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Future Life Poems

These Future Life poems are examples of Life poems about Future. These are the best examples of Life Future poems written by international poets.

A sacred Sin
Love is sacred and sublime
owned by the angels once, 
But as descended to us men
It lost its grace as hatred born.

Man born with a greed...

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Categories: emotions, life, sin,

I need to walk a different path
There is a path I've been taking
That is cracking as I'm breaking 
In pieces from all this pain
Nothing but grey skies and rain
Have been covering...

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Categories: future, growth, happiness, life,

Premium Member The Hours
Golden park that turns to evening dim,
And the soft music of bird on a limb;
Rose garden, in the heat of a summer,
And blushing orchards in...

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Categories: life, beautiful, fate, future, happy,

Premium Member Good Bye My Love
The End has come, the silence is near.
Nothing is left, I am finished here.
People pass by and I feel their shadow.
The fire will die, yes...

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© Pax Geist  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: break up, farewell, life,

I look around and what do I see
Nothing more or less will be
I look for meaning to it all
And not just pondering my final call


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Categories: life,

The ultimate freedom
Do you know the value of life?
You don't but you do
Deep inside
Who do you think you work for to learn how to walk?
Who do you...

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© Nizy minzz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: life, death, freedom,

life- game of river
rubbed out all sorrow
I am not in soreness of past
reminiscent note books is not for me
it seems all are in fake truth
fate is subtraction of...

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Categories: life,

April 12, 2013

An ode to LIFE (AGBON)

The yesterdays,
The todays and even the uncertain morrows
In accordance to the law of nature
Are in a state of a...

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Categories: birth, future, growth, life,

Finding A New Me

Sunburst horizon on the sea drizzles gold dust adrift,
the hued dawn lifts a new day for me, a splendid gift.
In unfurling sky on lilac wings...

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Categories: beach, future, hope, life,

Premium Member MATRICIDE

For many decades now
We- your unfeeling and spoiled children- dear mother earth,
Have been mistreating you
Each second
Each minute
Each hour
Each day
Each month and 
Each year 
Causing you...

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Categories: abuse, earth, environment, life,

Premium Member Commercials That Push An Agenda
Commercials That Push An Agenda
Written: by Miracle Man

I turn on the tube and immediately feel beset,
Commercials aimed at young minds too immature to fret.
It’s often...

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© Tom Wright  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: life, abuse, change, child, future,

Premium Member LIFELINE

The power
Of a single moment
That to the core
Transforms your life
Launching it 
In new directions
One surprise after another
Life full of such moments
Each lifeline looking
More like a...

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Categories: future, history, journey, life,

Premium Member Kismet, I Shall Not Fear
The crepuscular sky resounds each dawn anew,
              I fear not kismet, only...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: life,

Premium Member Empires and Rivers
Empires and rivers, time and space, man and nature.
Yet nothing, nothing satisfies like clear sinuses and arteries.
The struggle to express and understand is seemingly futile.

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Categories: life, earth, environment, future, nature,

The calendar flies off the wall
Spinning in a flurry of craziness 
Agitation brings on palpitations 
I’m out of breath and out of time 

Going nowhere...

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Categories: life, city, fate, fear, feelings,

Key To Life
In the hall of your life
There are many doors
The one from your now
And many from before

Can never go back
You must go forward
Every choice you make

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© King Crow  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: happiness, life, self,

Pin Drop
POEM "PIN DROP" by martin gedge

Be god, almighty
lend me your time
for I am a salesman's suitcase of suffering
to pitch such sweet pain
and divine tyranny
for every...

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Categories: life, dark, death, fear, horror,

Premium Member Tropic of Cancer

"Tropic of Cancer"

Follow the silent trail
words like stars shine
coded on straight lines 
blind to all

like diamonds 
they are invisible
the keys 
written and held

Winter stars puzzle...

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Categories: freedom, future, life,

II Am - part 1
uncertain about
my future but certain when
it comes to right now...

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Categories: life, poetry,

Premium Member Sweetwater Fling
Years ago, hot summer romance;
Young hearts never had a chance.
Quaint and backwoods southern town;
She never got her wedding gown.

Promised to love 'til endless time;
Sudden brief...

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Categories: life, break up, first love,