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Nature Limerick Poems

These Nature Limerick poems are examples of Limerick poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Limerick Nature poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Purple Heart or Nude Statue
  Octavius Australopithecus
  Decided he would take a leak with us
    He aimed his big shooter

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Categories: nature, silly,

Premium Member Screen of Awareness
Like an shiny apple's rind, 
my outer body all can see.  
Like an apple's fruit,  
I hold many secrets.  
Seeds and beliefs...

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Categories: fruit, joy, life, self,

Premium Member Little Mary Miller
One sunny day little Mary Miller
Picked up a mottled green caterpillar,
Which became a monster moth. 
One fine morn her dad grew wroth:
Her moth laid eggs...

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Categories: dad, fantasy, father daughter,

Premium Member Quiet Riot

There once lived a huge, black bear named quiet
In the forest, he ate a bland diet
Never one to roar
He was such a bore
‘Til gobbling a...

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Categories: animal, fun, funny, humorous,

Premium Member To My Loving Dear
Mother's Day is almost here,  
this is for my wonderful ~ loving dear.  
You work from sun up ~ sun down,  
as we act like a clown.  
You deserve...

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Categories: celebration, fun, love, mother,

Premium Member A Pain In The Souffle

How come each morning when we greet the day
The gunk in our eyes makes us say, “what the hey!”
What good is this stuff
Enough is enough

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Categories: anxiety,

Premium Member Refuge
Quote By Poet  "I am living on earth and waiting for heaven to open up."

I find my refuge in your word
reading until my eyes...

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Categories: easter, fear, love, remember,

The Weatherman Said
The weatherman said it might snow,
A rarity now, you should know,
So I put on my boots
And set off on my routes,
For I had a few...

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Categories: snow,

Premium Member The Saint Bernard
Though not in his nature to beg
He would flip for a sip from the keg
Of the rum or the brandy
That dangles so handy
His lips near...

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Categories: dog,

Premium Member The Climate Yo-yo
I’m a trilobite, I took my leave
Nature had a shocker up its sleeve
In hot water
Air gets shorter
Things got heated and I couldn’t breathe

I’m a stegosaur...

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Categories: earth,

Premium Member Shaggy Dog Limericks: The All-Time Best -- vote for your favorite
The Spaniel

A Spaniel that uses its head 
Can tell when its owner’s unfed 
So instead of a duck
That is down on its luck 
Will deliver...

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Categories: animal, cat, cute, dog,

Premium Member Shaggy Dog Limericks VI
The Rottweiler

I wouldn’t provoke a Rottweiler
Not unless I were prepped like a miler
Seems a little inbreeding
Done without heeding
Has turned Benji into a Sieg Heiler

The Saint...

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Categories: animal, cute, dog, fun,

Premium Member Chatter
Quote By Poet  "Chatter ~ Many words all with no meaning."    

Chatter~many words all with no meaning 
I think your words...

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Categories: crazy, sound, words,

Premium Member The Fiddler and The Frog
The bow would let out a groan
the big green frog sang baritone
we had great home cooked food
with stars for the best mood
heavenly nights at the...

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Categories: friend, humor, music, night,

The Tree Limerick
There was a tree 
It was attracted to bees
When the bees left 
It liked to drink tea 
By the sea 

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Categories: nature, tree,