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Break Up Goodbye Poems

These Break Up Goodbye poems are examples of poetry about Break Up Goodbye. These are the best examples of Goodbye Break Up poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Out Of Luck
I desperately wanted to come back
And you surreptitiously checked out of my life
I no longer have a friend, confidant, lover and wife
Indeed, I’m out of...

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Categories: goodbye, blue, break up, i

In the quiet of goodbye, my heart did break,  
Dreams lost, and tears I couldn't shake.  
But time heals slowly, making me whole,...

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Categories: break up, goodbye, i

In the depths of despair, where shadows dwell,
I mourn a love lost, a sorrowful knell.
Three months of bliss, now a distant haze,
In this bleak landscape,...

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Categories: goodbye, break up, depression,

To the One I Have Held Soo Dear
In the quiet of the evening light,  
Where shadows stretch and day turns night,  
I whisper softly, through my tears,  
To the...

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Categories: care, goodbye, i miss

Premium Member it's simple
I don’t know, I don’t care,
if you’re going to the party
or you won’t be there

I don’t give you a thought
you’re not on my mind
and if...

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Categories: goodbye, betrayal, boyfriend, break up,

Edward is a Mad House and a Monster of a Lover
Edward is a mad house 
And a monster of a lover.

The past is a grotesque animal
But you are not 

Blue, gray or any other shade.

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Categories: goodbye, anger, angst, boy, boyfriend,

Premium Member Wings
As I laid there looking up at the stars,
I felt sad and all alone.
The sting of old scars
made me realize that you were already gone.

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Categories: goodbye, break up, change, christian,

Premium Member A Distant Goodbye
Make changes to break the cycle
Be mindful, always aware
Never create a fearful unsafe home
Always protect and care

Fear as his dads car pulled into the driveway

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© Deb M   Create an image from this poem.
Categories: goodbye, abuse, addiction, change, family,

Goodbye Baby
I once had a heart of gold,  
Now it is black and cold, 
Seeing him kiss another, 
Wishing I had listened to my mother....

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Categories: goodbye, betrayal, break up, conflict,

Premium Member Devour
You're a cannibal, baby, 
consuming pieces of my heart, 
chewing on my frailty, 
and tearing me apart, 

You're a scavenger, baby, 
overhead with your eyes...

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Categories: goodbye, abuse, anger, break up,

Just One More Turn
To break a man's life down
into digits, to numbers,
might seem strange to you;
distant, or heartless, or just odd.

But that was just our way;
we'd both been...

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Categories: goodbye, death, death of a

Lost Love
The world plunged into darkness, on the day you said goodbye.

You were my sun and you were my moon,
You was the light in every room.


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© Mark West  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: goodbye, angst, break up, depression,

Tomorrow is not promised.
No one knows when it’s there turn to die.
Nothing lasts for ever.
useCan’t make someone love you no matter how hard you try.

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Categories: goodbye, abuse, moving on, relationship,

Premium Member The Final Demand
There has been a conflict
between us crazy rivals 
and these naughty mouths;
we haven't been honest!

It's the final demand,
take back the gift
that you already sent;
apologize to...

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Categories: goodbye, anger, betrayal, break up,

Lyrical Mash Up
You question was disassociating essential?
Dire Straits, your presence? 2 dang influential 
Press play, the beat drops. It was all a dream. 
I feel it, just...

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Categories: goodbye, love, love hurts,

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