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Child Heroic Couplets Poems

These Child Heroic Couplets poems are examples of Heroic Couplets poems about Child. These are the best examples of Heroic Couplets Child poems written by international poets.

the saddest movie I've ever seen
"The Picture of Dorian Gray" is the saddest movie I've ever seen!
Particularly because I kept rooting for his heart to be made clean

Hoping he'll repent...

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Categories: bible, christian, faith, heaven,

Premium Member THE STORY OF BLULA MAY--part 1

Oh!, She was so very humble,
She was Blula from the asphalt jungle;
Improvised, trapped in scorn;
Misused unadopted, a captive of porn;
Ghetto-fabulous inching...

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Categories: analogy, anxiety, appreciation, character,

Being A Mom
Long ago on some days,  yet not so long on others,
I do so recall those days when I was yet a mother.
Days of being...

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Categories: children,

Premium Member SHURI

Ba Ru Raa a bomb buray
Ba Ru Raa a bomb buray
Ba Ru Raa a bomb buray

SHURI african princess

Wakanda forever

Ba Ru Raa a bomb buray

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, caregiving, celebrity,

Millionare Wendell Rand married socialite
Heather Duncan and had a child Daniel
In an expedition to again seek out K'un-L'un
Daniel's mother and father dies in a plane crash

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Categories: caregiving, hero,

Premium Member FALCON

Orphan child
Came up wild
Child of Harlem
Black American
Lover friend of birds
His favorite the falcons
They a tune to him
This person name: Sam Wilson
Became an adult, went to...

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Categories: anti bullying, caregiving, hero,

My hero
The boy from school  would always pick on me.

He called me fat, stupid, and ugly.

I told him he would need me one day. 


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Categories: boy, child, class,

Am I right or wrong
Pushing me in disturbance 

Family is the one who makes 
The career of child but they are 
The one who destroy the life to 

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Categories: anger,

Daughter of an officer
Daughter of an officer 

Who gives his life for nation 
Who lives in dignity for our nation 
Who pulls the powder of salt and 

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Categories: blessing, child, father son,

Premium Member Good Morning Heartache - Billie Holiday
 "Good Morning Heartache"- Billie Holiday

Born to heartache was Eleanor Fagan
in reform school by 9 in Baltimore, Maryland.

At 11 years old she was almost raped.

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Categories: dedication, life, music, star,

How Jesus Felt About The People Who Were Gonna Kill Him
This donkey demonstrates my status, 
That nothing can be said about us, 
I’m yours, like a child you put upon it, 
Like a product, you...

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Categories: animal, betrayal, business, celebration,

Jesus Came Riding On A Donkey
Donkey’s in the land of Israel in the 1st century, 
Were used to carry goods about the country, 
But could also carry women, children and...

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Categories: animal, business, christian, easter,

Chuckie Egg
I loved Chuckie Egg because it reminded me of life, 
With its principles which seem many when in strife, 
But which are few, like seven...

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Categories: cheer up, computer, life,

Dazzled by the church this christmas time again, 
So many services on TV, reverends saying when,   
So many cards imaging the baby, angels,...

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Categories: christmas, giving, gospel, imagery,

My Daily Drawing Time
Days offer so much scope, 
To lands unforeseen trope;
My stretch reckons my lilt, 
To be my diadem and kilt.

Only black hair contends, 
White face stilly...

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Categories: appreciation, art, beauty, child,

TO DANTE ALIGHIERI                      ...

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Categories: inspirational, love, on writing

You will be the Hero
Ocean starts from a drop and
A mountain is from tiny sand
World starts from a cell
Why did you forget this friend?
Every day dawns with a dim...

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Categories: hope, hero,

Resurrecting Poems from Death
Every time and anytime,
i mistakenly delete or loss a poem 
that i have sweated so hard to compose

i feel like,
i have lost a golden child,

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Categories: dedication, me, loss, lost,

The Great Clock
The Great Clock

Like the sunrise in the morn,
A babe, a life is born.
For a child, the Lord’s own pride
The door of life has opened wide

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Categories: childhood, death, introspection, life,

fathers rights
Fathers for Justice you are not alone
I feel your pain alone
With many others
Any of us can fold
If there be trouble let it be in my...

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Categories: children, hope, philosophy, song-