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Friends Light Verse Poems

These Friends Light Verse poems are examples of Light Verse poems about Friends. These are the best examples of Light Verse Friends poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Stuck in the Past Lane
  Stuck in the past lane
    He drove a '64 Ford Fairlane
  Listened to early Beatles and Beach Boys

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Categories: courage, nostalgia, scary,

Just For Laughs- Episode 1
My friend cracked my ribs with laughter,
When he told me a story about boarding school days.
He said to me that, he used to sit in...

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Categories: cheer up, happiness, mystery,

Premium Member I Would Taste Horrible
In the sweet dusk of the yum yum tree we sat on a branch
Leopard gave me a slight stare, not to scare you, he said.

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

SUPERIOR poetrix

It's worthier to have little money
and many friends, than being
bank owner and having anyone...

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Categories: allusion, analogy, appreciation, wisdom,

Premium Member Strange Things Are Happening
A rustle here,
A rattle there,
A furtive footstep faintly falling on the stair,
And there's nobody rocking in that rocking chair.
Strange things are happening!

An eerie creak,
My knees...

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Categories: halloween,

Loyal friends poetrix

loyal friends are angels
sent by God to us
to assist us live well...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, angel, appreciation,

Little Charlie and His Halloween Adventure
Little Charlie was a seven year old who was picked on in school because of his
height. Some of the kids would poke fun at him...

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Categories: 4th grade, bullying, celebration,

Premium Member Double, double, toil and etc, etc, etc
With a nod to Macbeth's three weird sisters...

Midst rats, black cats, and screeching bats,
Cackling crones in pointy hats
Add a rag, a bone, a hank of...

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Categories: halloween, humor,

Premium Member Marriage-Go-Round: The New Family Dynamics
Round 1
An effeminate young husband named Ben Dawes
Sought a sex change in spite of his in-laws.
He made the decision,
And got the incision,
And he now has...

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Categories: change, confusion, gender, humor,

Premium Member On Behalf of Dogs
Happy National Dog Day, PS!

Beagle, boxer, poodle, pug,
Airedale, cocker spaniel, terrier,
Shiatsu, pom, or something furrier,
Pedigreed or cur-ish mug,
Dogs make our lives ever so much merrier.

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Categories: best friend, dog, humor,

Premium Member Lackluster Is My Middle Name
Lackluster is my middle name
You see, I’m rather ordinary
To renown I have no claim,
I’m to be expected, customary.
Some call me rather mediocre
In truth, I know...

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Categories: fun, giggle, humorous, me,

Power of 3 R's

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Categories: art, caregiving, deep, education,

Premium Member Thalia Be My Muse For Tonight
They call you Thalia, muse, your realm is comedy,
Though I have to admit that much of your humor
Is mostly Greek to me.
But we've been friends...

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Categories: humor, muse,

Premium Member Forty Seven Wants to be Twenty Five
She is forty-seven, but insists on being with our twenty-five-year-olds.
I have heard her in the office hallway begging to be invited to things.
I will bring...

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Categories: age,

Premium Member Friends
It's a wonderful thing to have a friend
Although good friends are fairly rare,
In one's lifetime they come and go
A good friend you can't afford to...

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Categories: friend, friendship,