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Boyfriend List Poems

These Boyfriend List poems are examples of List poems about Boyfriend. These are the best examples of List Boyfriend poems written by international poets.

12 Regular Things I Encounter
I am in the park
Holding her hand
The parents staring horrified
Because they are

The only choice 
Is being supportive or unsupportive
And please don't tell me

That you...

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Categories: girlfriend,

Why don't you love me?!
Why can't you treat me like a person?!
Why can't you give me the respect you expect?!
Why can't you let me finish...

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Categories: abuse, anger, boyfriend, bullying,

Ten Responses to the Question, Are You Mad at Me
Ten Responses to the Question, "Are You Mad at Me?"

One. What did you think it meant when 
I didn't answer you the first time you...

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Categories: boyfriend,

Notes on Dating a Latino: What You Don't Learn in High School Spanish Class
One. Latino boys like Buffalo Wild Wings. It isn't clear why, but it's definitely emerging as a pattern.

Two. Latino boys are persistent. When he asks...

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Categories: boyfriend, culture, cute love,

True Love For A Nerd: Specifically, a Logophile
True love for a nerd (specifically a logophile)

True love for a nerd, specifically a logophile... is him not interrupting you while you read, just watching...

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Categories: boyfriend, cute love, funny

Premium Member 10 Things to Eat Instead of Red Meat
Is your go-to lunch roast beef sandwich?
Tomorrow you might want turkey instead
Here is why
In gen. red meat- such as roast beef

Not as healthy as other...

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Categories: baseball, boyfriend, brother, child,

Everything You Give
That smile I have is because you put it there

That joy I have is because you gave me that

That laugh I share is because you...

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Categories: boyfriend, relationship, me, heart,

I love
I love your soft kisses.I love firm but gentle touch.  I love the way you bite your lip.I love you soooooo much.
 I love...

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Categories: dedication, family, funny, girlfriend-boyfriend,

I hate about you

 I hate the way you make me feel guilty about being jealous when other girls hit on you, 

 I hate the way you...

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Categories: dedication, depression, devotion, funny,

Poetry Soup
Not knowing what you want can be pretty sad,
looking around and searching for the unreal is bad.
Than you stumble upon a treasure and find your...

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Categories: adventure, confusion, death, dedication,

My Love For Her
Let my love for you,
Pour from the depths of my heart.
Let each kiss we share,
Last a lifetime and more.

To hold you in my arms,
Giving you...

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, love, teen,

Everything Isn't Okay
Everyone says everything will be okay 

But I know nothing is okay nothing is right 

The pain is killing me each second 

Kill me it...

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Categories: death, depression, happy, life,

Premium Member Is This " LOVE " ( 2 )
My Truth : YOURS
My Life is : YOURS
Obediance : YOURS

Inspired by " L E N O...

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, life, lost love,

My Christmas List
I don't want a lot, but I know I want this.
I insist! It's my Christmas wish! Just give me a kiss!
If it's going to be...

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Categories: list, adventure, art, caregiving, childhood,

Several weeks of flirting,
Two back massages,
Asking for a date,
Trip to dinner and Wal-Mart,
Sneak of a kiss over shoulder,
Asking for a second date,
Several dating times,
More kisses...

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Categories: anniversary, dedication, girlfriend-boyfriend, husband,

Unfinished Business
He rose
She watched
He paused
She gazed
He twitched
She sighed
He packed
She froze
He waited
She turned
He glanced
She shivered
He moved
She whispered
He paced
She sobbed
He freaked
She called
He frowned
She pleaded
He kissed
She wept
He turned
She knew

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Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, life, loss,

Four years ago today
9/11 rang in our ears
Our Nation still cries a river
Into a sea of tears

Patrick Driscoll 70, was retired
Jane Folger 73, retired as...

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Categories: history, people, husband, wife,