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High School Games Poems

These High School Games poems are examples of poetry about High School Games. These are the best examples of Games High School poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Cross-Country Running
When short and running a cross country race
The short guys know when to pick up the pace
Just as we start up the hills
For we know...

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© Bill Baker  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: funny, games, high school,

Premium Member Corners
Last night, Lisa, Peter, Leeza and I were in her father’s 50th floor study watching New York City. It’s a corner room with glass walls...

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Categories: games, holiday, humor, new york,

The Thoughtless, Heartless, Do-Nothing Congress
The Thoughtless, Heartless, Do-Nothing Congress

Another day of carnage
In the USA
Little children
Eight, nine, ten and eleven years old,
Their life cut short,
By a mad person
With an automatic...

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Categories: games, baby, birthday, children, dad,

The Game
Everyone has a soul to save
Somewhere in time from cradle to grave
Everyone dies as each one must
Flesh to bone to ashes to dust

Time brings age...

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Categories: games, allegory, allusion, analogy, dark,

Premium Member The Good Old Days

Twirling around the glossy smooth floor
Racing with friends on roller-skates
Tossing my hair as I glide across the room
Feeling so certain that this is my destiny


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Categories: games, fun, high school, teen

There For Me
Looking back, one thing comes clean-glass clear
you were always there for me subduing every fear.

I tried to do my duty, be a husband strong and...

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Categories: games, 12th grade, character, hope,

Silly thoughts are a 
mans best friend
How they embarrass 
themself without end
Falling all over 
themself you see
Leave us all laughing 
with glee
Foolish at times how...

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Categories: 9th grade, games,

Premium Member Our School Cheer
On the floor....

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Categories: baseball, basketball, games, high

Premium Member Multicultural Wisdom
Interdependent awareness,
like environmental health,
values integrity above fragmentation,
cooperation above competition,

Mature ego strength,
multiculturally informed
and wisely matured,
values compassionate harmonic relationship
rooted in nutrition's EarthMother Womb experience,

Original win/win intent,
precociously peace-filling,

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Categories: adventure, education, games, health,

Premium Member Leave Highschool Behind
Highschool drama queens
belong back between those walls

There's a reason we grow up
leaving it all behind

Outgrowing awkward teenage years
abandoning childish wild theatrics

AP: Honorable Mention 2022, Honorable...

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Categories: age, games, growing up,

Premium Member If Ever I Had a Country : Xxv and Xxvi
IF ever I had a country : XXV - XXVI


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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: art, education, football, games,

Premium Member Our Earthcafe Coop
In one sense,
the Cafe CoOp
started as my therapeutic retirement dream.

in quite another
the CoOp goes back to when I was eight,
and I thought,
assumed really,
everyone indulged in...

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Categories: business, education, games, health,

Premium Member The Taoist Stands Up
So, yes, I'm a Taoist
A lotta' people ask me about what that means,
to be a Taoist.

And, I usually ask
What do you mean,
what does it mean?

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Categories: community, culture, games, humor,

One Man Drinking Games
What would I be without you...
What would I be without you...
What would I be without you...friends
I thought it would be funny to keep you hanging...

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Categories: games, friendship,

Let's Hear It
Let's hear it
  for the team that never won.
The girls basketball stars so often unsung,
  they rarely scored and fans would rarely come.

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© Dm Babbit  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: games, school, tribute,

Book: Reflection on the Important Things