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Science Imagism Poems

These Science Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Science. These are the best examples of Imagism Science poems written by international poets.

How to recognise an expert when you see one
An expert is a strange bird, 
That is often,
Rightly taken for the fool that they are.

The true expert however,
Has not been blinded by science,
Does not...

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Categories: analogy, art, beautiful, best

An autumn salute
I humbly salute you,
For giving me such a visual feast,
As I look at the multi-coloured carpet of leaves you place under my feet.

I humbly salute...

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Categories: appreciation, autumn, beauty, celebration,

The Time Machine
A scientist worked hard each day
To make a time machine to work away
And he had an assistant who worked along
Happy to share the scientist’s song

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Categories: science fiction,

Much Ado About Nothing
Just picture this:
Our solar system with it’s Sun and its planets
The delicate dance around that the planets do
Now imagine an incredibly massive hair net
That holds...

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Categories: adventure, analogy, humanity, science,

Our doom is but a stone’s throw away
In the cosmic games
That the Gods like to play

each streak of light at night
has the potential to end

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Categories: imagination, nature, science, stars,

Premium Member The Gift
Once in a dream an apostle fed you mandrake,
but it was poison after all, 
not the panacea where you emerge into sunlight, 
clouds accumulating,
as one...

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Categories: longing,

I know why stars shoot downwards
I know why stars shoot downwards to the earth
it is not science at work nor gravitational pull
its behavior of  stars that never looked at...

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Categories: desire, destiny, metaphor,

Understanding Zero
Zero what does this mean
Zero has to be everything.

How can there be a 1 without Zero
Even computers binary has a Zero
Even this poem sums up...

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, math, science,

A choking awakening
A choking awakening!!!!!
met a soul that touch the heart!!!!!
led a way to understand the dream
It seems a haunted scream
But a reality can also be more...

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Categories: allusion, angel, imagination, miracle,


Recruit into the realm of spiritual liberty
Reawaken the knowledge there already 
Locked inside the triple helix
Hidden inside man’s genetics
The modified man

The name...

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Categories: body, light, science,

Bless and blossom; it was never going to happen 
Man and mine; they all worked there 
Glory and God; hallelujah 
Portion and pop; keep it...

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Categories: imagery,

Maths is known as the King of subjects,

Not political science,

Teaching political science at schools a waste,

Like drawing a picture of a tasty fruit,

The political scientists...

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Categories: abuse, community, education, sin,

A cat sniffs the crooked brown dough of the sullen moon;
The tempting smell of warm bread seems held by a glass sky
Old age, carefully steps...

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Categories: age, art, car, care,

There are Many Things I do not Know
In my quest to conquer, from valleys to cities
From rivers to hilltops, deserts to valleys of ice
Until reaching focal point to realize
That there are many...

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Categories: imagery, introspection, philosophy,

Like a drop of water
we're on a dusty drop of water 
flying through space
in the middle of an explosion...

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© Omar Masri  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: life, science, space,

Men In Lab Coats
Ivory bushes bear
accelerated evolution
and abstract incarnations
a reverie reserved as veil
fables too blatant to reveal
crescendos rise within
what remains of
the cityscape's heartbeat
science knows what we fear

By Glenn...

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Categories: confusion, fear, life, loss,

Medieval Science Presents
A pocketbook of grins
deprived of rightful glory,
passion, and peace
unionized candles
like smeared lip stick
upon subconscious intellect
layered with finite faces

By Glenn McCrary

© 2012 Glenn McCrary (All rights...

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Categories: life,

Premium Member The Other Side Of The Moon


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Categories: fantasy, funny, imagination, life,

I came face to face with a basket case
and yet stayed in place despite wanting to step back a pace.
His eyes glowed with a blue...

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Categories: art, confusion, depression, health,

' Whence Day Touches Night ... ' ( Metaphysical Poem # 5 )
‘ Whence  Day  Touches  Night … ’ ( Metaphysical Poem  # 5 ) 

Does Not Day … Touch Night
At One Instance...

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Categories: allegory, fantasy, imagination, inspirational,