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One thing I’ve learned after being on this earth for a little while…
is how I don’t have to look very far 
to see something that makes me smile.

On the beach the other morning…just before our walk was done
there…off to my left…I saw a father and his son.

The son in his 30’s or 40’s…
The father my age…perhaps a little older…but not much
As they stood there on the shore I could see their shoulders touch.

I saw the father…his hand trembling….with some affliction I’m sure he had
I saw his son bait his father’s hook, cast it into the ocean…
then hand the rod and reel to his dad.

When he felt his dad was steady….
the son cast his own rod and they fished together on the shore…
as they have done…I imagine…a thousand times before.

And then…for a moment…just a moment…for I knew it wouldn’t last
my mind took me on a journey…a journey to the past.

I saw the father and son…as they were so many years before…
both of them much younger…standing on the shore.

I saw the young boy…his hand trembling….anticipating the fun
I saw his father bait the hook, cast it into the ocean…
then hand the rod and reel to his son.

Next, I saw the father cast his own rod 
and as they fished there shoulder to shoulder
I wondered if back then the father ever dreamed 
they’d still be doing this when they were older.

As they fished together…coming full circle…
I watched the two of them for a while…
I tend to do this a little more these days
when I see something that makes me smile.

Copyright © Jim Yerman