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Overthinking Is Eating Me Alive
Did I dream of you last night
Or did we dream of us
I fell asleep crying into
The gaps in my memories
And somewhere inbetween
The whispers and the silence
Your lips told me you missed me to
Or Was it just a dream
Do you
Is it...Read More
Categories: imagine, anxiety, black love, longing, love hurts, purple,
Form: Free verse

Deep Hurt
Smiles and a happy heart smothered in joy..
A child lives in the moment..
The age of innocence..
Life untouched ..
Simply magical..
Where dreams come true..

A child grows..
Life no longer untouched..
Why must the magic disappear..
Shattered dreams..
Broken promises..
A wounded heart ..
Bleeding profusely from the pain
Visions...Read More
Categories: imagine, dark, depression, hurt, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member To Miss Mary Lou Redd
To Miss Mary Lou Redd

This is a tribute to Miss Mary Lou Redd
who met me in my time of greatest need.
Family Days became Davis Family instead
when she began to teach me how to read.

By fourth grade year I ceased to...Read More
Categories: imagine, appreciation, memory, teacher,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Dragonfly That Caught My Eye
Such beauty and speed
Large eyes with two pair of wings 
Life is short only six months
Seeing almost 360 degrees around

With top speeds of 18 MPH
On this earth 300 million years ago
Imagine how many dragonflies that would be
They can catch and...Read More
Categories: imagine, insect,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member What You Most Fear
Call "It" ~and "It" will Come 

Imagine "It"~ and "It" Becomes

On this Magical night of Hallow's Eve

Vampire Sucks and You Must Bleed

Invoke "It" ~and "It" Appears

A Grotesque Demon from Hell declares

Cursing the Moon the Sky Cried Stars

Out comes Zombies from...Read More
Categories: imagine, halloween,
Form: Verse

Premium Member Hello to Goodbye
I look at the words that I have written on the page.
I recognize them as ones I have written before.
Familiar words repeating a too familiar phrase?
I will seek and find new words that say more.

Self expression allows you to draw...Read More
Categories: imagine, appreciation, poems, poetry, words, writing,
Form: Rhyme
The Raven Sang More Than One Song
 During the industrial revolution,
Poe’s raven spoke with elocution;
“Nevermore”, now we’ve a solution,
just you wait for distribution.

We’ve invented great machines,
clicker-clankers, sure to please,
With cogs and wheels that spin with ease
and long, tired days, they will soon cease.

Wondrous gauges, invented by...Read More
Categories: imagine, animal, bird, metaphor, perspective, poems, poetry,
Form: Monorhyme
Hate Is Not A Pretty Thing
H ate is not a pretty thing
A ll who hate miss many joys
T hrills with friends, elated songs that ring
E ven their children caring, sharing toys.

I n some places throughout this world
S ad are little boys and girls.

N o one...Read More
Categories: imagine, discrimination, hate, people, poems, poetry, prejudice, racism,
Form: Acrostic
mountain forrest after end of humanity
Mountain Forests
Driving through the vast forests
Of Central Oregon 
Through the wall of trees
I imagine them talking to me 

The trees are whispering 
Dark satanic rituals 
Voodoo mumble jumble
Evil chanting 

Then they speak
Loud and clear
Welcome humans
To our world 

You think you...Read More
Categories: imagine, angst, anxiety, conflict, holocaust,
Form: Free verse
New meaning to life :: Curtailed Quantrelle

How much peaceful it'd have been if
one accepts herself with no tiff;
If one accepts others in steps
one'll have clear insight.

Lets realize, none is perfect;
accept one with all imperfect
traits, makes rest to learn too; it's true;
ills fade, just no dislike.

And eventually...Read More
Categories: imagine, love,
Form: Sonnet
Full Hunter's Moon in Aries
The sugarcane is growing again, sun-fed.

The baby-ish sweetness of those fields invites one to hack forward with a surgeon's scalpel.

Imagine a piece of birthday cake taken to the grinding iron rollers of a sugarcane mill.

Sugar is love, but the sugarcane...Read More
Categories: imagine, allegory, allusion, autumn, beauty, culture, devotion,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Lust or Love
His kiss seemed to burn through my heart
Sending chills down my spine, 
I was taken apart
With him

I told my dear Granny that I loved him
She smiled and said it’s not love
It’s not what you feel
It is lust

Lust is a killer...Read More
Categories: imagine, love, lust, romance, romantic, romantic love,
Form: Free verse
My stalker
Imagine him,
As a dark, 
Shadowy figure,
Who follows you around,
All day, 
Every day,

He controls,
Your every move,
And every thought,

You can’t run from him,
Nor can you hide,
No matter what you do,
He will always come,
Will always be,
Lurking in the shadows,

Whether it’s at night,
Or if...Read More
Categories: imagine, depression, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love you all Over
I love the Earth

The plants and trees

The lovely birds

All the rivers and seas

I love the sky

By the beach on a starry night

When a Big moon is rising

I love to feel

Happy and free

Good friends around

Everyone's important to me

I love to see

The...Read More
Categories: imagine, earth, inspirational, love,
Form: Verse
Knowledge, the giant tree
The shapeless mighty
None can see,
None can cut
Only can learn, acquire
by following previous wise someone
or contemplation on every part of nature

I born to come
To this giant amorphous tree
Powerful its roots, trunks, crowns
(branches, twigs, leaves, flowers, fruits, flowers, winds,...Read More
Categories: imagine, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Life as a Ghost
I thought maybe I can get through this
by putting my thoughts to rhyme
maybe doing so will bring me some clarity 
a method to ease and help focus my mind.
Here goes.........

If this is life I don't want it
If this is life...Read More
Categories: imagine, anxiety, depression, emotions, fear, psychological,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Bare On The Stairs
My attributes are somewhat lacking
Still, I see them as a blessing 
'Cause I'm alive and so it's ok
But I'd never put them on display.

They say that clothes don't make the you 
But to me that simply isn't true
Imagine walking down...Read More
Categories: imagine, confusion, funny, horror,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member His Paintbrush
Sunlight breaks through the trees
Shining against the limbs and leaves
Highlighting the soft hues of emerald
Blended into the golden orange of autumn
Colors that put me at ease with relief
That this perfect image will be with me
Always enlightening me to believe
God’s paintbrush...Read More
Categories: imagine, blessing, god, heaven, inspirational, nature,
Form: Free verse
An end
There would be no words for anyone, only a note that says I'm sorry.
Imagine the person you love most telling you that,
What does a rational person do?...Read More
Categories: imagine, allusion, anger, angst, anxiety, suicide,
Form: Free verse

                  I don't say "hello" to the horse
        but yes to the driver ... not that...Read More
Categories: imagine, allusion, creation, life, metaphor, poetry, wisdom,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Wacky Names

Here are some wacky names, my doctor is Liam Crummy
Barb Dwyer, Seymour Legg, Stan Still, and Terri Bull, really funny
If you want more here's others to avail
Ima Kettle, Dan Druff, Rusty Nails
Can't imagine what their parents called their puppy

...Read More
Categories: imagine, hilarious,
Form: Limerick
In My Heart You Are Love
Here, you are whole
the love
in my empty heart
through the wind,
through the dawn sunshine,
through the drizzling of new born rain,
through the whispering of tepid breeze,
through my intoxication for the Manipuri dance

but I walk
entirely in me
with a dream;
can't catch the fairy on...Read More
Categories: imagine, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Magical Here and Now
I am living the dream today and tomorrow, 
but, it has taken years to find my here and now;
I have had to crawl out of dark cold pits,
wander mazes of sorrow to find my true north.

Oh, there are still lots...Read More
Categories: imagine, life,
Form: Verse
I have broken the charms
I have broken a charm
I have done the unspeakable
Cos I was made outstanding
Out from no stand 
Some how I manage 
To break a spell 
A spell that was cast 
For evil 
I imagine 
I moved 
I prayed 
I fail 
I...Read More
Categories: imagine, africa, confidence, courage, freedom, power, war,
Form: Epic
The Second Six Months
Hello July.  What would my life be without your face of sweet sunlight?

   August, cool down a bit and forget me not on those hot nights of Summer

   September, you are a breath of fresh...Read More
Categories: imagine, august, december, july, november, october,
Form: Free verse