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Funny Light Verse Poems

These Funny Light Verse poems are examples of Light Verse poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Light Verse Funny poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Tir na nog - A Tragic Epic Saga
Tír na nÓg - A Tragic Epic Saga

ye hear, of a leprechaun and a unicorn who met in a field’s corner
a he and she, she...

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Categories: light verse, dark, fantasy, fun, funny,

Premium Member The Gigglephant And Giraffalaugh
a gigglephant and giraffalaugh
in a junglement’s delight
did swing on a vine
most of the time
but today decided to fight
set to did they
but laugh did they
and tried...

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Categories: light verse, animal, fun, funny, giggle,

Premium Member Humanity honey
Windows open wide in the middle of the night,
inhaling the brisk air, soaking up some moon light.
It's cracks and craters were calling to me,
so I...

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Categories: 1st grade, moon,

Premium Member oo's
boo troon
frooing soon

too woon
drooing hoon

shoo shoo


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Categories: fantasy, fun, funny, meaningful,

Premium Member The Jingly Jib
you know he’s a Jib
the way you can tell
he jingles and jingles
like a jingly bell

but sometimes their jingle
mysteriously goes
then Jibs cry all day
and why, nobody...

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Categories: character, cute, fun, inspirational,

Premium Member Hippo Care
bulbous grin

a widened chair
to sit him in

rubbed on chin

and greying
sunburn skin


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Categories: animal, fun, funny, humorous,

Premium Member Cake
caramel iced
donut filled 
with custard
    if I was a dog
cream layered 
sugar topped
jam sponge
    this is what I...

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Categories: dog, food, fun, funny,

Premium Member The Unexpected Bard
sat a toad by a pond
of some words 
words of wonder
then he croaked them
gave his voice
and looking up 
saw an audience

and the animals
with a...

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Categories: light verse, animal, fun, funny, humorous,

Premium Member I'll come with poetry
Some of my poems are truly inane.
Screeching, preaching, a run away train..
Impulsive poetry is to blame.
It's just my style. I'll sign my name.
It's never racist.

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Categories: 1st grade, funny, people,

Premium Member Shingles doesn't care
There's a tv commercial with a metaphor,
that some of us may have heard before,
"shingles doesn't care".
If one rolls the virus dice rsv and covid
aren't very...

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Categories: funny, health,

Premium Member Refurbished Nursery Rhymes: Hey diddle diddle
The rhyme "Hey diddle diddle"
For me poses a riddle:
What possible need
Has a cat for a fiddle?
A cow might jump over the moon,
So I'm told,
If a...

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Categories: humor, nursery rhyme,

Premium Member Jiggety Jig
Jiggety jig, my ex. is a pig.
It's much worse since I've been gone..
One could clean every day.
He won't put things away and he even
throws trash...

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Categories: environment, funny,

Premium Member Letter to Santa
Author's note: This piece, dear reader, is my idea of a possible 3rd grade writing assignment around this time of year.

Dear Santa,
What I'd really like...

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Categories: christmas, humor,

Premium Member Alien Invasion
I don’t have a basement
there’s no hills here to run to
no caves for miles around

haven’t stockpiled tins of beans
or tomatoes
or peach slices

panic buying hasn’t been...

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Categories: fun, funny, humanity, humor,

Premium Member Existence Explained
the universe exists
to give humans a backstory
- no humans, no universe
it’s all heads
in the shape of our heads

history could be made up
and I know people...

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Categories: creation, fun, history, humanity,

Book: Reflection on the Important Things