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Premium Member Trump's Little 'Read' Book
 The book of Trump is little read for minions are just fools,
As dropouts in the school of life, they don't have any tools
That rise above them cheating friends, to read is off the chart,
Humility is not a friend, and...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, love, political,
Form: Rhyme

Little escalations
Have turned into another scar
Self medicate on self harm
I spit upon my own self reflection
A mirror of self deception
Exasperate my own intentions
Of my own disgusting being
Just beginning to unravel
As I float around in jet tar
While I burn at third...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, anger, angst, betrayal, corruption, depression, solitude, suicide,
Form: Imagism
The Virus
The lesser of two evils, do two wrongs make one right?
The bullets may have steel hulls, but it takes powder to ignite.

The elephant in the room, can't be seen.
It's a skeleton in the closet, for too long it has been.

So...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, allegory, analogy, conflict, corruption, humanity, irony, song,
Form: Free verse
The fact that I loved her
Was my hearts undoing.
To let go was the lesser of two evils.
I found myself unable to.
The fear that I would begin to miss out on something more.
Did you ever truly care.

My life began to unravel one...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, black african american, lost love, memory,
Form: Free verse
Arrows in the heart of dissonance
The truth hurts and you cannot handle the truth                               ...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, appreciation, bible, deep, desire, freedom, jesus, truth,
Form: Free verse

Poor Swan Named After Trump
Poor  Swan Named After Trump

Trump lied and told another story
In each category and got the glory
Told bunch of bologna about alimony
Orange hair wore around in a Tony
Without teleprompter that is gory.

Personality centers around possessive
Also is compulsive and obsessive
Lesser of...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, allegory, analogy, humorous,
Form: Limerick
freedom is only relative
our freedom's only relative, when everytime you watch the news,
they're beaming haunting images of
the lives lost, abused...
then we wash it down with a montage of flying flags and sauring eagles
so we stand to pledge allegiance to the lesser of two...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, abuse, america, autumn, freedom, home, society, world,
Form: Rhyme
Last Train To Nowhere
I could hear the noise coming from his head
I chose the lesser of two evils quickly instead
I tried to move away and escape all the sound
But it was too late my intentions had been found
I could hear the words but...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, crazy, dark, deep, fear, psychological,
Form: Rhyme
CyberPoetry: CyberHeist
Crime has moved from the streets to the laptop, and now it’s called cyber crime, 
you can sell an ounce, a pound, a nickel, or a dime.  
Anonymously find your target so no one gets hurt, 
the lesser of...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, philosophy, smart, social, society, spoken word, symbolism,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member The Joys Of Married Life

Marriage has it's ups and it's downs
But it far exceeds the alternative
A lonely life without love and affection
Love's one of life's true superlatives

Some days we have heated discussions
That's how it was meant to be
Then she does something ever so sweet
And...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, marriage,
Form: Quatrain
lesser of the two
nothing sums up a
quitter like s/he who 
invests themselves in
“the lesser of two evils,”
bathing themselves in
supposed pragmatism,
walking with an illusion
of certainty that when 
faced with two choices,
rather than demand a
third, or demand to 
have a different system of
choosing altogether, or
even...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, life,
Form: Free verse
Damaging Calm
Swirling, chaotic, unending, torturous, darkness.  Black as the deepest black, he sits, 
wondering how could she nurture his dark side.  This blinding rage that fills his soul, is 
so foreign, he’s usually so calm, and collected.  But...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, angst, introspection, life, loss, philosophy
Form: Free verse
Hardcore satanists
world wars your mongering for
the big satanic bloodbath
more appealing to god
then two homosexual men
The devil may cry
my favorite angel facing a feat of unequal measure
since you know soo much about him
live it everyday
you never let him live this down
just work...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, angst, funny, sympathyworld, work, angel, angel, jesus,
Form: Free verse
Definition: (Webster’s dictionary)
To deceive, dismay, confuse or blind 
How perfect !
Simply put 
Misplaced faith by the masses 
But truly not our fault 
Just a little slow that’s all 
When you’ve been lied to from the beginning 
What else do you...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, people, political
Form: Free verse
Lesser of Two Evils
I only feel like a woman on the outside.
Because I like to win,
And men always win.
They are bigger.
They are stronger.
They climax faster.
And you never find them on the couch on a Saturday night
eating a pint of ice cream and bashing...Read More
Categories: lesser of two evils, life, lovelove,
Form: Free verse