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Kee Poems

Kee Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of kee poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for kee.
Premium Member Meeting the Neanderthal
I fell forty-two feet into the time travel well, sadly.
And ended up barely alive, at the bottom, gladly.
Followed a crevice to a hunky macho caveman’s lair.
He had all kinds of ugly, cranky, snarly filthy hair.

Shockingly, he made an untoward amorous...Read More
Categories: kee, fantasy,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Birds In Words
The songs of birds can be heard
send a message without a word.
Skeptics say they're just sound
others find them quite profound.
A peaceful call to nature's mind
from winged friends of every kind.

Listen with the ears of your heart -
"Kok...Kok...Kok..." Ravens passing by...
"Twe-u...Twe-u...Twe-u..."...Read More
Categories: kee, bird, cry, meaningful, nature, song, sound, words,
Form: Couplet

Sone ka too qatara dhoondhe
Kab tab usako chalaega
Pahaad khodakar jeene vaala
Khud Heera ban jaayega

Dariya kee apanee pahachaan
Ek boond se banata jahaan
Sooraj kee roshanee paakar
Chaand kitana jagamagaega

Sone ka too qatara dhoondhe
Kab tab usako chalaega
...Read More
Categories: kee, fear, happiness, hindi, identity, inspiration, inspirational, inspirational
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Just Me and the Outside
Roosters squawk
Birds kee who
Jet plane roars overhead
Temporarily taking the stage
Tomorrow rain will come
Today it is just me and the outside
Almost silent 
Roosters squawk
A lone car horn
Hilarious for no good reason.
...Read More
Categories: kee, 10th grade, 11th grade, 5th grade, 6th
Form: Free verse
I Have To Admit I Am Jealous
(A Cat’s Viewpoint)

My mommy spends a lot of time
playing with her pet, ka’pooter;
I like to lay up in her lap
when she’s playing; 
ka’pooter talks to her sometimes,
it makes no sense.

Ka’pooter has a gazillion faces
and turns into lots of creatures.
When mommy’s...Read More
Categories: kee, animal, cat, computer, funny, pets, poems, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Four Letters Spelling Blah
Four Letters Spelling Blah...

generally define mine anatomical phooey zook
corporeal status, essentially feeling like gook,
not my usual babbling brook
self, thus finds yours truly whooshing, he
could wave a magic wand (all thee
while exjaculating abra
cud dab bra, or whatever

    ...Read More
Categories: kee, angel, endurance, father, how i feel, metaphor,
Form: Bio
Four Letters Spelling Blah
Four Letters Spelling Blah...

generally define mine anatomical phooey zook
corporeal status, essentially feeling like gook,
not my usual babbling brook
self, thus finds yours truly whooshing, he
could wave a magic wand (all thee
while exjaculating abra
cud dab bra, or whatever

    ...Read More
Categories: kee, angel, endurance, father, how i feel, metaphor,
Form: Bio

Cluck Put Purr Kee Kee

Cluck put-purr kee kee went the turkeys in the back of Jim's truck. He was delivering them to neighboring vicinities for Thanksgiving. When he reached Tom's house he yellared "Turkeys for sale!" Tom...Read More
Categories: kee, thanksgiving,
Form: Narrative
Feeling the Fear

I can feel the walls closing in ...
I’m so afraid
of the pulmonary crumbling

The glass ceiling is falling,
shattered expectations of a jagged relation
pierces my Peter Parker abdomen

Serrated intimacy 
got a crimson cold carotid end
I don’t jugular know when the heart attacks...Read More
Categories: kee, heartbroken, loss, lost love, sorrow,
Form: Narrative

Kya kahun mein tumko,
Tumhari sakshiyat chand lafzo ki
ravaanee nahin,
Tumhari sakshiyat behte dariyaan ka
paani nahin,
Tum chadi ho un ladkhadaate kadmo ki
Jinko na sahaare kee ummeed thi
Na udne ki aasha,
Tum aavaaz ho un band zabaano ki
Jinkee kilkaariyo me hai
Gungunaane ki abhilaasha,
Girate bando...Read More
Categories: kee, blessing, community, cry,
Form: ABC
Chalo aaj phir ek tasveer gadhte hai,
Jahaan na aks ho kisi "mein" ka,
Na aks ho kisi "tum" ka,
Aks ho to bas "hum" ka,

Hai maalum mujhe
Mere is tasveer ki gadhan
Hai thodi mushkil bhi,
Or hai thodi naamumkin bhi,
Kyonki in aankho ne,
Do bhaiyo...Read More
Categories: kee, beautiful, brother, freedom,
Form: ABC

Shuru-shuru mein ik anchaha, anjaana
Rishta- sa tha tumse,
Tumhe-mujhse aur mujhe-tumse ik
Naazuk - kamzor se bandhan se
Baandh diya gaya,
Bandhan mujhe behad naagavaar-sa tha,
Ye bandhan mere liye
Meree udaan bharne wale pankho par
ik lagam-sa tha,
Mujhe meree uchaayion se door karne waali Ik daraar-sa...Read More
Categories: kee, emotions, encouraging, endurance, inspirational, poetry,
Form: ABC
A Folk Song of India in Hindi And English
A Folk Song of India in Hindi & English

Lok Geet – jhulava pe baith …….In Hindi 

jhulava pe baith, man karata, bahut mera
hota aaj, yahaan par, mera bhee man meet 
badha deta, mere jhoole kee, peng aakaash tak
ud jaatee, main...Read More
Categories: kee, song,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member The Birds Come In
Whee whoo
Whee whoo
The birds call to each other.
EEp EEp 
Whee Whee
A black bird with a bit of red
Flies in to have a bit of breakfast.
Whee Whee Whee Whee
Leep Leep Leep 
The black bird has flown away,
The feeder is spinning from...Read More
Categories: kee, bird,
Form: Free verse
A poem on the little squirrel: English and Hindi

A poem on the little squirrel – In English and Hindi 
My dear sweet kids & children
See how many good things
Squirrels teaches us silently 
It teaches -how to skip and dance on trees 
Be seeing a new person - it...Read More
Categories: kee, children, kids, for teens,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Wild Parrots of Hollywood
The Wild Parrots of Hollywood

He cried
after she held him.
(He had told her 
this wasn’t his first time.)

Back then the window had been filled
with parrots in the palm trees.
They scrawed...Read More
Categories: kee, loss, love,
Form: Blank verse
Lullaby Loving You

Another awake,
another empty dawn awaits
Nothing to look forward to
at the end of the day
A lonely walk,
giving myself a coffee pep talk
Then your morning glow
gave my eyes a proper bright hello
Oh, beautiful butterfly
with the sunflower smile
Fluttering by
in rainbow polka dot style
I...Read More
Categories: kee, dream, emotions, how i feel, romantic love,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member My Meraki Gifts
My Meraki Gifts

So special are some days to celebrate
   for family and dearest friends I know;
      a joy that fills my heart is to create
a splendid card for each, my love to show.

I...Read More
Categories: kee, giving, self, uplifting,
Form: Sonnet
A Poem on New Hopes- In English and Hindi
A Poem on New Hopes - In English & Hindi

A poem on a face book Photo-

In the smile of these faces
How many bountiful pleasures blooms 
Overwhelmed with the joy of new light
These new buds are full of hopes.
Let no...Read More
Categories: kee, hope, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Cali Girl
Former Miss California,
my Cali girl
She’s beautiful inside and out
Her magnetic personality:
bright sunny smiles so attracts me
Cali girl takes me riding
when the surf is high
I’ve fallen into the water
of her warm Pacifico charms
She’s so gorgeous from the outside going in
Politely rejected...Read More
Categories: kee, beauty, devotion, friendship, tribute,
Form: Free verse
Poet Destroyers Poem in Hindi -Like Ice

Irma Linda or PD (Poet Destroyer) is a good friend of mine and a very prominent and dynamic American Poet of Poetry Soup. The list of her fans is so big that it is difficult to count them. Her poems...Read More
Categories: kee, introspection, , Lullaby,
Form: Alliteration
Hindi English Version of the Poem India

An attempt to give a 
New Meaning to English Poetry in Hindi 
and Hindi Poetry in English

The Poem "India" by my friend Paul Callus touched me deeply.
I have translated this Poem in Hindi and it has been featured also
in the...Read More
Categories: kee, beauty, love,
Form: Free verse
maa papa
Maa kii to mae mamta hun lakin papa kee ladlii
jitnii bhee ho jaoo badii unkae liyae to lali hu.
maa kii mamta kii chhaaoo mae ,maee khadi hue, maee badii hue
papa kae ashirwad sae mae kadam kadam badhtii chalii.
vo dhuudh malaii...Read More
Categories: kee, birth,
Form: I do not know?
A Million Miles of Faithful
Venice, 2 Milan, then 2 the Congo, then 2 Cape Town
Then Hong Kong

I stay being a faithful husband, with my ring on my
Ring finger, on Baghdad, 2 the Bahamas, 2 O-ka-ya-ma,

2 the United Kingdom embassy, on a private jet 2...Read More
Categories: kee, love, romance, sensual,
Form: Free verse
Peshawar Massacre by Terrorists killing 134 school children
In English

What sort of a mother am I
Who cannot even count 
the innumerable bullet wounds 
spread all over the delicate body
of her beloved child
However, day and night 
I keep   counting 
the myriad of  marks 
left by the...Read More
Categories: kee, bereavement, death, mother, pashto, student, urdu, violence,
Form: Marsiya