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People Kyrielle Poems

These People Kyrielle poems are examples of Kyrielle poems about People. These are the best examples of Kyrielle People poems written by international poets.

Stay firm in the Promise

Let not the church, nor the people, 
Let not the songs, nor the steeple. 
Cause my firm faith or love to flee, 
For my spirit...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, bible, encouraging,

Premium Member Our Daily Bread

Stone, parchment, and the printed page,
The Ten Commandments we engage,
"Remember this," our preacher said,
Praise thy name for our daily bread.

Before his birth in a manger

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Categories: bible, birth, jesus, prayer,

God's People
I can see myself looking through the mirrored glass
I can feel the pain with every breath
Somebody says, your life is down the street
I turn around...

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Categories: appreciation, bible, christian, faith,

Premium Member They Are Odonata
I sat around watching and listening to dragonflies
All day to see if they would say a word not one
Did flow
Even though there were many in...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, betrayal, business,

Premium Member Why
Why do I have to be up before sunrise?
It doesn't make one wealthy or wise.
All this gets me is a jump on my chores.
Plus it...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, education, growth,

Premium Member Magical Castle
Magical Castle reaching up in to the sky
You surely got a fantastic niche
And with the landscape it crys out rich.
What a wonderful place to bring...

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Categories: adventure, beautiful, education, happiness,

Premium Member Magical Portals
Here's a fact 
There's no display terminal so you can go from
One place to another with out being tracked.
They're very functional
Yet, spordical
Faster than a plane

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Categories: adventure, education, fantasy, imagination,

Premium Member Witches And Warlocks
Were forgotten until Harry Potter came on the
Scene. Let me tell you his world rocks.
They have an excellent school, fantastic 
Magical beasts, time turner travel,...

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Categories: adventure, education, fantasy, fun,

Premium Member The Unicorns
In a mountainous spring fed valley lived the
These beautiful magical creatures were here to
A miserable life in to something to behold.
Their stories touched my heart...

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Categories: absence, fantasy, fate, growing

Wake Me Up

I see dreams aplenty with the eyes open
In the bustle of life these aren’t broken
I’m not an actor of deception as many are

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Categories: dream, heartbroken, inspirational,

Where Fairies live not all is play.
From casting spells they do not stray.
Make good all that is bad, evil.
Bringing back good for the people.

Joy and...

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Categories: fairy, peace, truth, world,

Stop Looking Back
To people and places left behind
The memories always in our mind
“If only” is so often said
Stop looking back and look ahead.

Good times from the past...

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Categories: inspirational,

Premium Member My Heavenly Father
He who fills all Heaven and Earth,
  bore it richness where there was dearth.
To hear saints to your glory sing:
  O Lord, grant...

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Categories: faith, god,

Premium Member Jesus

No doubt Jesus is my best friend 
His love is never rude or dim 
Hope and peace to my soul He sends 

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Categories: christian, inspirational, jesus,

Premium Member JESUS

No doubt Jesus is my best friend 
His love is never rude or dim 
Hope and peace to my soul He sends 

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Categories: christian, jesus,

Premium Member Eternity within Me Touches
I hear sounds of the wind hissing and rustling.
I listen on the beach to the waves cascading,
Slapping, tossing swashing the sand pebbles,
Something close to eternity...

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Categories: emotions, nature,

Premium Member Jesus

No doubt Jesus is my best friend 
His love is never rude or dim 
Hope and peace to my soul He sends 
In everything...

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Categories: bible, christian, jesus,

Premium Member Iraq's Holocaust
Fathers are beaten, crucified,
in vicious murder, multiplied;
we dare not be ambivalent.
Have mercy, Lord, omnipotent.

Mothers tortured, gang raped and killed
by cruel butchers, hate distilled;
the mute images,...

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Categories: children, evil, hate, holocaust,

In awhile - at first glance contest
I could see him across the studio
Talking and smiling, my heart was aglow
Hair curling at nape, dimpled smile
Please let him notice me in awhile

I mixed...

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Categories: smile,


Out of my league, that's how you are
Still my foolish heart saw you a par
To your proposed love, I did not refrain
I will be happier,...

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Categories: feelings, inspiration, life, loneliness,