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Write Italian Sonnet Poems

These Write Italian Sonnet poems are examples of Italian Sonnet poems about Write. These are the best examples of Italian Sonnet Write poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Writing Poems is Legitimate Now
From both sides of the world we poets hail
Japanese Chokra and Russian Chatushka
Italian sonnet and African Kwansaba
Keenly delighting each other without fail

Within ballad a most...

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Premium Member The Useless Chase

Addicted to romance, I’ve tried in vain
to resurrect the unrestrained delight
I felt so long ago one summer night -
excitement of the type no one can...

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Categories: romantic love,

Premium Member Ifs and Thens
If you turn out to be right, at the end,
and no one ever knows I held a pen
or wrote anything virtuous other than
my Christian name...

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Categories: anger, daughter,

Flowers Won't Wither
North wind has gone back to polar abode
Chilled clouds have flown out on wings of winter
Made way for sunny south wind to enter
Write on rippling...

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Categories: flower, love, spring,

Petrarchan Sonnet - BY THE RULES

I write all my poetry by the rules!
All verse have rules, for some sort of reason?
Although bending them will not be treason!
Even so, some poets...

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Categories: muse, nature, poetry,

Writing A Sonnet
A sonnet I shall write
Oh, how does it go? 
Ah, I think I know!
A, B, B, A, am I right?!
And I shall write away the...

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Categories: analogy, write, writing,

Premium Member Poetic Justice
A poet's flowing poems uplift the souls
     of men and sing of legends small and great,

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Categories: betrayal, hate, poems, poets,

Premium Member Sofonisba - Young and Old
I’m Virgo, playing music tranquilly
in this self-portrait. The clavichord I chose.
It denotes fine education; the black clothes
I'm wearing prove I value chastity.
Dark as a shadow,...

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Categories: art, woman,

TV Through Life
ABC Afterschool Special
was my favorite program as kid
when it was on I never hid
at that young age I was gentle
after high school heavy metal
television has...

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Categories: life, high school,

About a beauty who is more
Beautiful between her two ears.
On the inside, which deserves cheers,
Unconventional to the core.
These sonnets were created for
A beauty wise beyond...

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Categories: dedicationbeauty, beauty,

The Sonnet Man really needs a side kick,
But not a side kick that wants to fight crime.
I need one to come in at the right...

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Categories: funny

Out Witted
She came upon the night, when moon was bright.
An eerie form, so seductive, you know.
Standing, in front with an amazing glow,
She said, wishes granted for...

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Categories: fantasy, imagination, life, mystery,

ODE TO AN EXIT: WHAM! BAM! THANK YOU SLAM! ( a narrative: part 1)
It was time for the last POET to speak,
Though the competition seemed to be won.
The other team already had their fun,
Claiming the victory that they...

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Categories: on writing and words,

Naty #4
I hope I am able to make you smile,
Since that is what I am trying to do,
By using poetry to flirt with you,
Adding another sonnet...

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Categories: dedicationme, poetry,

Naty (#2)
Your beauty will force me to learn your tongue,
Because I am a notorious flirt.
A little poetry could never hurt,
So now, on you, my attention is...

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