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Peace Imagism Poems

These Peace Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Peace. These are the best examples of Imagism Peace poems written by international poets.


Easter whispers an’ light tickles
Roaring thunder for all to utter
Forces of nature, utmost belief
The beginning of all things end
Easter bells’ and skies fence
The prayers begin,...

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Categories: angel, god,

Creature Of The Night
Amethyst rings on long slender fingers
Onyx nails as black as jet
Scent of jasmine and sulphur…mixes and lingers
Held hostage enmeshed in black satin net
…She tirelessly haunts...

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Categories: dream, sleep,

My pleasure
I am keeping you here because you are my happiness
When searching and listening for that peace in my heart
I like these long silent night
And miss...

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Categories: 4th grade,

Premium Member A Curious Cat Roams At Peace
Evergreen pines 
Evergreen firs,
Yellow moon size star rays shining through,
Nighttime in the forest.

Red cardinals mutter, mourning doves coo
On branches in sleep
Roosting in their wait for...

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Categories: christmas, imagery,

I’m running to cleanse my soul.
“From what? To where?” 
At this moment I do not care.
Rain drops beat against my face.
I run on faster, into...

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© Amar Qamar  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, change, depression, mental

Donkey times
Donkey times we live
those of us on earth
calling themselves alive

do it as best you can
let the earth feel you
and mouth  yawns bliss

give your fellows...

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Categories: life, metaphor,

I never asked for diamonds darling
I just wanted to see the stars with peace and sanity.

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Categories: allegory, allusion, analogy, art,

Premium Member Her Wish Eternal
I slowly open the old, rusty cemetery gate that groans,
      it squeaks and creaks in the still night,

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, poems,

Little escalations
Have turned into another scar
Self medicate on self harm
I spit upon my own self reflection
A mirror of self deception
Exasperate my own intentions
Of my own...

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Categories: anger, angst, betrayal, corruption,

Looking for something
Have you found your key yet?
The one that is useless to all but yourself, 
One that you can't buy off the shelf,
Or borrow from an...

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Categories: analogy, birth, care, confidence,

The magnificent Pyramids Journey from time immemorial till date
Between liking and disliking
While the reason being an arbitrator
But do you see the rift between
Sane and insane ?
That the privileged ones of the era today

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Categories: abuse, , memorial,

Imagine The Dream 

Imagine IsIs and the West 
Sitting together in tranquility

Imagine Americans and the Talibans
Dinning and laughing in Unity

Imagine Israelis and Palestinian 
Sharing Jerusalem...

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© Don Bukana  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, africa,

A True And Beautiful Word
A true and beautiful word
The woods in desert
With fruits
And sweet spring.

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Categories: beautiful, peace, true love,

Are You
Are you out to get meaning from the meaningless,
Find taste in the tasteless,
Seeking solace from the heartless,
Or inspiration from the bottom of a glass.

Perhaps you...

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Categories: addiction, anxiety, blue, cancer,

At a time of sorrow, it is hard to believe
That the sun will once again shine
That's when it seems you do nothing but grieve
With all...

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© Don Bukana  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, angel,

Premium Member Moonlit Hammock
As I slightly swiveled my feet
It's as if my being sunk into the smooth wet sand
Spanning look out  nearly 180 degrees complete
Hmm how each...

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Categories: ocean,

Premium Member On Earth
  Wind breezes, rustling up leaves.
  Earth and grass, under your feet.
  Waves like coffee mug foaming;
  glistening, sparkling tips.

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Categories: appreciation, autumn, creation, nature,

Her mind is afar somewhere 
She's flying with her dragon 
He's flying her away to a magical place...

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Categories: fantasy, imagination,

The Cruel Orchards

Ah! Cruel orchards!
Humiliates, tortures!
Until the angel comes
Beneath the abode of stars;
From the heavens mass
Revealing downwards!

Ah! Fortune on Evildoers!
The lusty deceivers.

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Categories: dedication, imagery,

Premium Member 1st Heaven
Powdery white, puffy cotton candy mountain clouds. 
Blue watery blue skies a mile high. 
Birds dancing by.
Sun sparkling, glistening beaming bright.
There is illumination with radiant...

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Categories: beautiful, bird, celebration, christian,