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Straight Hair Poems

These Straight Hair poems are examples of Hair poems about Straight. These are the best examples of Hair Straight poems written by international poets.

Your green eyes are pools of bliss.
Your smile so beaming and full of gleam.
Your wavy hair you keep bone straight,
Kept so soft and shiny.
Your body...

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Categories: beauty, color, green, hair,


His hair was orange
His classmates didn’t understand.
They talked about him behind his back
Why would a boy dye his hair?
The next insult--
He pierced his ears
Why was...

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Categories: goodbye, grief, hair, memorial,

Women Wigs and Weaves
Weaves to women is like an aid
Some they wear straight and some they braid
Wigs are used for easy access
They grab one quickly when their own...

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Categories: hair, women,

I see a visage on the mirror,
One of virility and maturity
I hold a straight edge blade,
Close to my lathered face
Two sides for several strokes
And gone...

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Categories: appreciation, body, hair, imagery,

All Hair
Celebrate versatility, of every ethnicity
Un-marginalise, break social exclusion, transcending illusions
A streaming subject that runs deep
Of chemical appliance, let go of the defiance
Un-tick the boxes, esteeming...

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Categories: hair, inspirational,

Premium Member Flowers In Your Hair, Gold Dust On Your Trailing Gown, Robert Lindley and Nicola Byrne
Flowers In Your Hair, Gold Dust On Your Trailing Gown
 ( Robert Lindley and Nicola Byrne )

Flowers in your hair, gold dust on your trailing...

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Categories: hair, art, beautiful, creation, heart,

I saw that sneer heard the mockery 
It came straight from your heart
Like bread comes from a bakery
Your eyes said it all and though it...

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Categories: hair, care, discrimination, feelings,

The Long Hair
We go with the rising Sun! 
Straight and true. 
Don't forget boys. 
The light of Christ rides with you.  

Load up and draw the...

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Categories: hair, native american,

Going bald

As biology goes, I'm surviving,
a few aches and pains and a cough
and I check every morning when in the bathroom
to see if my bits have...

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© Viv Wigley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anxiety, hair, humor,

Night Time Musings
Musk Powers

When the stars are overcast in a shadow of darkness
And the aromatic wind is blowing your musk powers
I'm chilled when it wafts through my...

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Categories: dream, emotions, hair, how

Orange Hair To Color Gray
Orange Hair To Color Gray

If you in much sorrow were to drown
Would you also be wearing a frown
Or like a bird flying high and free

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hair, humorous,

A big idea - contest
He wants a big idea  that he can share
How about a contest about "hair'
short, curly, long or straight
Your own colour that you hate,
Try dyeing...

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Categories: hair,

Dear Chris Rock: A Word About Good Hair
I'm a black woman and I cry
I'm a black woman and I cry 
You've been telling me 
all my life
that everything was going to be...

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Categories: hair, beautiful, beauty, black african

Premium Member Rainy Day Song
A song about raindrops
shot straight to the top
like a lightning bolt;
“Raindrops keep falling on my head,
they keep falling;
because I'm free,
nothin's worryin' me.”

Remember that song?

Was that...

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© Cona Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hair, rain,

Premium Member Cow Licks
You've heard of those, haven't you?
Those hanks of hair, standing straight up
toward heaven, as though
to guide you on your way?

Well, where we came from,
people talked...

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© Cona Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: animal, baby, birth, hair,

Dangerous Guns
Home is where the radio is
Paradise is where I am
I miss his cigarettes...His mess
He said "I am smoking the last one"

I'm going to make him...

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Categories: girl, hair, i miss

Baby soft
Down on the pillow
Soon to grow again
Between barber visits
Oh those CUTE curls
Or straight lines
Getting in slit eyes
Combing the Earth's
Thick plantations.
In the looking glass
The mirror...

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Categories: hair, funny, , cute,

Hair and nails
have you ever seen
a bird uncombed
or a kittens hair disshovled
is a lions mane unmanagable
or a rodents fur in stubbles
the wolves teeth
are always straight 
never a...

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Categories: hair, age,

What is beauty
A smile so beautiful it knocks the life out of you, 
Leaving you all dazed up, 
Like Mike Tyson punching you with a right hook,...

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Categories: beauty, beauty, beauty, hair,

A Lovers World And Dreamers Dream
Hope lives on a four leaf clover.
Greener pastures when yesterday's over.
My heart spins when her hair gets twirled.
And I start to shake in this lovers...

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Categories: hair, fantasy, love, heart, dream,