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Short Italian Sonnet Poems

Short Italian Sonnet Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Italian Sonnet poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Italian Sonnet poetry form by poem length and keyword.

Caviar for dinner, hotdogs for lunch
Sit back, smoke some weed and eat Captain Crunch....

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Categories: allah,
Form: Italian Sonnet

I'm a laid back dope-*ss pipe hitting n*gg*r
You're a laid off broke-*ss wife hitting hipster 

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Categories: allah,
Form: Italian Sonnet
I, much like the text of this poem
Try desperately to escape the boxes I am forced into
"; DROP TABLE poems; 

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Categories: allah,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Answer It
Bobby is an amputee
He's got no elbows got no knees
But Bobby moves- to some degree
When Bobby bobs across the sea...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, allah,
Form: Italian Sonnet
I've got a lot of hoes
I've got a lot of bros
I've got a lot of dough
And I've got a lot of blow
But I've got a lot of woes

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Categories: allah,
Form: Italian Sonnet

her silence
flowers in her hair
music on the wind
feelings on my shoulders
liquor on my breath
the words I speak
you could hear a pin drop...

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Categories: i love you,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member My Italian Quatrain
Rome Greece and China love a quatrain.
Four stanzas is how it has to be.
Stingy poets only give us three.
This one is Italian from my brain. 

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Italian Sonnet
I got a bad case of the avian flu
It's a bad case and the prescription is you
There's a bird out there that's gotten me
That writes mad rhymes to a Rotten T...

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Categories: allah,
Form: Italian Sonnet
The unattainable boundaries'
Of Solitude diminishes'
With the word of God,
But the amendable features'
Are complete when you accept
The Lord unconditionally


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Categories: introspection
Form: Italian Sonnet
My Thanks To God
I walk through my storms with my head up high! 
I give praises to God with my arms open wide! 
I shout Hallelujah my soul is set free! 
Thanking the Lord that he delivered me!...

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Categories: faith,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Xasperating Dilema
I've got exes of both sexes but what vexes and perplexes me when i'm riding in my Lexus and I get to feelin reckless is every time I see a "chick" I gotta wonder what the sex is. 

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Categories: allah,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Not Quite Defeated
Bump in high school LIfe cesspool? Learning hazy Mind crazy? Dare not be fool! Counsilor be Hearts happy Alive Power to thrive God's light through me

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Categories: life,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Take Me 3
Our love is like a pilot light
Burning long, burning bright
But if that light beomes erratic 
And gas leaks out into my attic
The compresser on my fridge turns on
 Bam! the relics of my life are gone...

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Categories: allah,
Form: Italian Sonnet

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Categories: creation
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member you
did you believe 
i had gone beyond 
the corsica moment
the being driven wild
beneath the tan skirt
the city painted so nicely
an yet we never 
opened the canvas
oh how well you noticed
the teakwood
that bare 
the kaffee stains...

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Categories: passion
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member - My Italian Sun -

As far as I can tell
You master it well

Always find the solution
Or is it an illusion?

Not to make a Nonet
Neither one Italian Sonnet

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved...

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Categories: italian sonnet, cheer up, language, sun, write,
Form: Rhyme
misty dawn
sweetest heart
forever loved
death can not tear us apart 
guiding wind
unsung songs
forever kind
in my heart you 
you will always
i miss you everyday
without you my 
world is blue
i love you true
my  precious child

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Categories: daughter, death, devotion, faith, loss, sad,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Laundry Day
I'm a mind raper
I'm a fine rapper
You'd better stay out of my way
Cause my nine's always strapped
Even on laundry day
Got my glock tucked in my sweatpants
Quarter cup of Tide® Enhance™
Roll up to the laundromat
You want yo titties autographed?...

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Categories: allah,
Form: Italian Sonnet
lost love
love is deep 

love is cherish 

love is love 

then suddenly its gone 

my lost love is gone in the wind 

i know he is out there 

i know hes here i can feel him 

i can smell him

i can hear him 

he is here 

close to me 

my lost love.......


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Categories: age, cute love,
Form: Italian Sonnet
straight again
mom screams,crys and so does dad
i cry yell for them to stop my brothers
        hide for cover
when wil my family become straight
  i have brothers an sisters from another mother
                  i hate my life i hate my family.
                            robin lee...

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© robin lee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: family, hate,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member orare now
lest i be nearer to my death 
i could love you no less
as my wild eyes dance
gazing under 
the swaying willows
apon my pillows 
i would beckon 
tommorrow tommorrow
only within the mere sorrows
that i shall wander amids 
heaven's oracle mist
why in my presence now...

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Categories: devotion,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Dear Poet
I read one of my favorite poets
Light poetry and some other forms,
Italian sonnet and acrostic to name some
Kind and rich in term of soul and spirit
Enjoyed! It has been a nice smooth reading
It's fun reading you lovely big bird
Time to write about you dear waterfall

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Categories: italian sonnet, poetry,
Form: Acrostic
Poems are pointless
Poets are dense
To filter expression
Through  meaningless lens
If I'm feeling sad
Yet tell you I'm blue
Do my words really have
a deeper meaning to you
Blue skies turn gray
The clouds will never pass
I think that I shall
Take an umbrella to class...

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Categories: allah,
Form: Italian Sonnet

triglycerid iris
diamond-like triptych
incandescent indigo
impure purple libido
instantaneous dismal thanatos
shore of boiling ebb
black iris
lucid sun

triptych purple indigo iris
impure  libido
boiling incandescent
instantaneous shore iris-sun
gleaming black reflux


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Categories: imagination, visionary,
Form: Italian Sonnet
Premium Member the mafia and me
the sheer notion of extorted kindness 
buried beneath a sorrowful note 

of racketeering compassion 
above a silent whisper throughout 

the queerness of being wise beyond 
a tarnished silver spoon of tangible 

lessons shattered throughout 
blind faith cringing for life after death...

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Categories: adventure,
Form: Italian Sonnet