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War Limerick Poems

These War Limerick poems are examples of Limerick poems about War. These are the best examples of Limerick War poems written by international poets.

The Debate
Biden blew it up at heavy cost,
Trump did clinch it not what with his boast,
No one won war of words, 
None of wingless old birds,

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Categories: humor, political,

Premium Member down to bare metal
What is Ukraine's war really for?
How about funds from rare earth ore
Hear Lynsey Graham shout
"We'll keep Putin out!"
And stash trillions in our cash drawer

Ukraine has...

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Categories: conflict, dark, money, truth,

Premium Member the adorable designer
The push-pull that provides rapport
Could faith in designers restore
More sense of our choice
Tempts us to rejoice
And make love not war with their door...

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Categories: environment, love, thanks, tribute,

Premium Member they were not human
We’d already beaten Japan
But the A-bomb was Truman’s plan
To tell Russian reds
We’ll cut you to shreds
And that’s how the Cold War began

We flashed two targets...

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Categories: racism, world war ii,

Premium Member it's ok - just chill
Hamas killers would the wall scale 
An Israel intelligence fail 
But revengeful war
To settle that score
Is rampage that veils this detail

Dropping bombs with impunity
Kills all...

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Categories: irony, war,

Premium Member rap it up
Is hip hop the place for a spat?
Kendrick and Drake each see a rat
For whom should we root?
They're both rappers cute
And fans will snap to...

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Categories: rap, war,

Premium Member peace proposal IV
Now Israel’s a southern estate
Irate Texans squeal feeling hate
This deal in their rear
Is a long horn’s bum steer
But cash gift cards trump this debate...

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Categories: islamic, jewish, money, peace,

Premium Member peace proposal III
The Palestine mess can now stop
By copping a real estate swap
To keep Israel great
Carve a 51st state
In Texas should Jews their roots drop...

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Categories: islamic, jewish, peace, war,

Premium Member peace proposal II
If Jews would think outside the box
To Arabs they’d sell Israel’s rocks
The deal would work well
Islam’s anger to quell
Since extremists does it outfox...

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Categories: islamic, jewish, peace, war,

Premium Member peace proposal I
Jerusalem is Israel’s prize
Land in demand Jews idolize
A Palestine state
Is denied and will wait
For more war before compromise...

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Categories: islamic, jewish, peace, war,

Limericks IX
Limericks IX

by Michael R. Burch

The world’s first antinatalist limerick?

Life comes with a terrible catch:
It’s like starting a fire with a match.
Though the flames may delight

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Categories: fire, giggle, humor, humorous,

Premium Member Third World War
My thought was the third world war had begun

   Fireworks plagued our 'hood by the megaton

      I placed...

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Categories: humorous, new years day,

There once was a planet called Mars
Who set out among the stars
It came back one day
In the exact same way
And victory was claimed back by...

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Categories: creation,

Premium Member October Bleeds
He reached into his tefillin. 
Pulled out a rusty AK47.
Instead of turning the cheek.
It was time for a fall bleed.
Rules changed on October the 7th....

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Categories: war,

Premium Member Israel Vs Hamas
Could conditions terribly sad
Lead captives to do something bad
When a sheriff not cool
Won’t let compassion rule  
Do lifers in prison go mad?

Did structure that...

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Categories: abuse, anti bullying, forgiveness,

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