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Funny Halloween Poems

These Funny Halloween poems are examples of Halloween poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Halloween Funny poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A Seance In Lancashire
The air was damp inside the house, chill creeping through the walls
 Swags and Tails with dusty eyes seep through the faded falls.

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Categories: dark, funny, halloween, hilarious,

Premium Member Our Ghost Charlie
Charlie first bumped into our attic last Halloween,
he's our resident ghost, and quite a scream!
He'd lollygag about til we asked him to find a job,

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Categories: halloween, 5th grade, 6th grade,

Premium Member The Masks We Wear
I'm okay, 
you're okay is a mask in the land of pretend.
Children say what they feel,
their honestly can bubble over.
Little ones have not learned words...

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Categories: butterfly, children, halloween, hurt,

Happy Valloween
Roses are red, goblins are green
Just like my buddy, Frankenstein
Well, it’s February fourteenth
And I don’t have a valentine
So let’s declare it Valloween
And now, my love,...

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Categories: funny, halloween, humor, humorous,

Premium Member A Halloween Haunt
Pulchritudinous looks, unscrupulous ways hook 
Junoesque one apart, pneumatic in mouthpart

Those coconut-like callipygian haunts cull
Leave alone howling wolves, despite being ourselves!...

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Categories: halloween, funny,

Premium Member Creepy
The night was deep I could not sleep
The body was hot and so were my clothes
 With my mind in a whirl, I stretched out...

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Categories: brother, fear, funny, halloween,

Premium Member Dark Mistake
He dressed as a jack-o-lantern
costumed in uncommon pattern
	strode through the park
	though it was dark
and was mistaken for slattern...

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Categories: funny, giggle, halloween, humor,

Premium Member Forgotten Jack
No one cared about poor Jack
cut and carved from front to back
	his pulp made pie
	seeds left to dry
he became a withered wrack...

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Categories: funny, giggle, halloween, humor,

Premium Member Poor Jack
Poor Jack ran a futile race
couldn’t keep up the heated pace
	lost the battle
	someone’s chattel
now he has a Halloween face...

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Categories: fate, funny, giggle, halloween,

Premium Member Haunting Melody
a witch and a pet aardvark

broom to an amusement park

with a mic in hand

and dave brubecks band

warble a strange meadow lark.

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Categories: funny, giggle, halloween, humor,

The Grinch of Halloween
Descending October days buzzed on caffeine
My house transforms into a living scene
Walking past you’ll see it’s quite obscene
Ghostly silhouettes dance beside the evergreen
From the roof...

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Categories: funny, halloween,

Premium Member They March In Line
They are marching in a row around the lake
Witch, bat and ghost with nothing at stake
They laugh and sing and skip along
Singing an October Halloween...

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Categories: halloween,

Premium Member Bye Bye Mummy
Sarcophagus lay in the ditch
the wagon had lost its hitch
	dearest mummy was gone
	breath renewed by Amon 
she befell the wanderer’s itch...

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Categories: fun, funny, halloween, humorous,

Premium Member All Hallows Evening
All Hallows’ Evening

     Dear kids, Hello! And All Hallows, now in party
     Play-fun: Enjoy! Taste best toffees,...

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Categories: appreciation, halloween,

Premium Member Goofy Woofy Halloween Totem
Goofy Woofy Halloween totem is sitting proudly.
Gawkers are making comments, some rather loudly.
A few make fun of the animals, as they look funny.
I am not...

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Categories: halloween, 1st grade, 2nd grade,