Clean out...

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© Larry Belt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: list, funnytime,

and between-
twilight to night,
dawning,until morning
to Autumn,
Winter to spring-
our past joys and future

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Categories: life, nature, seasons

Premium Member A Few of My Favourite Things
Dew on a blade of emerald green
A dance of rain on the lake
Stardust that clings to moon beams
Sun rays to greet me awake
Petals of cheery...

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Categories: nature,

Dry Season
dry….my skin, the third week of winter
the desert,  on a clear day
dry….your lips, after a thousand kisses
my pockets, while I stood in the rain

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Categories: angst, lost love,