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Business Imagism Poems

These Business Imagism poems are examples of Imagism poems about Business. These are the best examples of Imagism Business poems written by international poets.

How to recognise an expert when you see one
An expert is a strange bird, 
That is often,
Rightly taken for the fool that they are.

The true expert however,
Has not been blinded by science,
Does not...

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Categories: analogy, art, beautiful, best

Breeig Dadder at Icon cap clap TRAT
It's just too goo to be true
In a crazy little crew,
drawing the ramps up,
dynamic slapstick

Always having food as thought,
the pummel on row
Which is 9000ft straight...

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Categories: business, faith, freedom, heart,

I am the Caterpillar of the world
I am  caterpillar of the world
fat, jittery, itchy and feared
I have eaten all green leaves
crops, grass, foliage I chew

Wasteland weeps behind me
people curse wherever...

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Categories: metaphor, power,

Grand Poo-bah
She struts out of the golden elevator
like the Grand Marshall of Macy’s Thanksgiving parade
Crystal high-heels rhythmically clicking
on the gleaming marble floor
Pompadour bouffant hair
that’s styled so...

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Categories: character, identity, image, woman,

Witchcraft of the Civilized
There is a place where a diviner lives
It’s a place of shouting, invoking spirits
A diviner plays tricks on the young
Dealing  in business of words...

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Categories: education, satire,

Glittery Oblivion
The corridor is darkly invasive
usurpation knows not where it steers,
my nightgown caught on wildfire, 
ending was indubitably a flimsy inferno
dreaming phantasma went up in smoke

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© Paloma P   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allegory, dream, hyperbole, imagination,


In modern English people time, when the world was full of eminent joy, there lived a man of prestige who was...

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Categories: culture, humanity, i am,

Within the imagination lives a breath of fresh air.
A city full of people sharing and caring.
A man with a limp walks with his cane telling...

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Categories: autumn, birth, childhood, city,

Premium Member EURO CAME HERO
 In nine countries,Dollar,comes the currency in rule,
The US Dollar,is strong and plays a big role,

The exchange,change hands and more involve,
Dollar par to gold, fine,old...

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Categories: america, break up, hero,

Premium Member ONE POT FREE
Every where in business in head line,

"Buy one get one free" the punchline,

Very old like tribes the punchline,

Very old like tribes the punchline,

Buy Potato,

One pot...

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Categories: culture, fun, imagery,

I love to dance
Music makes me happy
I get a vibes and it’s time to be jolly

Serious business is at hand
The dance floor is calling to...

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Categories: happiness,

Between you and I
Nothing has changed

These confines we share
Brothers too

Columns and columns
Of phallic glass totums
Piercing the freedoms above
Business is a rapist fiend
Of love

The demonized heavens.


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Categories: city

Why wreck the day

I woke up and toked

Wrapped up the little jokes
-led the flow of traffic on down the road

I'm not Casper but I sher Boo the mood...

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Categories: business, devotion, education, faith,

I imagine attending a colorful graduation ceremony at the college or university.
After attending my mind is stuck with a lot of queries:
Would graduates  cultivate...

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Categories: education, imagination, on work

Premium Member Take The Question To The Queen -
I saw  it all,
the Sun the Moon the night & the day,
there was summer & snow,winter & rain,
children,old people,miracles & war,everything an opportunity,
advantages abounding...

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Categories: adventure, people, self, people,


Bad taste?
They know not what is at stake
They do as they please
Then later beg for forgiveness
A right sin
And a dismal business

Nothing is shocking...

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Categories: allegory,

my being
my being my existence
in a world that is flawed
my business my acceptance
to a merciful god
my voice my face
my poetry my weight
my sickness my fate
my memories...

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Categories: life, world,

The Funeral of Tinapa Business Resorts
The Funeral of Tinapa,

Conference table littered with chicken and cockroach laps

A keg of palm wine descending from Adia Abo

Grabbers haggling on sharing formula
Emporiums rust and...

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Categories: political

new york city blues
The terminal prophesised an eternal line
 of moving faces arriving at their destination,
 mothers hold their screaming babies
as the business guys drank their coffee

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© JAK WOODS  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: introspectionold, autumn, new york,

mayday world
we are afraid
we are underpaid
minimum wage 
has  put us all at prison gates,there is no safe financial aid
for the working poor
they make sure we...

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Categories: angst, business, confusion, sad,