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Music Limerick Poems

These Music Limerick poems are examples of Limerick poems about Music. These are the best examples of Limerick Music poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The Poodle
The Poodle is known for its smarts
For excelling at music and arts
But an owner was telling
Me after the smelling
They also blow nuclear farts...

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Categories: dog, humor,

Premium Member Shaggy Dog Limericks: The All-Time Best -- vote for your favorite
The Spaniel

A Spaniel that uses its head 
Can tell when its owner’s unfed 
So instead of a duck
That is down on its luck 
Will deliver...

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Categories: animal, cat, cute, dog,

Premium Member Shaggy Dog Limericks V
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Toller)

To “toll” is to dance like a fox
Luring mallards or teals to the rocks
Where a hunter’s awaiting
What the dog has...

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Categories: 7th grade, animal, cute,

Premium Member The Fiddler and the Frog
On edge of the marsh trills a Spring Peeper.
His pal is a fiddler, whose strum’s deeper.
Together their tune’s not bad,
yet driving the neighbor’s mad.
Their hands...

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Categories: angst, animal, music,

Premium Member Chatter
Quote By Poet  "Chatter ~ Many words all with no meaning."    

Chatter~many words all with no meaning 
I think your words...

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Categories: crazy, sound, words,

Premium Member Curtailed Melody Croaked

There lived in bog a frog who was aloof,
croaked string music, his clan called him a goof.
Plunged in deep water for prey,
swam struggling, kept risk...

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Categories: adventure, analogy, humorous,

Premium Member The Fiddler and The Frog
The bow would let out a groan
the big green frog sang baritone
we had great home cooked food
with stars for the best mood
heavenly nights at the...

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Categories: friend, humor, music, night,

Premium Member On Earth
There is more than the top music hit list 
Despots armed with a lethal poison twist 
Some say come down to their level 
Disguised, distort...

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Categories: angst,

Premium Member Fiddler and Frog
the Fiddler played and sang a tune
all the while the sun became moon
	Sir Frog was dancing
	and sometimes prancing
but then the music died too soon

“Fiddler,” cried...

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Categories: animal, cute, fun, humor,

Premium Member The Fiddler And The Frog
One evening some folks came around
To hear Irish fiddler, renowned-
Play magical strings
That acted like springs-
And sprung all to dance to the sound.

So grand, it soon...

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Categories: dance, funny, music,

Premium Member To Sail With God
I want to sail the blue sea
With only God that I plea

Like Enya's pretty song
I will sing along

On the day that he is free



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Categories: adventure, beautiful, boat, desire,

Premium Member My Country Ballad
In my mournful country ballad I wrote
My heart's achin' like a giraffe with a sore throat
But when folks hear giraffe
They just throw things and laugh

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Categories: humor, music,

Premium Member Rudolph Can You Help
The hot sticky cinnamon buns,  
gave Santa a troubled case of the runs.  
Rudolph can you help,  
he said yes with a...

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Categories: christmas, food, humor, uplifting,

The pink polka-dot nightgown,                     ...

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Categories: christmas, fun, giggle, humor,

Premium Member If Only Dreams Came True
Putins botched invasion is going south 
I think NATO should give him a way out 
Chocolates stuffed with TNT
And then set off remotely 
As he...

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Categories: humor,