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Fear Kimo Poems

These Fear Kimo poems are examples of Kimo poems about Fear. These are the best examples of Kimo Fear poems written by international poets.

A Poet, a Hero
A time when only a few dared to fight
against a foreign tyrant,
A Poet rose to speak

Oppressions suffered by Filipinos
in his writings, he revealed
A Poet with...

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Categories: hero, history, poets, tribute,

Premium Member NO WIND IN MY SAIL

in my youth few things offered most appeal
but regrettably i knew
i would settle for less

Posted in April, 2018...

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Categories: confidence, fear, future, introspection,


i get so lonely and sad, sometimes scared
want to cry myself to sleep
dream that arms hold me near

Submitted this March, 2018...

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Categories: cry, dream, fear, lonely,

World is too noisy
World is too noisy.

Screeh! I have to pass near screams of machines,
How my earlobes shrink in fear,
They do not have mercy.

P-S,, A kimo is a...

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Categories: emo, emotions, environment, pollution,

Premium Member Terror's Blackness
Terror's blackness engulfs us as we flee.

Knowing not what fate awaits -

you've let go of my hand.

Visual #3
Written 2/18/15 by Andrea Dietrich
For the "In Praise...

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Categories: fear,



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Categories: fear,

In the dark
In the dark

In the dark when the Halloweens vanquish,
Blow the candles of your mind,
Consternation is gripping!

Kimo- 10/7/6
Written September 20th, 2014
For contest 'In the dark, dark...

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Categories: absence, fear,

Premium Member WHAT WE GAVE
sight awful shudder
media echoing news;
Poverty sad sad

Begging for some
mercy and food to
Rags and filth  ~
children on street;
Is this what we
gave?! STOP!

Rain bullets and
bombs clouding...

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Categories: feelings, inspiration, life, poverty,

Arouse the Atmosphere
Shadows of unborn tears steal the morn-glow
with flames of fear in the skies
-let the Rainbow revenge....

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Categories: allusion,

I have always seen the world through windows
Since I'm more comfortable
Behind a wall of glass

I've only ever seen you through windows
Now I want to let...

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Categories: fear, lonely, longing, symbolism,

Premium Member Natures Pause
The world is standing still holding it's breath
one moment frozen in time
the calm before the storm

Kimo Contest
First attempt at this form...

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Categories: fear, nature,

Premium Member In Hiding
Shadows hide what face-paint could not erase
Pain shown all over her face
Sadness erupts inside

Seeing what she truly looks like brings fear
Tears flow as mirrors crash...

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Categories: depression, life, loss, sad,

Premium Member Halloween Explosion
The black cat purrs in the depths of darkness
The tree weeps for the torment
That evil brings throughout

The moon is yellow with a special fear
Allowing pumpkins...

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Categories: holiday, life,

Premium Member The Moment Of Truth: Burning Or Refining
As exemplary as a High Priest
and consecrated as a Temple's Inner Chamber.
Respected amongst his colleagues,
reverenced by His subordinates,
distinguished, honorable and set apart.

Then came the moment...

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Categories: adventure, art, business, confusion,

Premium Member Boil me Up
Do you know you’re so critical of me
You can be overbearing
And you’re so intrusive

Everything you are that is against me
You boil me up into it

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Categories: fear, life,

have you ever let fear of change bind you?
suffocate you where you lie?
break free! Seize the moment!

minutes, days, months, years -
dissipate and leave behind 

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Categories: introspection,

Demons Whisper
Demons beyond the veil, whisper to her,

Bringing forth dark memories,

About the pain in the room.

The tears she cried in the cornfield ignored.

Her adult life in...

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Categories: depression, sad,

Premium Member Kimo-cgh
petrified with fright as I awaken
to wonder who hears my pleas,
a cool cloth in mom’s hand

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Categories: fear,

Premium Member Universal Fear
Fear for the future of our society

     Inhumanity still reigns

          Courage has...

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Categories: introspection, social,

Hearth Hung Stockings
Candy coated sugared chocolate treat
Stuffed hearth hung stockings, we dream!
Concern, it's lumps of coal......

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Categories: childhood, fear, food, holiday,