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Christmas Humorous Poems

These Christmas Humorous poems are examples of Humorous poems about Christmas. These are the best examples of Humorous Christmas poems written by international poets.

Premium Member School Story
Alphabet learned
Before school
Counting too
Doing homework
Jump rope
Kicked and
Night dreams
On to
Queen crowned
Rest some
Summer is here
Visit jobs
Working now
X-raying bones
Ya-hoo I made it
Zoom through life.


Date Written:5/20/022...

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Categories: humorous, humor, imagination, jobs, life,

Premium Member Passion
Passion~an emotion,                       ...

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Categories: humorous, day, flower, happy, smile,

Premium Member What Fascinates Me
Please say thank you~don't be rude
Ever sit and watch people feud
Over the hills and valleys to
People say crazy things that make me come unglued
Laughing until...

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Categories: humorous, blue, crazy, fun, humor,

Premium Member Wisdom from Trees
Yesterday I took a walk in a nearby forest,                ...

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Categories: humorous, bird, flower, home, imagination,

Premium Member Honey Is So Sweet
Honey is so sweet,
sweet~kind words you say~tweet.
Vinegar so strong~bitter, 
hurtful~mean words you say make me shiver.
Speak with honey on your tongue as a sweet treat.

Date Written: 5/15/2022

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Categories: humorous, fun, humor, sweet, uplifting,

Premium Member By The Grace of God
On the train that I rode today, 
into town I was on my way. 
You never know what you will see, 
out the window were...

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Categories: humorous, life, love, men, woman,

Premium Member Greatest Performance of My Life
Growing up I played with many dolls,                  ...

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Categories: humorous, cat, childhood, fun, humor,

Premium Member Books
A room ~ walls filled with books
They can't read ~ just for looks

Date Written: 5/9/2022...

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Categories: humorous, books, fun, humor,

Premium Member Whispers Of The Wind
In the wind I hear
musical sounds echoing
wind chimes are nearby. 
Date Written: 5/8/2022

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Categories: humorous, music, song, sound, uplifting,

Farchadat alte kaker here at Highland Manor Apartments
I (a youthful sexagenarian)
can no longer quip being
a country boy at heart,
but me as urban cowboy,
I declare would never 
so fuhgeddaboudit dear reader
nothing 'cept bucolic...

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Categories: humorous, adventure, atheist, character, confusion,

Premium Member The Customers
The customers ~ are always right so don't argue with them.


Date Written: 5/8/2022...

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Categories: humorous, humor, jobs, people, words,

Premium Member Flowers
Today you sent
me beautiful flowers
you love me.

Date Written: 5/8/2022

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Categories: humorous, beautiful, flower, love, today,

Premium Member Can Yams
Next to the can of spam sits the forgotten can yams
Survived Thanksgiving and Christmas too
what should we now do with you

Use it for a paper...

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Categories: food, fun, humorous,

Premium Member My Thoughts My Ego
“When thoughts cease to flow ~                   ...

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Categories: humorous, humor, places, poems, sleep,

Premium Member Shape-shifting
A werewolf can be a shape-shifter,
I have never seen a werewolf drifter.
You change just like the weather,
are you good~bad~together
I love you anyway and forever.



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Categories: humorous, friend, love, together, weather,