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Art Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Art Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Art. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Art poems written by international poets.

Ode to a Certain Ode that You Will See in August - I Hope
This ode's impossible, a structured mess
of playful praise, stacked serious on a shelf,
closed spheres of wit contained. I must confess
I think of it in excess...

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Categories: math, word play, writing,

Painter's Last Walk
A Painter's Last Walk

Now you're all doing the last of the artful long endless walks
Does anyone ever know how much work while paintings do talks?


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© Evie CW  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation, art, passion, perspective,

A Lost Sense of Purpose
Long ago in the short-time lively spring
In the grassy plains of a small island
Came from nonexistence a young sapling 
Nurtured by the love of her...

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Categories: 12th grade, art, best

As I am lying down in bed alone
my spiritless body rolls in bed and 
once again I reach out to my smartphone 
I click an...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Death be not arrogant,
even though thou art bind man in thine shackle,
celebrate not over me,ye bloody mutant,
thy stems and roots and leaves,shall I tackle.
Death be...

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Categories: death,

Premium Member Descry These Gifts
Descry These Gifts

Much to discover on this lovely earth:
   behold the beauty of her rising sun,
      detect the...

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, nature,

Premium Member Lunar Madness
              LUNAR MADNESS
His thought; desire; that driving dream he knew;
so real within...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, art, beauty, death,

Premium Member What's In A Name
How can this be? I search the meaning of
my name and, to my great surprise, I find
some things seem so familiar with the love
of what's...

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Categories: meaningful,

You live within the beats of my heart
As much as I do cherish you my dear 
Than that more often do I think of you
And hold you to my pulsing heart quite...

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Categories: love,

When the shock wears off
The only thing to do is carry on
And be a light that shines bright in the dark,
Live love surrounded by a sea of hate,
Give hope...

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Categories: america,

My Penta Foot

what i once left through iambic static phase 
i wrote no more than what a shadow breaks
to fly and stab by spear your inner mate

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Categories: i love you,

Wayde's Road to Rio
The road to Rio ran his every day
Aerobic fitness was his daily way
The lactic acid ate his muscle mass,
but soon the aching pains began to...

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© Just James  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: tribute,

Genghis Khan
Ride, ride, ride thou figure from the East
In thy curse hath many a mother wept
On thy brow the furrows of distant steppes
Yield unto a steely...

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Categories: adventure, education, history, writing,

Let Us Paint, World
What I am is a body of water,
I am fluid; always moving matter,
Eroding the earth I change the world
even if only the heart of a...

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Categories: confidence, creation, destiny, encouraging,

Premium Member Bittersweet
So bittersweet is this creative art
of writing thoughts through words of poetry.
So many say how peaceful is my heart
that it can shape a verse that's...

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Categories: love, poetry, stress, words,

Too many times I've seen you almost smile.
Your sadness reached for me, you did not know.
I had the...

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© Vee Bdosa  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: absence, art, emotions,

Premium Member Femininity - Anima
Femininity - Anima

Sweet femininity was formed in Eve,
   before thrown from the Garden for her sin;
      engrained in...

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Categories: emotions, feelings, women, ,

Premium Member Where They Will Find Me
In words and brushstrokes, live my heart and soul;
   as artist, poet, these gifts make me whole.
Words from my soul convey what's in...

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Categories: death, life, me,

Traditional poetry has rhyme and metre
Which determines the way it is composed
These features make it a simple matter
In distinguishing such poetry from prose

A lot of...

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Categories: art, creation, encouraging, inspirational,

Premium Member The Painting
The Painting

A painted picture, work of art, of life,
suspended on a wall for all to see.
A sense-filled concept, so confined, compact,
divided from the busy world...

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Categories: art, life,