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Giraffe Poems

Giraffe Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of giraffe poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for giraffe.

New Poems

Premium Member The Balancing Giraffes
The balancing giraffes were standing high end to end.
Each one a relative or a terrifically great friend.
I would not have truly believed it myself of course
For I have never seen it in elephants or horse.

But I was in an airplane...Read More
Categories: giraffe, animal,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member All Powerful Giraffe
She was a powerful giraffe, all proud and tall 
I saw her strength, and I stood in awe
Her height was noticeable even before I noticed
She was eating a cloud with her right jaw.

Sure, he said, staring into my eyes.
He did...Read More
Categories: giraffe, animal,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member A Giraffe If I Could
Yes I would be a giraffe if I could.
Walking proudly on an African plain
Eating leaves from the highest banyan tree
Flipping my idiotic looking tail

...Read More
Categories: giraffe, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th
Form: Light Verse
My Spirit Animal Is A Zoo
Beware the morning tiger
Before his first coffee
  Look out for the afternoon lizard:
  Ectotherm on the sidewalk soaking in other people’s acknowledgement
    On occasion I’m a hummingbird
    Seeking life’s nectar while shying...Read More
Categories: giraffe, animal, tiger,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Reality Check
A kangaroo in dungarees hops hopefully 
	To win first prize in the Favs contest hot
		On the heels of an enlightening glow worm

Surely life is no competition but the stage lights
	Reverberates all the promising contenders
		Reincarnation oils the wheels of the jury

Dolly...Read More
Categories: giraffe, fashion,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member My Symbol Face NOT FOR CONTEST
If looks were death
My face would kill
The mirror tells me this

When I wrinkle a piece of paper
Throw it away I see my face
With eyes as blind as a bat

Hair of a bald eagle
Whats left is gray
Whiskers of a walrus

Under this...Read More
Categories: giraffe, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Giraffe, an Okapi and a Wildebeest
A giraffe, an Okapi and a blue wildebeest
Walked into a bar hoping to have an horde ‘ore feast
A bongo, an Asian water buffalo came in too.
I’ve decided to sneak out. How about you?

...Read More
Categories: giraffe, animal, fun,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Ready

A camera, the battery, charger and film…(what is that?)
A flashlight, lighter, matches and something to burn. 
A bag, a flag, a blanket, and comfort to sleep.
A favorite pillow, and bear, “yes you can bring him”. 

The telephone the charger, maybe...Read More
Categories: giraffe, 12th grade, celebration, cute love, dream, humorous,
Form: Narrative
Giraffe at the Watering Hole
Giraffe at the watering hole

She splays her forelegs one at a time
levering, leaving dignity 
behind, easing down to a 
half sideways split; then bends
to drink, hoping no 
lion arrives
head rush
...Read More
Categories: giraffe, africa, animal,
Form: Nonet

 Oh why oh why doesn’t ostrich fly
The lion roared oh why oh why 
He has the feathers 
He has the wings
And all of those  other birdie things 

Along  came the monkey 
Who pretended that he knew...Read More
Categories: giraffe, animal, best friend,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member While riding a paisley tiger

I collected the kinetic swirls
of differing shades
in the dizzying reflections
of how you made me feel

Whirling affects
blurred in calliope sonnets
and brass ring reachings
while riding a paisley tiger

My pockets filled
with these mesmerizing emotions
sculpted of Ferris Wheel desires
and carousel dreams of you

Until suddenly...Read More
Categories: giraffe, heartbreak,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member How Many Fingers Does A Sandwich Have
Sandwiches don’t have fingers but
A finger sandwich has many those you eat
Try and finger that one out
A Giraffe is tall and can see over a wall

But an elephant has a longer nose
Monkeys can climb trees with ease
But birds can fly...Read More
Categories: giraffe, children,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Gimini Giraffe

           I once dreamed I had a pet named Mr. Gimini Giraffe
                 When I...Read More
Categories: giraffe, 1st grade, funny,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Why is my neck so long
Suzi the giraffe was all but 2 years old,
inquisitive, sensitive and positively bold.
She asked her mum a question, in no uncertain terms,
‘Why is my neck so long’ a statement which affirms.
‘But you are a giraffe and all our necks are...Read More
Categories: giraffe, humorous, silly,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Animal Crackers
Animal Crackers

We go to see the animals, 
the zebra and the bear.
The lion, the tiger, 
and sometimes the small hair.
No, not the one… on top of my head. 
The one that is soft and has very big, fat feet. 
He...Read More
Categories: giraffe, abortion, absence, abuse, adventure, anxiety, appreciation, art,
Form: Free verse
Wonder Downer
Wonder if there is a world
where there is leaves but know trees
Where skies replace the seas
Turning wonder sarcastic with a won derrr
Taking a word from this sentence and using it to
form the start of the next
Elephants with giraffe necks
Startling the...Read More
Categories: giraffe, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Moral In My Madness

Tippy toed and prancing up the garden path I go
In my bright pink tutu, the world I want to show 

Does it really matter that I am a size twenty-two
Passing neighbours muttering, the daft silly moo

My...Read More
Categories: giraffe, appreciation, how i feel, inspirational, philosophy,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member The Dark
The Dark

If I were a color, I think I would be pink. 
It is soft and sweet, the smell, the kindest treat. 
Perhaps not…
If I were an animal, I think I would be a giraffe.
They are tall, and calm and...Read More
Categories: giraffe, anger, cry, humanity, innocence, journey, parents, rose,
Form: Free verse
The Uncanny Episode

while dreaming one afternoon about perfection
what else
the notion erupted that wakefulness is not
it's that simple
but what complicates matters
is the mania to compensate
for the perceived unperceived or vice versa
during which time the totality
is left abandoned on the linoleum floor
of a tedious...Read More
Categories: giraffe, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Giraffe Stands Tall
G    golden motifs enamor a brown tapestry 
I      in galore of grace, a head is held high.
R     resplendent glory of the tallest creation 
A    ...Read More
Categories: giraffe, animal, beauty,
Form: Acrostic
If you have never read funny Stories, you are in for a treat
Read one at home or on a Giraffe in the Street
Reading funny stories are good for your Head and your Heart
You'll Laugh and Cry
Feel all your problems leave...Read More
Categories: giraffe, books, child, funny, giggle, hilarious, humor, kindergarten,
Form: Verse
Premium Member DINOSAUR


              Get combined term ‘dinosaur’!
   ...Read More
Categories: giraffe, 6th grade, animal, appreciation,
Form: Verse
Premium Member A Child's Dinosaur

At the zoo, I was walking one day
when my young son had wandered away.

I glanced back; he came running to me:
"Mom, a dinosaur.  Come look and see!"

I looked to the left and the right.
No dinosaur, of course, was in...Read More
Categories: giraffe, child,
Form: Couplet
Vatican Express
An excited priest on the train
Was found rubbing against the grain
"You need a giraffe
To service that staff"
Some Sisters laughed in refrain
...Read More
Categories: giraffe, humor,
Form: Limerick

There was once a giraffe called Flashy,
Had a girlfriend whose name was Sassy
In addition, had a mistress called Trashy
And the girlfriend, a lover called Splashy

They romped and played all of the day,
Not giving a care to criminals...Read More
Categories: giraffe, animal, loneliness,
Form: Rhyme